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How Long Do Sweet Vermouth Last? Does it Go Bad?

Sweet vermouth is used to make plenty of drinks, because of which we buy them in bulk in the summers.

But while storing, some questions arise in our mind, like do sweet vermouth go bad or how long these can be stored.

That is because you do not want all your drinks go bad when you use vermouth.

Some people only consider sweet vermouth edible when their best-by date is still not due.

However, this is incorrect as the bottle can be used even after the best-by date printed on it, as that is just an estimated period provided by the manufacturer.

What is Sweet Vermouth?

This is a fortified wine that contains sugar and alcohol, which is also called red vermouth.

The wine is mixed with other drinks like manhattans and martinis.

The wine includes an alcoholic content of 16%, and the sugar content ranges between 14 to 15%.

Vermouth is made with a white base wine, and its flavor varies a lot.

That is because it is the flavor depends on the sweetness and bitterness of the botanicals used in the wine.

These botanicals have flavors such as citrus, herbs, flowers, spices, and many more.

Different spices, herbs, seeds, roots, and bark are used to aromatize the wine.

One can have vermouth in a moderate manner to attain health benefits such as better heart health.

The drink is also helpful in lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome.

However, one must not consume bad sweet vermouth as it can lead to various health issues.

How Long Do Sweet Vermouth Last? Does Sweet Vermouth Go Bad?

When you buy sweet vermouth, you must know how long it will serve you to avoid bad vermouth.

However, people use the best-by date for that, but by providing suitable storage measures, one can make their drink last longer than that.

If the best-by date lapses, the drink will not go bad, but it will decline in taste and flavor.

If we talk about the shelf life of sweet vermouth, then you can keep an unopened bottle for 3 to 4 years.

Its flavors keep intact and similar until the bottle is closed and refrigerated.

However, the taste will not be the same if you open the bottle and store it for a long.

When the bottle is open the factors like heat, air, and moisture ruin the taste of the drink.

Thus one should keep the bottle closed if they are not planning to use it recently.

An opened bottle, if refrigerated, can only be good for two months; also, it can degrade in quality as time passes.

An open bottle of vermouth should be finished quickly, as keeping it safe from external factors is pretty hard.

Storage of the beverage in the pantry is not at all recommended as the drink cannot handle storage at a higher temperature.

How to Tell if Sweet Vermouth Has Gone Bad?

  • Off Smell.

When you do not remember the time of storing an open bottle, then before having it, you need to be sure that it is fine for drinking.

For that, you can look for signs that can indicate its freshness.

You can simply smell the bottle and see if it still holds that aromatic fragrance when it is fresh.

If it gives a good smell, you can have it, but if it’s a foul odor, you should avoid having the drink.

  • Change in Color.

Another sign one can notice a change in color because these drinks do not change their color frequently, but if they do, it indicates that the drink has gone bad.

Some of the wine sometimes turns a little dark when anyone prolongs their storage, but a drastic change in color means that it is not drinkable, and you should throw the beverage out.

  • Take a Sip.

You know how flavorful a sip of a sweet vermouth drink can be so that you can taste it.

Be sure that first, you look for a change in smell and color, as drinking a bad beverage can be harmful.

Thus tasting can help you a lot; if you are getting that same flavor, then you can have the drink as it is good.

However, if the taste turns out to be rancid or dull, you should immediately stop and discard the beverage.

How to Store Sweet Vermouth?

  • Storage in Pantry.

As discussed above, better storage can help you to make your drink last more, so you need to store it correctly.

When the bottle is closed, then you can keep it in the pantry as it will be intact from all the external factors.

But if the bottle is opened, then heat and the high temperature of a pantry will make the oxidation process faster.

  • Storage in Fridge.

Once the sweet vermouth bottle is opened, you need a cool and dark place to store it.

Therefore fridge can be the best way to keep your drink.

Problems like pests and oxidations get eliminated by the lower temperature; thus, your beverage can be good for extended periods.

  • Use an Airtight Container.

An unopened bottle is entirely sealed, so it does not need any container, but once it’s open, you have to reseal it back.

For that, one can use an airtight container and keep the drink in the fridge and save it from moisture.


One can easily store their drink and exceed its shelf life for an extended period by the earlier provided storing measures.

If the drink does not have an odor or smell, then it is near its shelf life, and you should end it in a couple of days.

To notice any color change, you should transfer the drink to the glass for better examination.

How Long Do Sweet Vermouth Last? Does it Go Bad?

Looking to ensure your sweet vermouth maintains its quality? Here's a guide on how long sweet vermouth lasts and whether it goes bad.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
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Total Time 30 minutes
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  • Sweet Vermouth
  • Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  • Labels and markers


  • Store your product in an labelled container in a cool, dark place like the pantry or fridge.
  • If your food is frozen, allow it to thaw in the fridge before cooking.
  • Make sure to look for signs that your food has gone bad before eating it.
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