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Reeling It In: What Does Striped Bass Taste Like?

The striped bass is the most prized fish on the East Coast.

Generally appreciated for its unique appearance, you might wonder, “what does striped bass taste like?”.

Well, lucky for you, we have all the answers you seek.

This white meat is often regarded as heavenly to taste by various seafood enthusiasts.

It has an exceptionally distinctive texture and can be cooked in numerous ways.

Not only is it delectable, but the fish is also a top choice among marine game fish for anglers worldwide.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss what Striped Bass tastes like, where to purchase some, and how to cook it.

What is Striped Bass?

The Striped Bass’s scientific name is Morone Saxatilis, often referred to by many names, such as Squid Hound, Striper, Greenhead, or Rockfish.

And it is celebrated as the state fish in South Carolina, Mary Land, and Rhode Island.

The seven or eight stripes along the body distinguish the Striper from various fishes, and they can weigh around 50 pounds.

It typically lives in reef slopes and estuaries where the biggest Striped Bass ever caught weighed 81 lb.

Since they offer a tremendous challenge and a flavourful experience at the end, it is considered one of the best food fish.

For most anglers, summer is impossible without catching one of these bad boys.

The Striped Bass has been used for commercial and recreational purposes throughout history.

Hence, the flavor may differ from a wild Striped Bass with a farmed one.

Regardless, other than being a bit milder on the flavor, the general experience is the same.

What Does Striped Bass Taste Like?

If you try and compare Striped Bass with the varieties of fish in the market, you’d realize that Striper has a highly superior and unique flavor to them.

They are delicate and mild, so some might say it is similar to Cod or Salmon.

The irony is that most people are driven off by too much fishiness content of a fish dish when cooked.

The taste of a Striped Bass’s unnoticeable fishiness and the naturally sweet flavor make it perfect for even the pickiest eaters.

After its cooked, the white flesh on the Striper takes on a flaky, dense texture and has a significant amount of fat content, unlike most fishes.

But not up to a point where you consider it oily.

Instead, the fat gives off a delicious buttery, sweet taste.

The wild and the farmed Striped Bass hardly has any differences, with the overall taste profile being salty and wet with a touch of sweetness.

However, Striper enthusiasts may beg to differ.

The wild Stripers that are caught have a more robust and succulent flavor, while the farmed ones are known to be milder in comparison.

But we can all agree that this fish is a top choice for most people, wild or farmed.

On the contrary, with all that’s been caught and eaten over the years, you might wonder if it has any health benefits or is unsafe.

To no surprise, the Striper is on the healthier side since it has low calories and is a good source of protein.

Yet, to be on the safer side, there is some risk of contamination and restrictions that come with it.

How to Cook Striped Bass?

You’d be happy to know that the Striped Bass is quite a versatile fish.

So people are less picky with their cooking techniques while preparing a scrumptious meal with it.

The trick is to clean the fish properly, remove all the dark flesh and ensure it is fresh to get the full mouth-watering flavors that come with it.

You can try several methods, ranging from grilling, broiling, boiling, Sautéing, pan searing, or oven roasting.

Since the fish comes naturally sweet, the grill is a top choice for most home chefs.

Adding to it, as we’ve mentioned, there is zero to minimal fishiness, so you can add some lemon juice over it while it’s on top of the grill and expect it to taste phenomenal and savor its natural taste.

However, if you’re not a fan of the Au Naturel cooking technique, you can spice it up with a pinch of olive oil, garlic, and spices of your choice.

Again, if grilling is just not your way, there are plenty of appetizing dishes you can opt for with the Striper.

Like mixing it up with chopped oysters, crab, or shrimp and boiling it together while using fresh vegetables.

Enhancing the flavors with dried spices and other ingredients is excellent but make sure you do not overuse them to get the whole tasty experience of the fish.

How to Buy Striped Bass?

This spectacular summer catch is not as rare to find as you may think.

Home to the Atlantic coast of Northern America, states like Massachusetts pride themselves in the abundance of farmed and wild stripers.

Even though there are a few restrictions surrounding this beautiful species, you can have a great cooked Striper meal in almost all the restaurants in North America.

But can you buy them for yourself?

While catching and cooking one for yourself has a different joy to it.

Striped bass is used for recreational and commercial purposes.

So yes, you can buy fresh Stripers from the market, depending on your location.

Stores often give you a choice to do an In-store pick-up, or you can opt to get it delivered to your house.

They offer choices ranging from various portions of the fish or whole.

You can choose among these several options and prep for an exciting meal.


The natural sweetness paired with the buttery and flaky texture of the Stripped Bass is bound to delight any seafood enthusiast.

These species have been eaten and prized since colonial times, so it’s safe to say they make up for a good meal.

As mentioned above, Stripers are very flexible, so you can quickly whip up a good recipe and try it without worrying about failure.

We hope this post has answered all your queries.

What Does Striped Bass Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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