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Sipping Secrets: What Does Tiger Milk Tea Taste Like?

Are you finally giving in and embracing the bubble tea social media craze?

It is also known by a different name that people in the west may be more acquainted with.

It is known as boba tea, and tiger milk tea is a variety of this well-known beverage.

You’re going to be disappointed if you were hoping to learn how to “milk a tiger” or whether this tiger tea is a herbal remedy.

Although the beverage is not ‘literally’ prepared from tiger’s milk, it is an eastern beverage; therefore, its roots may have some therapeutic significance.

Let’s find out what does tiger milk tea taste like and why you must try it.

What is Tiger Milk Tea?

First of all, the name “tiger milk tea” refers to the dark strips left on the glass by the sugar syrup.

The moniker is derived from the way it resembles tiger stripes.

So, what is this drink exactly, now that we have cleared up the name reference?

Its origins can be traced back to Taiwan along with all other boba cocktails.

If you wish to sample this beverage, you must learn what bubble tea is.

Bubble tea or boba tea is a sweet, refreshing drink usually served with tapioca balls.

The balls are incorporated into tea brewed with milk and can either be served hot or cold.

It was introduced during the 1920s as ‘pearl milk tea’.

The drink was introduced in the west relatively recently and has garnered so much love in such a short time.

Tiger milk tea is one of the top bubble concoctions consumed in the USA.

What Does Tiger Milk Tea Taste Like?

Even without the trimmings, milk tea is a vibrant beverage, but boba milk tea is a truly opulent treat.

In many places of the world, they are consumed as a dessert.

This is understandable, considering how the energizing tea flavors blend well with the thick cream, sugar, and jelly-like balls, which offer a variety of tastes and textures.

It just takes a few materials to make bubble tiger tea, but precise technique is necessary to achieve the desired consistency and color.

The pearls must be coated in the brow sugar syrup and added to the tea-infused milk.

The syrup from the pearls must now replicate a tiger’s stripes on the glass’s sides.

The drink is flavored with rich syrup that’s been caramelized for a long duration.

Many have compared the taste of the tea to caramel and toffee.

Some have added flavors like coconut, taro, or even honeydew.

The drink was first made without any tea, even though it was called a ‘tea’.

However, there are variants with black tea infused into the drink these days.

You will undoubtedly find a cup of the original Bubble Tiger Tea if you wish to try it because it is well-known worldwide.

For adults, the traditional tea’s ingredients of syrup, milk, and pearls may seem a little uninteresting, but youngsters love it.

Anyone prepared to sample this unusual dish will feel a sense of nostalgia from the extremely sweet milk flavors.

How to Serve Tiger Milk Tea?

The best way to consume this drink is chilled with ice.

Like most deserts, the flavors will be more pronounced if you have it cold.

You can also have it warm if you’re not a fan of chilled drinks.

Although its popularly seen as a drink, the food item does have a pseudo role as a snack thanks to the tapioca pearls.

Many enjoy having the balls with their accouterments as cereal or as a light snack.

You’ll need to be very patient if you’re bold enough to try making the tea yourself.

Finding tapioca flour might be difficult because you have to start by preparing the pearls.

Once the pearls are made, all that is left to do is combine the syrup and milk.

Simple brown sugar can be used to make the syrup, but if you want the optimum flavor, go with raw muscovado sugar.

You have a little more leeway with the milk because it will depend on your taste.

For those who are lactose intolerant, you can use plant-based milk.

To assemble the drink, hold your glass in a diagonal and pour the boba soaked with syrup against the sides of the glass.

Once you’re happy with the amount, you can straighten the glass and pour your milk.

Now, add your ice, finish the drink with a boba straw, and you’ve got your very own bubble tea.


This drink fad is quite the decadent treat; it’s not simply another trend being promoted on social media.

Given that most people can enjoy bubble tea as a snack, it is safe to conclude that it will continue to be popular.

So you should choose the tiger bubble tea if you’re feeling fanciful or want to try something new and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

What Does Tiger Milk Tea Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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