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Dive into Flavor: What Does Steelhead Trout Taste Like?

If you’re unfamiliar with the steelhead or the steelhead trout, this game fish is Washington’s own state fish, and they are quite prized.

And because the steelhead is known to be one of the best fighters around, anglers love the tussle making them one of the most sought out fishes today.

Moreover, steelhead trout is also one of the healthiest meat you can eat as a balanced diet.

But if you’ve not been fortunate enough to try one, you wonder, “what does steelhead trout taste like?” You’ve come to the right place.

Read on as we delve deeper into its taste profile, what exactly is a steelhead trout and how to best cook and serve one of these bad boys.

What is Steelhead Trout?

Steelhead trout, or just steelhead, is basically the same as rainbow trout in almost everything since they are the same species but differ in how they both live.

Unlike rainbow trout, who spend their entire lives in freshwaters, steelhead is anadromous.

This means that the fish tends to migrate to the sea to spend most of its adult lives there and only return to freshwater lakes to breed.

This is one of the reasons why the average steelhead trout grows bigger than the average rainbow trout.

And they differ in their colors, with steelhead trout being brighter and bigger than their closest family.

However, the steelheads that remain in freshwater might appear to be the same size as a rainbow trout.

Moreover, unlike salmons, steelheads do not die after spawning, but they go back to the sea and repeat the cycle at least several times if anglers from all parts of the world do not hunt them.

What Does Steelhead Trout Taste Like?

Now that we know what steelhead trout exactly is and how they are in nature let’s take a look in detail at its taste profile.

Steelhead trout is similar to salmon in all aspects of life.

They both are anadromus, so they both migrate back from the ocean to breed, and they taste similar, but yet, not.

At the end of the day, the taste of steelhead depends on your preference.

Steelhead, when plated with salmon, they have a much lighter flavor with lean textured meat that is completely forgiving.

So no matter your cooking style or recipe, it is easily cooked and will taste amazing.

We mentioned preferences because steelhead is less fishy than your average salmon meat, so people who like the distinct flavor of fish but on the lighter side can enjoy this scrumptious treat more.

However, steelhead is still gamey and will taste fishier than Cod or other less fishy-tasting meat.

But what’s the point of eating fish if it doesn’t have the taste of fish?

Steelhead is easily placed on the medium scale of fishy flavor and taste profiles, so rest assured, your experience with eating one of the healthiest fish, the steelhead trout, will not go to waste.

How to Cook and Serve Steelhead Trout?

As we’ve mentioned before, the meat of the steelhead trout is one of the most merciful and versatile meats around.

By merciful we mean they don’t need a lot of care to be perfectly edible.

It is also way leaner, has more protein, and is a healthier, less gamey version of fishes including salmon.

Cooking it to impress may be easier than you think, and all you need is some simple, high-quality ingredients to match the perfect texture of this beloved meat that all anglers die for.

For the first part, since it is similar to salmon, you can eat the steelhead trout raw.

But there are various steps you need to take to ensure that the fish is fresh and is not contaminated in any way.

But if you feel like eating it raw is a little intimidating for you since it’s your first time cooking a trout, go for the traditional way of cooking a salmon by blending in some spices and sautéing it.

The meat is extremely lean, so it won’t take long to be perfectly cooked.

Not only is the less fishy attribute of steelhead trout make it a great fish to try for beginners, but since the meat is versatile, you can easily experiment with it.

Try all kinds of cooking techniques like baking, roasting, deep frying it with batter, etc.

, and the result will still be satisfying enough to have you wanting more.


Steelhead trout is not only hunted by anglers because of its beauty and its fighting abilities.

But a lot of it has to do with its dietary and health benefit, and no one can deny the deliciousness of its delicate texture combined with its distinct taste profile.

Usually, people eat it as a substitute for salmon, but we can get behind making it the common food to go for rather than the alternative.

We hope this article answers all your queries and makes your steelhead trout-eating journey as scrumptious as it can get.

What Does Steelhead Trout Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Interested in the taste of steelhead trout? Learn more about its flavor profile and whether its savory, delicate taste is appealing to your palate.
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