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Savoring the Sweetness: What Do Sweet Potatoes Taste Like?

Do you like sweet food but also wish to eat healthily?

Well, you can have both by introducing sweet potatoes to your diet.

They are not just sweeter than regular potatoes but also healthier.

And you can use them as substitutes for potatoes in any dish to give your meals an exciting twist and obtain many essential nutrients.

So, what do sweet potatoes taste like, and what are the best ways to serve them? Read this short guide to discover how you can enjoy this deliciously mouth-watering vegetable.

What are Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are root vegetables; their tuberous roots get modified into bulbous forms rich in starch.

They are usually larger than regular potatoes and have a more elongated structure.

Though native to Central and South America, they are grown in warm tropical regions worldwide as it is one of the tastiest, most filling, and most versatile vegetables packed with beta-carotene and antioxidants.

Its sweet taste is achieved during the cooking process.

The heat activates the amylase enzyme in the sweet potato and converts starch into maltose – a natural sweet sugar found in plants.

Sweet potatoes do not have a definite shape and size.

Their skin can be white, yellow, red, purple, or brown colored skin.

Meanwhile, the flesh color can be purple, orange, white, or brown color.

They are popularly eaten for their fleshy root, but their young leaves and shoot can also be consumed.

Sweet potatoes are an excellent alternative to regular potatoes for anyone seeking a healthier diet.

They contain dietary fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium.

Some common sweet potato varieties include the Beauregard, jewel, garnet, northern star, and white sweet potato.

What Do Sweet Potatoes Taste Like?

Sweet potatoes have a texture similar to regular potatoes.

Both are starchy, but the latter is creamier, juicier, and sweeter.

While some people often confuse white sweet potato with yam, which looks like the root vegetable, yam has a plain earthy taste that takes up whatever flavor is added.

In contrast, sweet potato has a natural aroma, taste, and texture.

Sweet potatoes also taste like cooked carrots.

Both are sweet and tender, but carrots may sometimes taste milder, depending on where they are grown.

Though sweet potato comes in different varieties, and their sweetness also varies.

Some varieties, like Beauregard, are sweeter than most others.

They are easily identifiable by their reddish-purple skin and inner orange flesh.

Besides, they are also the most popularly cultivated sweet potato.

Some also say that Japanese Satsumaimo is the sweetest, but the taste may vary depending on different palates.

It is easily identifiable by its purplish skin and creamy white flesh, which becomes yellow after it is cooked.

White sweet potatoes can make a better option if you are looking for a sweet potato that isn’t too sweet nor too plain like regular potatoes.

They also have a drier texture than most other varieties.

The flavor of sweet potato can also be enhanced according to your food preferences.

You can add a little cinnamon, butter, or anything you think will pair well with its sweetness and pair it with some savory dishes.

Sweet potatoes like stokes maintain their purplish color even after cooking; they can make fancy pies or fries.

How to Serve Sweet Potatoes?

Steamed sweet potatoes are one of the best ways to enjoy the natural taste of the root.

But you can enjoy it in many other ways, and here are our favorites:

  • Fries: Like regular potato fries, sweet potatoes make delicious fries. They are sweeter than the standard ones but are equally crispy. Besides, they may be even more nutritious than regular fries. Enjoy them with a rich sauce or mayo for an exciting snack.
  • Pancakes: Breakfast pancakes are one exciting way to use sweet potatoes. All you must do is cook, mash, and add them to the pancake mixture. You can cook them like regular pancakes but give them more time. The resulting pancakes are filling and fragrant.
  • Sweet potato mash: Give your mashed potatoes a sugary twist by switching the primary ingredient to sweet potatoes; it will have an orange tint instead of the usual yellow mashed potatoes. Minimal seasonings will help the natural flavors of the sweet potatoes shine through. .
  • Soup: Potato soups are the definition of comfort food. And you can make them even more flavorful by using sweet potatoes. Simply combine them with crunchy and colorful veggies to add more variety.


Now that you’ve learned everything about sweet potatoes’ taste and texture consider adding them to your diet to receive what regular potatoes lack.

Since they’re a good source of fiber and many essential nutrients, it will be a great option to use them in your meals now and then.

They’re convenient if you have guests with sweet tooths.

The best thing about this vegetable is there are many ways to enjoy them, so experiment with different cooking methods to see how they align with your taste preferences.

What Do Sweet Potatoes Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

Interested in sweet potatoes? Explore this guide to discover the taste of these nutritious tubers and whether their naturally sweet flavor and creamy texture make them a delightful addition to your culinary repertoire.
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