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What to Serve with Stone Crabs? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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If you love seafood, then you indeed like stone crabs.

They taste similar to a mix of lobster and shrimp.

Stone crabs are popular as appetizers or but you can also eat them as a main dish.

They contain many nutrients, including protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12.

However, crab meat may not fill up and satisfy your hunger because it’s light and fresh.

But crab flesh tastes good with many foods.

So, it’s best to eat them with other items.

If you want to know what to serve with stone crabs, keep reading.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Stone Crabs?

why consider serving side dishes with stone crabs

Stone crabs are delicious, but they are not easy to get.

So, it can be challenging to procure large quantities.

When serving stone crabs to guests, you will need some side dishes to fill up the meal table.

Crabmeat is also versatile and pairs well with many items.

So, serving some side dishes can be a good idea to enjoy crab meat even more.

What’s more, you also get the chance to cook and taste new dishes which you may not have had before.

What to Serve with Stone Crabs? 7 BEST Side Dishes

You can eat plenty of items with stone crabs, but here we will list only the seven best dishes you can eat alongside.

1. Garlic Butter Dipping Sauce

garlic butter dipping sauce

A dish of stone crabs won’t be complete without a yummy dipping sauce.

So, what is tastier than garlic butter dipping sauce?

Just imagine dipping your stone crabs in the aromatic sauce, and it’s sure to make your mouth water.

The sauce is also easy to make as you don’t require many ingredients.

You can add lemon juice, parsley, and pepper. Add salt only if you use unsalted butter.

Melt the butter in the pan and add crushed garlic. Mix and add the parsley.

Serve it hot with the crab meat. You can store the leftover sauce in the fridge for up to a week.

But it’s best to eat it fresh.

2. Creamy Mashed Potatoes

creamy mashed potatoes

Trust the humble potatoes to save the day. You can also eat stone crabs with creamy mashed potatoes.

One of the most widely eaten dishes in many areas across the world, mashed potatoes are also versatile.

Since the spuds are readily available, anyone can make yummy mashed potatoes using the basic ingredients.

To make the ideal mashed potatoes, choose starchy (Russet) or all purpose (Yukon Gold) varieties.

It’s also crucial to use a 2:1 potato to butter ratio, which means for every 100gms potato, you use 50gms butter.

3. Almond Caesar Salad

almond caesar salad

Salad and stone crabs? Yes, of course; they team up nicely and taste fantastic.

Caesar salad is also easy to make with a few items.

You have juicy, sweet-salty crab meat on one side, while you have a crunchy and fresh salad on the other side.

With loads of protein from the crab meat and other nutrients from the veggies, you get a full meal.

Classic caesar salad with the usual ingredients tastes amazing but twist it with some toasted crushed almonds and enhance the flavor and texture.

4. Baked Skinny Fries

baked skinny fries

Home-made chips can be healthy too, and they can also go well with stone crabs.

Yes, spuds again, but this dish is different from the creamy mashed potatoes.

The baked skinny fries are also easy to make with only a handful of ingredients.

The recipe also coats the potatoes in spices nicely,.

Create a yummy plate of fries with potatoes, vegetable oil, paprika, garlic powder, polenta, or fine cornmeal.

Sprinkle salt and pepper if you want some seasoning.

Serve hot with stone crabs along with ketchup or a suitable dipping sauce.

5. Mixed Roasted Vegetables

mixed roasted vegetables

Stone crabs and veggies are a great combo, especially if you roast the vegetables.

The sweet, salty, and juicy crab meat blend perfectly with the crispy and roasted veggies giving you a burst of multiple flavors all at once.

You also have many choices when you consider making mixed roasted veggies.

However, since different veggies cook at different speeds, it’s best to roast like vegetables together.

Add carrots, potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, and radishes with olive oil, salt, and pepper to make a perfect side dish or even a main dish.

It’s also vital to chop the veggies in equal sizes so that all of them cook evenly simultaneously.

6. Brandy Infused Mayonnaise Dip

brandy infused mayonnaise dip

Yes, it’s another dip, but have you heard about the more, the merrier? When having stone crabs, you won’t get enough of dips since the combo is so delicious.

Brandy-infused mayonnaise dip is also a popular side dish to eat with crab meat, so you have the ideal item.

It’s also pretty easy to make and doesn’t take more than ten minutes to create the dip.

There is no need to cook anything; all you have to do is mix the following items.

With just seven ingredients, you can make a finger-licking yummy dip.

You require mayonnaise, brandy, sour cream, Dijon mustard, lemon zest n juice, ketchup, salt, and pepper to taste.

7. Creamy Pepper and Tomato Soup

creamy pepper and tomato soup

When you have delicious meat like stone crabs, a bowl of soup can also be the perfect accompaniment.

Pepper and tomato soup have a sweet, tangy flavor with a smooth texture which you can enjoy with the crab meat.

Tomato and pepper are also full of nutrients but low in calories, so they are the perfect combo for protein-rich crab meat.

Making the soup is also simple, and there are many ingredients involved.

However, you can add some items like herbs and spices according to your preference.

The spicy seasoning will add a kick to the entire meal allowing you to experience sweet, sour, juicy, and hot flavors.


Whatever the occasion may be, stone crabs, along with the side dishes mentioned above, will not disappoint you.

With at least seven incredible dishes at your disposal, there is no need to panic.

When you plan to serve stone crabs, choose one or several items listed above and make the dishes.

Serve them along with the crab meat, and everyone will enjoy the delicacies provided.

What to Serve with Stone Crabs? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Garlic Butter Dipping Sauce

  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes

  • Almond Caesar Salad

  • Baked Skinny Fries

  • Mixed Roasted Vegetables

  • Brandy Infused Mayonnaise Dip

  • Creamy Pepper and Tomato Soup


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