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Dive into Delicacy: What Does Wahoo Taste Like?

Whether you love to fish or not, the wahoo is definitely worth giving a shot at.

If you’re wondering what it tastes like, perhaps this post can help.

Wahoo is found abundantly in oceans around the world and is well-known for its strength and agility.

These attributes make this fish popular among anglers as it’s pretty challenging to catch.

In Hawaii, it’s commonly called ono, meaning “delicious,” and rightly so.

It’s a delicate fish known for its excellent taste.

Keep reading as we answer, “what does wahoo taste like”. In addition, we guide you on how to prepare and cook this fish.

What is Wahoo?

Wahoo is large fish found mainly in tropical and sub-tropical seas around the world.

It has an elongated body with a silvery pattern and small scales.

It belongs to the Scombridae family, the same as mackerels and tuna.

Hence, it’s not surprising that these fish taste similar to these types.

Wahoo usually feeds on squids and other fish.

Compared to other fish species, the wahoo’s lifecycle is shorter.

It’s a traveling fish which often travels in a small group or mostly alone.

This fish prefers to move solo, unlike other types.

It’s a fast-moving fish known for its powerful strength, making it an ideal game fish.

Because of this, it may lead to overfishing but has a high reproduction system.

So, there is less likelihood of this fish species being overfished.

What Does Wahoo Taste Like?

Wahoo is a mild yet sweet-tasting fish that is devoid of a fishy smell.

It’s a white meat fish with a firm texture and is often compared to veal or chicken.

You will also find its taste similar to tuna.

The taste may also vary depending on how you cook.

For instance, smoked wahoo tastes like a turkey.

Wahoo is not heavily flavored and doesn’t have a fishy smell.

Because of this, it has a broader appeal, catering even to a non-fish lover.

It doesn’t have a gamey flavor like king mackerel, which you’ll find in most of its family members.

It’s a versatile fish allowing you to cook in different ways, including poaching, baking, grilling, etc.

Even without marination, grilled wahoo tastes incredible.

You can also have it raw but ensure it’s fresh and cleaned well.

Wahoo is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

Its meat has low saturated fat and no cholesterol.

This fish will be an excellent addition to your diet if you plan to embark on a healthy diet.

However, like most fish species, it has mercury levels from moderate to high.

So, it would be better to have it in moderation, especially for pregnant women and children.

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), one serving of wahoo a month is recommended for children, while two servings for men and women.

It’s not a major issue, but it’s better to be aware to avoid unseen health complications.

If you have a weak immune system, be wary of the quantity you eat.

You can consult your physician if you have doubts.

How to Cook Wahoo?

Wahoo is known for its versatile taste allowing you to prepare it with different ingredients.

Its lean and firm texture makes it ideal for any cooking method, including poaching, grilling, broiling, etc.

Also, in whatever way you cook, avoid overcooking as it may lose flavor.

It’s a delicate meat and tends to cook fast.

Therefore, carefully monitor while cooking this fish.

Here is a simple guide to making grilled wahoo for beginners:


  • Two wahoo steaks.
  • Diced onions.
  • Butter.
  • Salt.
  • Dill sprigs.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Black pepper.
  • Salt.

Here’re how to cook it:

  • Take a medium pan to melt the butter.
  • Add 3 tbsp butter to the pan, which is sufficient for two wahoo steaks.
  • Once melted, put diced onions and cook for two minutes.
  • Don’t make it golden brown, but it should be translucent.
  • Add dill once the onion is done, and turn off the heat.
  • Season the fish steaks with pepper and salt.
  • You can put them in the pan for marination or in a resealable bag.
  • Let it marinate for twenty minutes. Preheat the grill to low-medium heat.
  • Once it’s hot enough, put marinated steaks on both sides and let them sear for two to three minutes.
  • Once it’s done, sprinkle lemon juice to give a refreshing taste and flavor.

How to Buy Wahoo?

Most of the local fish market sells wahoo as it’s found abundantly.

This fish is available all year round, but the peak season is from May to September.

It tastes best during these months.

So, if you like to enjoy the authentic taste of this fish, try to have it during these months.

Unlike mackerel or tuna, which is highly commercialized, the wahoo is more popular as a sport fish.

Some sports fishermen sell their catch too.

Or, you can catch it yourself if you’re into fishing.

It’s found in tropical waters all year round.

However, during summer, some wahoo migrates to subtropical waters.

People mostly fish them for recreational purposes.

It’s one of the world’s fastest and most powerful fishes, making it an ideal game fish.

You can put your fishing skill to the test with this fish.

Visit your nearest local fish market or supermarket to get this fish.

You can buy canned, frozen, or processed types online if it’s unavailable.

However, ensure that you get it from legitimate online stores.

Final Thought

Wahoo is a delicious and enriching fish despite its mild flavor.

It has a sweet undertone which enhances the taste more.

It doesn’t have a strong flavor which can be off-putting for some people, especially those who don’t like fish.

Most people don’t like fish because of the fishy smell.

However, wahoo doesn’t have a fishy smell.

Non-fish lovers can give it a shot with this one as it tastes incredible, sharing the same texture as veal or chicken.

It is also packed with nutrients and would be a healthy addition to your diet.

However, if you have health issues, have them in moderation.

What Does Wahoo Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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