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Unveil the Flavor: What Does Watermelon Radish Taste Like?

Despite its similar resemblance, watermelon radish doesn’t taste like watermelon.

This root vegetable has its lineage to Chinese daikon radish, and its sister includes turnips, arugula, and broccoli.

However, watermelon radish looks distinct from these vegetables, and none of these vegetables looks similar to this radish.

Radishes are known to have a bit of spiciness, and you may be thinking that watermelon radish shares the same aspects.

However, it doesn’t share a similar taste to other radishes although it’s crunchy and crisp.

Have you been wondering what watermelon radish tastes like? Unlike other radishes, this vegetable has a mild undertone with a peppery note.

What is Watermelon Radish?

what is watermelon radish

Watermelon radish is one of the variants of radish and is a root vegetable known for its distinct look.

It has a crisp, moist, and crunchy texture similar to jicama but gets tender when cooked.

It shares a similar look with watermelon as the interior of this vegetable has striated pink, looking like the fruit.

But root vegetable’s exterior looks like other radishes, which are white.

This radish is also known by multiple names, including beauty heart, red meat, and rose heart radishes.

This vegetable is available year-round, but it’s best to have it during winter and early spring.

Additionally, watermelon radish is bigger compared to regular ones.

You can use this radish for garnishing or as a salad.

What Does Watermelon Radish Taste Like?

what does watermelon radish taste like

If you have tasted radish, you’d know it has a spiciness to it or a zing feeling.

In contrast, watermelon radish is milder and has a peppery flavor.

Additionally, it’s sweet, making it an excellent ingredient to make salads.

This vegetable is juiciest when it’s eaten fresh.

So, have fresh watermelon radish if you like to enjoy it to the next level.

You can store this veggie in a refrigerator or vegetable basket.

But keeping it for long will make the radish go dry and lose its freshness.

Apart from salad, you can use this vegetable in soup or sauté it with other vegetables.

Additionally, you can use watermelon radish for pickling, and adding it to sandwiches enhances the taste and is a visual treat to your eye.

This root vegetable is known for its high intake of vitamins and is a rich source of fiber.

This radish offers various health benefits, including low cholesterol levels and maintaining blood pressure.

It contains high potassium, controlling blood pressure and keeping your body hydrated.

This radish is also a rich source of vitamin C known for strengthening your immune system.

Furthermore, it has a low-calorie value which is great if you’re on a diet as it helps remove unhealthy fat.

Include this vegetable in your meal routine for a healthy and balanced diet.

Sometimes it’s good to switch up your diet plan plus give your taste bud a new flavor.

And even better if this radish is available near your place as it’s hard to find in most vegetable stores.

Best Ways to Cook/Use Watermelon Radish

best ways to cookuse watermelon radish

Radishes, in general, are mainly used for making salads.

In Asian households, it is used for pickling and making stew or soup.

Watermelon radish has a mild and sweet flavor which is great for soup or making pickles.

And to make pickled watermelon radish is quite simple and easy.

You can serve the pickled radish with various dishes, including noodles, grilled meat, and sandwiches.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy watermelon radish:

  • Prepare a watermelon radish slaw and enjoy the crunchiness of this vegetable. You can also add other vegetables, including cabbage, cilantro, red onion, and bell pepper. Add mustard as a salad dressing to bring out the peppery flavor of this root vegetable.
  • We highly recommend pickled watermelon radish, and you can use it for garnishing chicken, tacos, or fish. .
  • Another excellent way to enjoy this vegetable is by roasting it in an oven. It may sound absurd, but we assure you that it tastes incredible. You have to slice the radish into cubes and sprinkle olive oil over it. Add pepper and salt and roast them at 350F-400F. You will love its rich flavor and crisp texture.


Watermelon radish is a delightful root vegetable known for its mild taste and peppery flavor.

It is also known to have an excellent nutritional value offering multiple health benefits.

Health enthusiasts can include this in their diet routine as it’s pretty beneficial in keeping your body fit.

By now, we assume that you’re aware of what watermelon radish tastes like.

If you like regular radish, then you will like this variant too.

It shares a similar texture and is crisp but less spicy.

Instead, it has a peppery flavor like black pepper.

Take a chance with this radish, and let us know your thoughts.

What Does Watermelon Radish Taste Like? Does Watermelon Radish Taste Good?

Curious about the taste of watermelon radish? Discover its unique flavor profile with a crisp and mildly peppery taste. Watermelon radish is not only visually appealing but also tastes refreshing, making it a delightful addition to salads or enjoyed on its own.
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