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Spicy Snacking Insight: What Do Takis Taste Like?

You must live on a remote island if you have yet to hear about the infamous Taki, cream cheese, and jalapeno challenge.

The viral TikTok trend trickled down into all other social media platforms, and most people with access to this snack have tried it.

Nowadays, takis are the preferred snack over classic hot Cheetos and are a favorite amongst the younger generations.

This Mexican treat has a variety of flavors that you can choose from and has been widely eaten across Mexico since 1999.

The Taki roll was finally franchised and marketed by the conglomerate Grupo Bimbo in the early 2000s.

Once it hit commercial markets, there was no stopping its popularity.

If you’ve yet to try these savory treats, we’ll give you the details on what are takis and what do they taste like.

What are Takis?

So, what are takis? If you’re wondering whether they are corn-based since they originate from the world’s corn capital, you would be correct.

You’ll be surprised to know that takis are just tortilla chips.


they are another variety of corn chips, but their unique flavorings and shape are what make them famous.

The company does not shy away from adding spice and heat to their crips.

The tortillas are also rolled to make it easier for people to grab and eat them.

Takis has been around in Mexico since the 1990s and is enjoyed as fast food by many.

The company Barcel owned by grupo bimbo, started mass producing and exporting the chips in 2004.

When the snack hit markets in the USA, it was an instant hit.

Now, takis can be found on the shelves of almost every department store.

You also have a variety of flavors to choose from, like fuego, their spiciest variation.

The other types are guacamole, blue heat, nitro, crunchy fajitas, etc.

What Do Takis Taste Like?

The snack taking every social media platform by storm has many flavors.

If you plan on trying takis, start with the original and work to the spiciest type available.

Everything in between will make you experience a colorful dance of flavors and tastes like a Mexican fiesta.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mesoamerican dishes, be warned because they tend to be spicier.

However, that does not mean they lack in other flavors.

Their food items have a comprehensive combination of ingredients that play with your palate, making each mouthful a discovery of new tastes.

When the takis were first created, they were made to imitate the popular dish taquito.

These are rolled tortillas stuffed with meat and cheese.

This savory dish is a staple in many homes in South America and is enjoyed as a breakfast snack, lunch, or even during dinner.

This snack’s main ingredient is masa flour in the tortilla.

Once rolled, they are deep-fried until crispy.

We all know that fritos are incredibly crunchy and tasty, so it’s no doubt that these chips are the same.

The added seasonings give the fried corn chips an added dimension of taste and aroma that makes them irresistible.

There are about 28 flavors in existence, out of which fuego, nitro, and blue heat are the most popular.

The intense lime notes and the blend of Mexican spices make these chips addictive.

Some variations’ extreme heat compliments the lime and spices instead of overpowering it.

They are one of the most mouth-watering snacks you’ll ever enjoy.

How to Serve Takis?

Are you planning a get-together for friends and don’t want to spend much on charcuterie or cheese boards? Why not serve takis? If you’re scared that they may not be fancy enough for the table, keep reading to learn how to make takis more sophisticated.

You can always pair the spicy crips with a classic guacamole dip.

This could be the closest way of enjoying the snack traditionally.

Another classic combination is takis and salsa.

If you’re big on dips, you can always go for a rich and creamy hummus which will contrast well with the zesty spice of the chips.

Or, why not try something unconventional and make a sour cream or cheese cream dip? The nuttiness of the dairy items will help mellow out the heat from all the chilies.

Why not swap out your nachos for takis? In all fairness, they are both made from corn and will probably fall within identical taste dimensions.

However, the spice from the takis can face off against the various nacho toppings without hindering its taste in the vast compilation of ingredients.


Suppose you are eating takis right from the packet; that’s a one-dimensional approach to this versatile food item.

Although it is a great snack, you can discover many new recipes with takis if you explore the possibilities.

You can have them with any dip available in the market or that you can whip up in your kitchen.

They can be used to coat meat and veggies and deep-fried to make a savory snack.

They can also be used as garnish in salads.

What Do Takis Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

Curious about the flavor explosion of Takis? Delve into the taste sensations of these popular snacks and whether they satisfy your cravings.
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