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Unmasking the Taste: What Does Vegemite Taste Like?

Vegemite– you’ve probably seen jars of this dark brown paste and wondered if it’s chocolate, Nutella, or something you cannot eat.

Well, the label says something about yeast, so you can eat it.

So what exactly is it? It’s an Australian food spread, and there aren’t many who have an in-between opinion about it.

Fans love it to the extreme, while some are extremely disgusted by its taste.

Why is there such a polarity in opinions, and what does vegemite taste like? We’ve got answers below, so scroll on.

What is Vegemite?

Initially marketed as ‘Pure Vegetable Extract,’ Vegemite is a vegan food spread, used more like a flavoring.

It is made with extracts from brewers’ yeast, is low in fat, has a decent amount of protein, and is rich in vitamin B9.

Many people may notice Vegemite’s similarity to a British spread, Marmite, and history tells us that the former was inspired by the latter.

It was crafted out of an Aussie food manufacturer’s request for a similar item to Marmite.

Because of the stark difference in their final flavors, vegemite is considered a complete ‘Aussie food,’ with only 2% of its production being exported overseas.

The yeast is mixed with vegetables and seasonings to create the final product.

It is sold in its signature yellow jars and comes in different sizes.

What Does Vegemite Taste Like?

Now that you already know what this brown product is made of, you can expect a malty flavor to be present.

Yes, vegemite tastes malty, but an umami flavor describes it best.

The texture is like peanut butter, the color is like Nutella, and the smell is like soy or oyster sauce.

When you eat it for the first time, you’ll have so many other foods come to mind that taste slightly or very similar.

For instance, many can agree that vegemite tastes like beef bouillon.

Well, many other foods use yeast extracts, so people can quickly guess a beef bouillon while trying this spread.

Some will even say that it tastes like pureed bread.

Since all bread contains yeast, vegemite, too, gives that same savory feeling, almost like blue cheese.

Bear in mind, though, when you first taste it, you might find it slightly sweet and eat a big portion of the spread.

But the aftertaste will leave you regretting.

It is so robust and has a very sharp umami flavor.

Sometimes the bitterness can leave you teary-eyed.

This is why you’ll see most Aussies spread just a tiny amount of vegemite onto food.

And regarding this food, you’ve got to follow what the express do.

What’s exciting about vegemite is that its taste can vary depending on what you pair it with.

So, you need to test and see which works for your palate.

You’ll most likely find vegemite sold alongside Marmite, another yeast product, and they have similar packaging.

So do they taste the same?

They’re both savory, but Marmite isn’t as bitter as vegemite but is a little sweeter and has a comparatively runny consistency.

How to Eat and Serve Vegemite?

Despite vegemite’s not-so-pleasant first impression, the way you serve it can determine the final verdict.

It always tastes better with butter or soft-boiled eggs, and there are other options too.

Let’s look at each of them.

  • Serve with a buttered toast: The classic way to eat vegemite and the one that makes everyone turn from haters to lovers of the spread is the toast. You just need to spread butter on toast and layer it with a thin coat of vegemite.
  • Add it to sandwiches: When making sandwiches, follow the same steps you did above; spread butter and vegemite onto bread slices. Next, add sliced avocadoes and boiled eggs, sandwich them with the bread slices, and watch how it transforms your meal.
  • Use it as a flavoring in meat stews: Yes, a meat stew is your cheat to use vegemite without tasting its robust flavor first-hand. But as always, don’t get too excited and use a big amount from the start.

If it’s your first time eating vegemite, make sure the spread looks as translucent as possible on your food.

Too much of it will reach the core of your palate and prevent any potential reasons for you to like the spread.

How to Buy Vegemite?

Aussies may find this food spread at every nook and corner in their country, but fans in the US might have to do a little search to get them.

And the good news is that you can find them both in stores and online.

  • Look for stores with imported food: You can find vegemite in convenience stores with an imported-food section. Walmart and World Market are some of the best places you can get authentic vegemite.
  • Buy from a reputed seller online: Amazon is the one to look for if you prefer purchasing it online. Because it’s an online platform, you have many chances to be faced with counterfeiting. So a proper seller check before making a purchase is always a must.
  • Steer clear of malicious-looking websites: There are times when you can go to any lengths just to have a taste of your favorite product. So if your craving for vegemite has led you to some unknown website that charges you too much, you should avoid it.
  • Settle for alternatives: Sometimes, you might have no luck obtaining the item you’re searching for. This is when alternatives come in handy and are better than buying a dupe. Though not the same, you can always settle for Marmite.

Final Thought

Whether you love or hate vegemite, it never hurts to try and experience the flavors from all parts of the world.

The spread may be difficult to come by in the US or any other country.

But if you’re ever in Australia, definitely give vegemite a try.

And you might find the Aussies have a weird thing for a signature cultural food, but it’s manageable once you learn how to eat it right.

So don’t give up on this brown treat before you try it first-hand.

What Does Vegemite Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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