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What Does Tamarind Soda Taste Like? Does Tamarind Soda Taste Good?

There is nothing like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

So, what can be better than a glass of tamarind soda? Even the thought of this lovely beverage is enough to make your mouth water.

Being a non-alcoholic drink, it’s popular not in just one or two regions but worldwide.

While you can get company-made soda on the market, you can make a homemade version with few ingredients.

So, you realize it’s refreshing.

But what does tamarind soda taste like? If you have tasted the sweet and tangy fruit, you may have an idea.

Check out below to know more.

What is Tamarind Soda?

what is tamarind soda

Typically, it’s a beverage with a tamarind flavor, carbonated water, sugar, and citric acid.

Some varieties have natural tamarind pulp extract in them.

You can also make the drink at home with just the fruit’s pulp, water, and sugar.

Both factory-made and homemade versions are light, fresh, and fruity.

If you want the exact flavor like the company-made version, soda water is readily available on the market, and you can add the sugar and tamarind pulp to make the drink.

The tamarind plant is indigenous to tropical Africa and widely grown in many tropical regions.

Even its leaves and seeds are edible.

The fruit is a versatile ingredient and popular in several cuisines, including Mexican, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, South, and Southeast Asian cooking.

You can also use tamarind soda in dishes if the pulp isn’t available to get a similar flavor.

Many brands make tamarind soda these days, so you can easily find one on the market.

Enjoy it as a drink or use it in cooking as needed.

What Does Tamarind Soda Taste Like?

what does tamarind soda taste like

Most fruits have citric acid, and so they tend to have a sour taste, either mild or intense.

When young, tamarind is green in color and extremely tart.

But its taste transforms greatly when it begins to ripe, and some cultivars even lose the acidic taste.

Tamarind soda only uses ripe pulp, so you will experience the tangy flavor very slightly.

Its taste may be similar to that of other fruit-flavored sodas.

However, it’s unique in its way.

Tamarind soda combines sweet and sour flavors making it very refreshing and absolutely delicious.

You taste the sweetness more than the acidic flavor, which makes the drink more enjoyable.

But of course, it may not be the perfect drink for everyone.

It is also called tamarindo in several Latin American countries.

Mexico has a popular drink called agua de tamarindo.

In India, it’s called Imli panna, and the homemade version tastes equally wonderful.

It’s a favorite drink during the summer months in most households.

  • Nutritional Value of Tamarind Soda.

Tamarind soda by Jarritos, Inc.

has 91 calories per 240g serving with 22g carbs, 0 fat, some vitamins, and minerals.

A 100g tamarind pulp, on the other hand, has 62.

5g of carbs, protein, fiber, and other nutrients.

Tamarind juice is high in antioxidants, so moderate consumption of soda can benefit you in several ways, including protecting your heart and cells and play a vital role in bone formation and blood sugar control.

How to Serve Tamarind Soda?

how to serve tamarind soda

With many brands making tamarind soda, you can choose from a range of products on the market.

If the ready-made stuff isn’t available at nearby stores, you can order online.

Instead of buying a ready-made version, maybe you can make a drink at home as described earlier.

You only need three ingredients to create one of the best summer beverages.

Besides, the pulp lasts a long time, so you can make a drink whenever you crave some sweet-sour flavor.

The easiest way to serve is in the bottle, just like you do a chilled beer.

Grab a bottle from the fridge, open the cap and gulp it down.

However, if your soda isn’t that cold and you want to drink it now, you can pour it into a glass, add some ice cubes, swirl and drink it up.

You can also make the soda into ice cubes and use these another time with the drink if it’s at room temperature and not chilled.

When serving homemade tamarind juice, you can use chilled water to make the drink so that you don’t need to use ice cubes.

Add a little mint to make it even more refreshing.

It’s delicious, no doubt but consume it moderately.

Too much of it can cause issues like any other beverage.


Tamarind soda is here to stay whether we like it or not.

But seeing its popularity across the globe, it’s clear that everyone likes it once they get to know the taste.

With the hot summer approaching, it’s time to try some tamarind soda.

Check out local stores and see if you can find any brand.

Even if you don’t, why worry; you can easily make a better drink at home.

Just buy some pulp and soda water and make a fresh, fruity, sweet, and sour drink and enjoy with everyone.

You can also use the soda in cooking, like sauces, dips, chutneys, and other items.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Does Tamarind Soda Taste Like? Does Tamarind Soda Taste Good?

What Does Tamarind Soda Taste Like? Does Tamarind Soda Taste Good?


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