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Creamy Choices: 5 Best Substitutes for Table Cream

We all know the drill. You’re in the middle of whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, and you reach for the table cream, only to find the carton empty.

What do you do next? Panic? Run to the store? No way. We’ve got you covered with the five best table cream substitutes that will save your dish and might even make it tastier.

“Been there, done that,” I tell myself every time I forget to check the fridge before I start cooking. It’s all about making do with what you have. And trust me, these substitutes we’re about to dive into are more than just stand-ins; they might become your new go-tos.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Table Cream

The best substitute for table cream/light cream will depend on what you are using it for.

Here’s a detailed comparison of the 5 best substitutes for table cream, along with their key characteristics and proper ratios:

SubstituteKey CharacteristicsProper Ratio
Half and Half CreamHalf and half is a dairy product made by combining equal parts whole milk and light cream. It has a lower fat content than table cream.Use an equal amount of half and half as you would with table cream in recipes.
Evaporated MilkEvaporated milk is made by removing about 60% of water from regular milk. It has a slightly caramelized flavor and a creamy texture.Use an equal amount of evaporated milk as you would with table cream in recipes.
Coconut MilkCoconut milk is a rich, creamy liquid made from the flesh of coconuts. It has a distinct tropical flavor and can add richness to dishes.Use an equal amount of coconut milk as you would with table cream in recipes.
Greek Yogurt and MilkA mixture of Greek yogurt and milk can provide a similar thickness and tanginess to table cream.Combine 1/2 cup Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup milk to replace 1 cup of table cream.
Silken TofuSilken tofu is a soft, smooth tofu variety that can be blended into a creamy consistency. It is a dairy-free option.Blend silken tofu until smooth and use an equal amount as you would with table cream in recipes.

Now, let’s discuss each substitute in more detail:

1 – Half and Half cream

half and half cream

As we mentioned before, half and half cream is table cream with a lower fat percentage.

The USDA defines half and half cream as a mixture of milk and cream with 10.5-17.9% milkfat.

Because this cream is so similar to table cream, you can easily substitute it in any recipe.

If you use half and half in a sauce or gravy instead of table cream, it will come out a bit lighter.

If this makes the sauce too light, you can thicken it up with a bit of cornstarch.

Half and half cream is also great as a creamer for coffee, so it is healthier than commercial coffee creamers, which contain a large amount of added sugar.

Suitable ratio:

  • 1 cup table/light cream= 1 cup half and half cream.

2 – Evaporated Milk

evaporated milk

Here is a product you can find virtually anywhere in the world and is also known as unsweetened condensed milk.

Evaporated milk is milk that has had around 60% of its water removed.

This gives it around twice as fats and solids as regular milk.

Evaporated milk will thicken your coffee up just like a regular cream, but be careful when adding it.

Evaporated milk has a much stronger taste than regular milk, so mixing it with whole milk is a good idea.

Evaporated milk can replace whole milk (1 cup whole milk= ½ cup evaporated milk + ½ cup water).

When using evaporated milk as a substitute for table cream, you can mix in cornstarch to make your dish thicker.

Suitable ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream= 1 cup evaporated milk + 1 tbsp cornstarch ( cornstarch optional).

3 – Coconut Milk

coconut milk

If you are on a vegan diet, you will need a dairy-free option to replace light cream.

Dairy products are used in loads of recipes, and it can be hard to find a vegan option.

Coconut milk has recently become very popular as a substitute for regular milk, as it is 100% vegan.

Coconut milk is not coconut water, which occurs naturally inside coconuts.

Coconut milk is made by mixing the flesh of the coconut with water and processing it.

You can use coconut milk as a very healthy and delicious creamer for your coffee or tea.

If you want to make it sweeter, add some vanilla extract and honey.

Coconut milk can also be used as a cream for cooking and baking.

If you want to make it thicker, you can chill the milk in a can and remove the liquid.

Suitable ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream= 1 cup coconut milk.

4 – Greek Yogurt and Milk

greek yogurt and milk

Here is a simple replacement for cream using everyday ingredients you probably have at home.

Greek yogurt is regular yogurt that has been strained to give it a thicker consistency.

You can make yogurt yourself easily with just milk and a starter.

Simply boil the milk, and add the yogurt starter after the milk cools.

Set that aside in a warm place for a few hours, and you have yogurt.

Strain it to remove whey and make it thicker.

By itself, Greek yogurt is too thick to replace light cream, but you can mix it with milk to get the thickness you want.

Suitable ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream = 1/3 cup Greek yogurt +2/3 cup whole milk.

5 – Silken Tofu

silken tofu

The soybean has a seemingly limitless amount of uses, from meats to sauces.

One of those products, soy milk, has become a huge health drink.

Soy milk was the first non-dairy milk to become famous, even though it has been replaced by almond milk.

Silken tofu is made from soy milk, and it has a softer consistency than regular tofu.

It crumbles very quickly and can be used as a substitute for many things besides cream.

To use it for cooking, blend the silken tofu until it is creamy and soft.

Suitable ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream = 1 cup pureed silken tofu.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Table Cream

Searching for the perfect substitutes for table cream? Your quest ends here! Explore our carefully curated list of the 5 best alternatives that seamlessly replace table cream, ensuring your culinary creations maintain the rich and creamy texture you desire.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Substitutes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Half and Half Cream
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Greek Yogurt and Milk
  • Silken Tofu


  • Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  • Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.
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