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What Does Swedish Fish Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Nope, Swedish Fish isn’t a real fish.

It’s a chewy, fruity candy popular in the US and many other countries worldwide.

And with Halloween just around the corner, there’s no wonder why the hype around Swedish Fish is starting to build.

So what does Swedish Fish taste like?

Most Swedish Fish are fruit-flavored, though there are some exceptions, like licorice and chocolate.

If you wish to learn more about the exact flavor of Swedish Fish, you might want to read this write-up till the end.

What is Swedish Fish?

what is swedish fish

Swedish Fish are a variety of candy that originated in Sweden.

They are chewy and come in various colors, typically red, green, yellow, and orange.

Interestingly, these candies come in two sizes: mini and regular, which are 1 1/8 inches and 2 inches long, respectively.

In the US, these candies are branded “Swedish” on the side, whereas in Sweden, it is branded “Malaco,” the original owner of the candies.

Swedish Fish are one of the most popular candies in the world and can be found in many stores across the globe, especially during Halloween.

However, these chewy treats are particularly popular in Georgia.

In fact, they’re so famous that the sweet has been ranked among the top three Halloween candies in the state.

However, some people aren’t the biggest fans of this candy.

This is because the candy can be pretty sweet, and some find the flavor artificial.

But despite this, Swedish Fish remains a popular treat among young and old.

They’re also a go-to item when you need something sweet to brighten your mood.

What Does Swedish Fish Taste Like?

what does swedish fish taste like

These colorful fish-shaped candies taste like berries.

The original flavor of the candy has a taste of lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea).

However, the taste is somewhat different in the US and aligns more with that of a fruit punch.

Some even say it has a cherry flavor.

This is because red is the candy’s traditional color.

And just like this, with the introduction of different variants, the colors have their corresponding taste.

Green has a lime flavor; purple is a grape; yellow is a lemon, and so on.

A 35 g packet of Swedish Fish contains 140 calories and has 35 g of carbs from sugars alone.

Other than that, the candy has trace amounts of sodium and iron.

When you compare it with similar candies, Swedish Fish wins big time.

Now, what makes them so special? The answer is simple: they don’t contain gelatin like most gummy candies.

Plus, they’re fat-free too. Not to mention, they’re vegan.

So, everyone can enjoy a Swedish Fish or two regardless of their dietary restrictions and age.

In addition, the candies are made of inverted sugar syrup, meaning that they have enough moisture to keep them chewy even without the gelatin.

And the cherry on top: a coating of carnauba wax gives the candy its distinct appearance.

So, how is this candy good for you and your health?

They make great options for sweet tooths who like to snack on gummies but still want to keep everything healthy.

And they’re great for vegans who’re really strict on their diet.

Is It True that Swedish Fish Is Bad for You?

is it true that swedish fish is bad for you

When discussing the “health benefits” of Swedish Fish, the best way to describe it would be: Swedish Fish are not the healthiest candies out there, but they’re not the worst either.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are some benefits to eating Swedish Fish over other candies, as they’re fat-free and vegan.

But does that mean you should go out and stock up on them?

Probably not.

While Swedish Fish don’t have gelatin, they’re still made with other ingredients that are not so great for you.

For instance, sugar is the first ingredient listed on the back of a Swedish Fish bag.

Each candy contains as much as 23g of added sugar.

Also, the candy has no vitamins or minerals to even consider ‘healthy’ to an extent.

According to the American Heart Association, men and women shouldn’t take more than 36 and 25 grams of sugar daily.

So, eating just a handful of Swedish Fish would put you over your sugar limit.

Plus, sugar has been linked to several health problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

So, Swedish Fish are probably not the best option if you’re looking for a healthy treat.

Final Thought

Eating candies just got a tad better with Swedish Fish.

This fish-that-is-not-a-fish will have you going around convenience stores looking for candies.

Despite being vegan, they’re still full of sugar.

So, try to limit the quantity you eat, no matter how tempting these candies can be.

And if you wish to have different Swedish Fish flavors, just look out for the colors they come in.

They all have slightly different flavors, making them much more exciting to snack on.