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Tab Taste Test: What Does Tab Soda Taste Like?

Gen z’s might not have the slightest idea of what “”TaB” is.

However, baby boomers and millennials are well aware of this popular drink that shined till the 90s.

Initially launched as a diet soda, Tab was a well-known soda that eventually lost its popularity.

However, the soda is back in trendy, and like all trendy things, many are wondering what Tab tastes like.

So, if you’re one of those, we suggest sticking around till the end of our post.

Today’s article will discuss Tab, its taste and how you can best serve the soda.

Let’s get into it.

What is Tab Soda?

Tab was a diet soda released in 1963.

Unlike other sodas during that period that contained lots of sugar, it was developed and marketed as a low-calorie option.

And this low-calorie label was what attracted people as it was considered healthier.

Tab was sweetened with a mix of saccharin and cyclamate.

This made it taste sweet like other sodas but without the high-calorie content.

However, in 1969, the FDA said cyclamate was unsafe, so Tab had to change its recipe to only use saccharin.

Even though Tab changed its recipe, people still liked it throughout the 70s and 80s.

But in the 1990s, people became more aware of their health and started drinking water and juice instead of soda.

So Tab was not as popular anymore and stopped being sold in most places.

But some places still sell it because some people really like it.

What Does Tab Taste Like?

Tab tasted like other sweet sodas, but it had fewer calories.

Initially, it was made with a mixture of two sweeteners called cyclamate and saccharin, but later, it only used saccharin.

This new formula was sweeter but had a bit of a bitter aftertaste that some people didn’t like.

Generally, the taste of Tab is different for everyone as it depends on what each person likes.

Some people consider the taste a bit fake or chemical-like as it contains artificial sweeteners.

However, some consider it refreshing with a hint of citrus flavor.

Tab was made to be a diet soda with fewer calories than regular soda.

Hence, it tastes sweet without having tons of calories.

Tab’sTab’s taste is comparable to other diet sodas like Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, or Diet Coke.

But, the overall taste would vary from each soda as it has its unique taste.

Tab was a popular soda for many years, even though its taste changed over time.

However, it’s not available in most places nowadays, and people often consider it a vintage diet soda from the 70s and 80s.

Some tab fans consider the taste a bit metallic or like chemicals, possibly due to artificial sweeteners.

When it comes to tab’s taste, people have varying opinions.

Some like its sweetness, while others consider it bitter or fake.

But, many still love the drink, which has made it popular for a long time.

Tab’s legacy as a cultural icon shows that it was essential to the world of food and drink, and many people still remember and look for it today.

How to Serve Tab?

Tab is a fizzy drink that’s usually either served cold or with ice.

So, the easiest way to serve and drink Tab is to enjoy it nice and cold as it is.

You can add some lime or lemon to add flavor or mix Tab with other drinks to create a unique and exciting taste.

For example, you can mix it with fruit juice or simply use it as a cocktail mixer.

When you serve Tab, it’s important to remember that it’s a diet soda.

So, pairing it with low-calorie snacks or meals is a good idea.

Also, remember that Tab contains artificial sweeteners, which can be harmful if consumed in large amounts.

Therefore, enjoying Tab in moderation is best as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Here are fun and creative ways you can enjoy and serve Tab:

  • Tab Float: This sweet treat combines vanilla ice cream with Tab. Just scoop some vanilla ice cream, pour Tab on top, add whipped cream, and top the drink off with a cherry. .
  • Tab Margarita: Simply combine tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice into a shaker Shake well. Pour it over some ice and finish off with Tab and a lime wedge.
  • Tab Spritzer: Mix some white wine, Tab, and club soda. You can finish it off with ice and lime.


When you think of diet sodas, Tab is considered a treasured drink, which is why people still search for it.

Whether it’s nostalgia or seeking a vintage drink, you can look online sites and find this vintage diet drink here and there.

And now that you’re aware of its taste profile, you might as well try the drink.

If you don’t like its original taste, you can get creative by trying out some of the recipes we’ve recommended.

That said, we hope our article has provided valuable insight into the world of Tab.

What Does Tab Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Wondering about the taste of Tab? Explore its unique blend of flavors, featuring a refreshing, slightly tart taste with a hint of sweetness. Tab enthusiasts appreciate its distinct cola flavor and nostalgic appeal.
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