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What Does Sunflower Butter Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Nowadays, you can obtain butter from almost everything.

And yes, sunflower butter is very much a thing.

Sunflower butter was not everyone’s favorite at first.

But with a few tweaks to the recipe, it has become a hit among people.

For all those wit allergies, this variety is here to save the day.

They are the first choice alternative. Plus, it has a unique taste which we will discuss later.

If you’re wondering, “what does sunflower butter taste like?” do not worry.

Today we will discuss the flavors of sunflower butter and also how you can use it.

Let us dive right in.

What is Sunflower Butter?

As the name suggests, sunflower butter is butter obtained from sunflower seeds.

This butter is the ideal go-to substitution for many nut butter, especially peanut.

This variety of butter was first introduced in 1980.

Although the responses were not favorable initially, they became a favorite in later years.

People with other seed butter allergies turned to sunflower butter as a substitution.

In fact, it has a similar taste and texture to peanut butter.

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This resulted from a partnership between the US Department of Agriculture and Red River Commodities.

In 2000, the two firms improved the texture and flavors by using several methods.

This gave birth to SunButter, one of the most well-known sunflower butter brands.

Nowadays, you can find several businesses producing and selling sunflower butter.

Different companies use several ingredients to make sunflower butter.

But the essential ingredients include roasted sunflower seeds, salt, and sugar.

It can also contain other additives.

What Does Sunflower Butter Taste Like?

Now, we come to the interesting part. So, what does sunflower butter taste like that makes people crave it?

If you have tasted the seeds, you know exactly what sunflower butter tastes like.

It tastes earthy and has a sweet roasted flavor.

Plus, the flavors are stronger than peanut butter.

It can also taste salty because some manufacturers add salt to reduce the bitter taste.

Some people also say they have a touch of caramel flavor.

If we use raw seeds, the paste has a more gray color instead of brown.

It can also taste bitter as the seeds are not roasted before processing.

However, if we compare its flavor to other butters made of nut and seeds, sunflower butter is quite mild.

It does taste more buttery than peanut butter.

Soy butter tastes more like peanut butter than sunflower butter.

People often compare sunflower butter with almond butter.

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However, they taste different. Sunflower butter is milder and is saltier compared to almond butter.

If you have reactions with peanuts, sunflower butter is the safest choice.

They taste different but have the same look and feel.

It also has fewer ingredients and is less processed.

Sunflower butter also offers several health benefits.

They are rich in mono fats, vitamin E, zinc, etc.

It also contains fewer saturated fats than peanut butter.

Experts also claim they may help manage weight, reduce inflammation, etc.

Most importantly, it is a popular butter alternative.

Other popular choices include pumpkin seed butter, pistachio butter, chickpea, coconut, etc.

How to Prepare Homemade Sunflower Butter?

Most of you enjoy sunflower butter as a sandwich spread.

But there are many ways you can use it to enhance your snacks.

And did you know you can make your own at home?

To make sunflower seed butter, you only need three to four ingredients.

This includes sunflower seeds, salt, oil, and honey, which is optional.

Begin by roasting the seeds. You can use an oven or a pan more easier access.

Toast them until they turn golden brown.

Let them cool, and toss them inside a blender along with the salt and honey.

Add the oil in increments as you blend instead of adding them all at once.

This will give you a smoother buttery texture.

And there you have it. Smooth, homemade sunflower butter in less than an hour.

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You can spread it over toasted bread for a delicious snack.

Combine it with fruit jelly, and the taste is just heavenly.

Crackers and pretzels also taste better with a touch of this delicious butter.

Sunflower butter also tastes great as a dip for fries and chips.

It is also more sweet than savory. So, sunflower butter goes better with sweet and baked dishes.


There are plenty of choices when it comes to nut or seed butter.

Most people go for peanut, almond, or regular butter if they don’t face problems.

But sunflower butter offers a unique taste you cannot find in others.

They have a caramelized salty and earthy flavor that is a step above the rest.

You might not like the flavor of sunflower butter at first.

This is because it can taste bitter sometimes.

But once you get used to it, there is no turning back.

Even if you don’t enjoy sunflower seeds, you might love sunflower butter.

It has additional ingredients that can mellow the strong earthy taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is sunflower butter made?

Sunflower butter is typically made by roasting hulled and toasted sunflower seeds before grinding them into a smooth, creamy spread.

Depending on the recipe, other ingredients such as sweeteners, salt or oils may be added for additional flavor and texture.

Additionally, some brands may add stabilizers or emulsifiers to extend shelf-life.

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What savory dishes can I make with sunflower butter?

Sunflower butter can be used in a variety of savory recipes such as stir-fries, curries and dips.

It can also be combined with spices and herbs to create unique sauces or even stirred into soups for extra nutrition and flavor.

You can also use it as an alternative to peanut butter in sandwiches and wraps!

Are there any health benefits associated with consuming sunflower butter?

Yes – sunflower butter is a great source of healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, B6 & Magnesium.

It’s also low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free – making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their overall dietary nutrition without sacrificing taste.

How should I store sunflower butter once opened?

Once opened, store unrefrigerated in an airtight container at room temperature for up to two months – however for best results it’s recommended not to exceed this timeframe.

Alternatively, you can refrigerate the spread for up to 6 months if needed – however some separation may occur due to the high fat content so stirring prior to use is recommended.

Yield: 4 Servings

What Does Sunflower Butter Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

What Does Sunflower Butter Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Sunflower butter
  • Ingredients from your favorite recipes


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