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What to Serve with Veal Milanese? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Veal Milanese is a significant part of Italian cuisine and a worldwide sensation, owing to its complex taste and texture.

It is a masterpiece among breaded meat cutlets.

Being sourced from the veal rib and breaded before frying in butter, you can be confident that having this entrée will impress your palate.

As with most others, this meal isn’t complete without some side dishes.

In this food guide, we’ve discussed some of the best sides, so you never run short of ideas about what to serve with Veal Milanese.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Veal Milanese?

Veal Milanese is a culinary gem for meaty dishes, as it has everything from rich seasonings to aroma and complex texture.

While it tastes great when eaten as is, side dishes bring complementing flavors to the meaty dish.

Consider adding more plant-based side dishes but don’t limit yourself to them.

The complex texture and flavor of Veal Milanese make it suitable for pairing with meaty sides.

In addition to achieving balanced flavors, side dishes help provide rounded nutrition to make your meals healthy and delicious.

For instance, veal meat is mostly protein, so you might want to add some sides with carbs and fiber.

What to Serve with Veal Milanese? 10 BEST Side Dishes

From the crunchiest veggies to earthy mushrooms and meaty dishes, here are ten sides that complement Veal Milanese perfectly and you should try.

1 – Roasted Shrimp and Beet

Pairing sweet and savory dishes never goes out of style in the kitchen.

So, cooking a protein and mineral-rich shrimp dish is never bad.

Adding beets to the roast gives the dish more depth by providing a dose of essential vitamins.

The entire dish is a unique blend of textures and flavors that contrast the tender and crunchy veal; the shrimps give a slight crunch while the beets add a tender sweetness.

This side dish is a quick option for last-minute meals that need to look and taste fancy.

You can even toss in some greens and crushed nuts for added flavor.

2 – Sautéed Cauliflower Rice With Kimchi

Meat always pairs well with rice, but if you’re always having plain white rice, or need something low-calorie, consider riced cauliflower; it’s healthier and has a mild flavor.

This low-carb side dish is keto-friendly and contains many probiotics and prebiotics for your gut health, like kimchi, ginger, garlic, and kale.

And you can already guess by now that the dish is downright aromatic.

The fluffy texture of cauliflower rice goes well with the velvety veal meat.

Meanwhile, the heat and tanginess of kimchi add a depth of flavor to the breaded meat.

3 – Potato Croquettes

Everyone loves to have the aroma of garlic in their Veal dishes.

So, a potato croquette is a must-have in your meal.

The carbs and fiber in potatoes will fill you up while also helping you digest the Veal better.

Potato croquettes are not just a treat for your palate; they look visually appealing too.

They have a similar breaded exterior to Veal Milanese, but the inside melts into your mouth as you bite into it.

The stark contrast between the textures of the Veal Milanese and potato croquettes makes this combo exciting to eat.

4 – Mushroom Casserole

Mushrooms, panko breadcrumbs, garlic, and lemon juice give an aromatic treat with a fun texture when cooked as a casserole.

It is a great source of vitamins and contains a decent amount of fiber to aid in digesting the savory veal.

Consider using firmer mushrooms like cremini and portobello, as flimsy ones tend to lose shape and don’t look too appealing as a casserole.

Top the mushrooms with grated parmesan before baking to get a satisfying, cheesy dish.

A mushroom casserole and Veal Milanese pair well as a breakfast or dinner option as their nutrients combined give a high amount of carbs and protein.

You will likely feel satiated after such a meal.

5 – Pickled Beets

Pickles are always a great addition to any meaty dish; they give your palate a break from the savory flavors by introducing some astringency.

Pickled beets are low in fats, carbs, and sodium and are a gluten-free side dish that is safe for most diets because it is entirely vegan.

Besides, they are also a treat for your gut health; you don’t want stomach upsets after a great meal.

The beets hold maximum flavor when cut into thinner slices/cubes, especially if you have less time before serving.

You can pair the beets with some leafy greens like arugula and lettuce if the beets alone seem too plain.

6 – White Bean Stew

This high-fiber dish helps digestion while keeping you satiated for a long time.

So, it’s a must-have digestion booster to pair with a Veal Milanese meal.

Apart from the white beans, you can add other veggies to make it more flavorful; carrots, potatoes, and fresh herbs are always great options.

Also, the stew tastes best when cooked in a meat/vegetable broth.

If you soak the beans beforehand, the stew will take just 20 minutes to come together.

You can even consider using canned beans if you’re really running short on time.

7 – Smoked Salmon Stuffed Potatoes

This dish is a delicious fatty addition to boring meals and pairs even better when you have something as flavorful as Veal Milanese.

It is a low-calorie, low-sodium option that is deliciously addicting with pleasant visuals.

The salmon and potatoes melt into your mouth, contrasting the tender and meaty Veal.

Besides, it makes a fun side for weeknight dinners.

Large potato varieties like russet work best for this dish as they retain their shape and hold much stuffing.

If the salmon stuffing alone feels too plain, you can consider adding a little bit of sour cream for a depth of flavor.

8 – Cheddar Broccoli Soup

This side dish breaks the stereotype of broccoli only belonging to salads and stir-fries.

The soup is a hearty contrast to the savory veal, and the cheesy broth adds much substance to the meal.

It’s best to add the florets later in the cooking process to get them uniformly cooked with the stalks.

Since the cheddar in the soup makes it heavy and high in sodium, it isn’t the healthiest side dish you can serve; however, it’s an excellent option for cheat meals.

9 – Sautéed Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are a healthier alternative to noodles and give a satisfying crunch that complements the tender meat.

It is a gluten-free side packed with antioxidants and does not run short on taste.

Sautéing the bean sprouts in sesame oil with aromatics like garlic and scallions gives it a deeper flavor while adding soy sauce makes it more visually appealing.

The best way to sauté the bean sprouts is to cook them on high heat for a short time; this helps release their excess moisture and keeps them crunchy.

10 – Parmesan Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles (zoodles) make light and refreshing side dishes for summer and can replace traditional noodles when you want to eat healthier.

And they’re so much easier to make; you don’t have to cook them (if they’re fresh), and the seasonings can be as simple as olive oil, red chili flakes, and fresh lemon juice.

Grated parmesan gives the dish a tangy and nutty taste that binds all the flavors together.

Now, if you’re serving Veal Milanese in summer, you should try zucchini noodles before anything else; it’ll be a delicious blend of flavors.


The complex tastes of Veal Milanese make it suitable for pairing with many side dishes.

So, you aren’t limited to just one type of food when serving the Italian breaded cutlet dish.

If you’re serving the veal cutlet for breakfast, consider pairing it with a protein-rich side like a bean stew or roasted shrimp.

Meanwhile, the noodles and potato dishes are perfect as dinner sides.

Because the list contains all sorts of food from different categories, remember to consider your family and guests’ food preferences before cooking.

What to Serve with Veal Milanese? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Enhance your veal Milanese dining experience with our curated list of the 10 best side dishes. These accompaniments will perfectly complement the crispy, tender flavors of veal Milanese.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Roasted Shrimp and Beet
  • Sautéed Cauliflower Rice With Kimchi
  • Potato Croquettes
  • Mushroom Casserole
  • Pickled Beets
  • White Bean Stew
  • Smoked Salmon Stuffed Potatoes
  • Cheddar Broccoli Soup
  • Sautéed Bean Sprouts
  • Parmesan Zucchini Noodles


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