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Juicy Insights: What Does Watermelon Taste Like?

Hot summers call for sunbathing on a recliner and a slice of delicious watermelon.

It’s a delicious fruit that quenches your thirst under the scorching heat.

It’s a fruit that never goes unnoticed because of its luscious green color and weight that’s a little on the heavy side compared to other fruits.

A delicious watermelon is one that has a crispy and juicy crunch when you chew on it, with its watery goodness spilling through.

But what does watermelon taste like, exactly? In this article, we will explore what watermelon is, how to eat it and where you can buy the fruit.

Stay tuned for more if you want to read about the flavor profile of a watermelon.

What is Watermelon?

Watermelon is a fruit usually eaten as a summertime snack due to its subtle sweetness and low-calorie goodness.

It’s a great way to stay hydrated and also consume your essential minerals and vitamins.

It hails from the family of Cucurbitaceae, right next to its cousins: honeydew, cantaloupe, and cucumber.

There are different types of watermelons, ranging from small to big, seed to seedless, colored red inside, and even orange.

It’s an iconic summer fruit with a striped green appearance on the outside, a light, luscious pink bark, and dark seeds that bejewel it all around.

The fruity, cucumber-like taste makes it stand out from all the African native flowering Cucurbitaceae family.

It’s a distinct melon fruit with a lot of water content, but it is not super sweet.

It has a blend of tastes that we will discuss further in the article.

What Does Watermelon Taste Like?

Watermelon is a fruit that has a unique profile when it comes to taste.

It’s a mixture of sweet, sour as well as bitter.

When you feel the heat of the sun getting to you, you cut open a watermelon and take a slice.

One bite, and this is when your mouth is hit with a bitter punch that’s followed by sour and sweet flavors.

Usually, when you’re close to the rind, that’s when the evident bitterness arrives and is the least sweet and juicy part of the fruit.

The flavors that can catch your tongue’s eye would be the sweet notes with a tinge of sourness that blends with each fleshy bite.

Watermelons are filled with high levels of water (92%) and sugar content, so if the watermelon you picked is sweet, then the sweetness will surely be noticeable.

However, if you’ve left it for a while in the fridge or if you consume it before it ripens, it’s usually bitter or sour.

There are various types of watermelons, and they all have different tastes and textures.

While red watermelons have a sweet and fruity flesh taste, yellow ones are much sweeter with slight honey tones.

There are black watermelons, too, that have a crisp and delightful taste and texture that is best made into juice.

It’s not just a tasty fruit but also a beneficial fruit when you’re thirsty, so many people enjoy it during summertime.

Due to its high levels of water, nutrients such as vitamins C & A, citrulline, lycopene, and so on can be found.

Owing to these, it’s a fruit that can improve the heart’s health and decrease soreness in muscles as well as inflammation within the body.

How to Eat and Serve Watermelon?

Did you think watermelon could only be served on its own? Well, fortunately, you’re mistaken because you can eat watermelons in many ways.

Some people like it sweet, but others like a hint of saltiness or even spiciness added.

You can boil the watermelon and simmer it in a pot until it’s become a thick and clear paste.

Add a sweetener to enhance the flavor, and enjoy your watermelon jelly.

Perhaps you like chili and fruit together? You can combine these two together and not fear that you’re going wrong.

The subtle sweetness of the watermelon and the chili’s smokiness blend together so well.

If you want a simple but not-so-sweet watermelon dish, just sprinkle some salt on top of some diced watermelon.

This enhances the flavoring of the watermelon chunks and gives you a refreshing boost of sweetness and salty.

Watermelon can actually be eaten with cinnamon too.

The warmth of the cinnamon will give the watermelon a bitter but generally sweet taste.

It does not overpower any flavor.

It smoothly combines to give you a brief exotic glance into the native African lands and their food.

How to Buy Watermelon?

If you’ve never used online markets to buy your groceries, then you should.

It’s a highly convenient space that allows you to find anything within your budget that suits your needs.

In digital markets such as Amazon, you can find watermelons or even buy your own seeds to plant them in your garden.

However, if you’re used to good old fashion shopping where you purchase fruits and veggies at the farmers’ market, then watermelons won’t be hard to miss.

They’re big and green, so they will not go unnoticed if you pass by a seller who has watermelons in their store.

You can even visit your nearest grocery store and check out their seasonal produce aisle.

You may not find these fruits during the winter, but during summertime, they are widely available.

Grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s as well as Whole Foods will always have a huge green ball of fruit that’s red inside.

If you’re buying the fruit from a local seller, be sure to check the color of the exterior.

It’s usually striped but can also be plain, but it always has a pine green hue that indicates that it is ripe.

If you see any white, black, or moldy areas, it’s best to leave them alone and head to another store to find your ripened watermelon.


As we have discussed what the taste of watermelon is like, we have come to an end.

Although there are various types of watermelons that you can choose from, the common red-green watermelon is always a good way to go if you’re a first-timer.

You can find out where to purchase one and head there.

Get a glimpse into the refreshing world of watermelons and dive into the sweet, hydrating water content within them.

Try out all the ways to eat watermelon and pick what you like best.

Once you find your favorite, it’s easy to have yourself a green and healthy pal right beside you during summer.

What Does Watermelon Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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