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Check the Purple Bliss: What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

Ice cream is one of those snacks that nobody in the world despises.

The uncountable amount of flavors is one point.

But the versatility of ice cream to be incorporated in different styles makes it better.

You have all tasted vanilla, butterscotch, fruity, etc., flavors.

But have you tried Ube ice cream? If you have not, put it on your list.

Ube ice cream is a popular ice cream flavor in the Philippines.

It gets its name from its primary ingredient, i.e., Ube yam.

Because of its popularity, Ube ice cream is a favorite even outside the Philippines.

But does it taste any different from typical ice cream flavors? What does Ube Ice Cream taste like? We will answer all your questions below.

What is Ube Ice Cream?

Ube ice cream originated in the Philippines around 1922.

The oldest known recipe used milk, sugar, and Ube mixed in a hand-operated ice cream mixer.

Ice cream became popular during the American occupation of the Philippines.

People wanted to try new flavors apart from the standard ones.

As a result, the infamous Ube ice cream flavor was born.

Ube is pronounced with an “O” instead of the “U,” i.e., “oh-Beh”.

This purple yam also gives Ube ice cream its distinct purple color.

Ube is a root plant found only in Asia, specifically in the Philippines.

This ice cream is also used to prepare halo-halo, another beloved Filipino dessert.

Ube ice cream is mixed with fruit slices, coconut, nata de coco, unsweetened condensed milk, etc.

This gives us a creamy and delicious dessert dish.

Because of its attractive color, Ube ice cream has gained a massive following over the last few years.

And why not? It also tastes as good as it looks.

What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like?

The Ube root has a mildly sweet and nutty taste with hints of vanilla and pistachios.

And when you use it to make ice cream, the flavors are enhanced even more.

Because of its distinct purple hue and its primary ingredient, it is also known as purple yam I’ve cream.

Ube ice cream does not taste super sweet like standard ice cream.

Most of it is because of the mild sweetness of Ube yam.

You can also taste the nutty flavors of the root even without added nuts or artificial flavorings.

Along with the earthy tones, Ube ice cream has a softer texture than other ice creams.

It looks more like gelato than standard ice cream in terms of texture.

Ube ice cream is undoubtedly creamy as Ube is a fibrous plant.

But you do not get those creamy after-effects that most people call an “ice cream hangover”.

You can use toppings like caramel, coconut shavings, chopped nuts, cherries, etc.

This will enhance the taste. But for your first experience, we recommend having it without any extra toppings.

Ube ice cream does not taste like any other cream flavor.

It certainly has nutty and vanilla flavors.

But the overall taste differs from standard vanilla or nutty-flavored ice cream.

However, other foods that people compare it with are Matcha lattes or mild green tea.

Ube also shares the same nutritional profile as sweet potatoes.

It has a good amount of healthy carbs, fiber, and vitamins.

However, Ube and Ube ice cream tastes nothing like a sweet potato.

How to Prepare and Serve Ube Ice Cream?

Ube ice cream goes well with anything.

And to prepare it takes little to no time and effort.

Plus, all you need is Ube halaya and other essential ingredients like ice, whole milk, vanilla, and egg yolks.

To prepare, you want to whisk the Ube halaya and egg yolks till you get a smooth texture.

Heat your milk, sugar, and cream in a pan at medium heat.

Pour it into the Ube and egg mixture and continue mixing.

Please remember to place it over the heat while whisking if you need good results.

Once done, transfer everything to a dish and refrigerate for about 4-5 hours.

Mix the ice cream nicely and place it again in the fridge for four hours.

You can take it out later and let it sit at room temperature.

If you do not find Ube halaya, you can use Ube extract.

A tiny amount of food coloring is can make the color pop.

You can eat it by itself or add several toppings. Coconut is a popular topping.

But you can add others like crushed nuts, diced fruits, cherries, chocolate chips, etc.

Ube is growing in popularity as of late.

You can find its use almost everywhere, from drinks to burger buns.


The subtle flavors of Ube ice cream make it a favorite among fans.

As if the color was not attractive enough, they give your taste buds a real treat too.

Eating Ube ice cream is like sipping on green tea.

There are no overpowering flavors. It is clean, simple, and refreshing.

Despite the complex flavor profile, Ube ice cream is less creamy and provides the right amount of sweetness.

This is perfect if you do not like your ice creams being too sweet.

The neutral flavor also calls for a delicious treat for non-sweet lovers.

What Does Ube Ice Cream Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Ube ice cream features a vibrant purple hue and a subtly sweet, nutty flavor derived from purple yam, a popular ingredient in Filipino cuisine. Its taste is reminiscent of sweet potatoes with hints of vanilla and coconut, offering a unique and delicious dessert experience loved by many.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Food Taste
Servings 1 Serving


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