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Where to Buy Miso and Find it in the Grocery Store?

We have conducted a comprehensive search on where to buy red miso paste in the grocery store, and after analyzing the top-ranking search results, we have put together this guide to help you find the best red miso paste near you.

Red miso paste is a flavorful, salty paste made from soybeans and fermented with a type of mold called koji.

It is commonly used in Japanese cooking to add depth and richness to soups, marinades, and sauces.

Red miso paste has a longer fermentation time than other miso pastes, resulting in a stronger, bolder flavor.

What’s Red Miso Paste?

Red miso paste is a versatile condiment made from fermenting a mixture of soybeans and rice, or barley, with a unique flavor profile.

It was originally developed in Japan and has become increasingly popular throughout the world.

The fermentation process to make red miso takes approximately six months, but the results can be worth it given its complexity of flavors.

Red Miso Paste offers nutty overtones that give savory and umami-rich tastes to your recipes, such as marinades, soups, and sauces.

To utilize its specialty in your dishes, just mix it into liquid ingredients such as broth or water, as it easily dissolves in liquids.

Beyond its culinary uses, red miso paste is also known for health benefits such as helping digestion and even boosting immunity – making it an ideal choice for adding flavor to meals while staying healthy.

Where to Buy Red Miso Paste in the Grocery Store?

There’s no doubt that finding the best red miso paste can be a challenge.

With so many brands on the market and different varieties of miso pastes, it’s important to know where to look and what to look for when selecting one.

To make your search easier, we have put together this list of grocery stores where you can find red miso paste:

  • Local Grocery Stores: Red miso paste can often be found in the international food aisle or in the refrigerated section near the tofu. You can check your local grocery store to see if they carry red miso paste. Stores like Safeway, Sobeys, Kroger, and Walmart often have them stocked in these areas. However, it is recommended to call ahead to check availability.
  • Online Retailers: If you can’t find red miso paste in your local grocery store, consider purchasing it online. Websites like Amazon offer a wide variety of red miso paste, and many Japanese miso brands ship worldwide.
  • Asian Grocery Stores: Miso paste is typically found in Asian grocery stores, refrigerated in plastic jars or tubes. Look around the section where refrigerated tofu is stored. There are many different types of miso paste, including red miso paste. You can find Asian grocery stores in your area through a quick Google search.
  • Specialty Food Stores: You can also try specialty food stores or health food stores in your area. They may carry a wider variety of miso paste, including red miso paste.

How to Choose the Best Red Miso Paste?

When it comes to choosing the right red miso paste, can be perplexing.

Picking the best paste means taking into account color, flavor, ingredients, and fermentation.

Color is a good indication of sweetness, as darker pastes tend to have more sugar in them, while lighter-colored pastes are generally saltier.

Flavor also ties into color due to the sugar content – if there is an unpleasant bitterness, that’s an indication of too much sugar.

And you should always take a close look at the ingredients list on any miso paste you consider; the fewer additives included, the better quality it will be.

When it comes to fermentation time, longer is usually better – red miso ferments for around six months or longer before being ready for purchase.

Keeping these factors in mind should help even novice-level shoppers find the perfect red miso paste.


In conclusion, there are several places where you can buy red miso paste in the grocery store, including local grocery stores, online retailers, Asian grocery stores, and specialty food stores.

When choosing the best red miso paste, it’s important to consider factors such as color, flavor, ingredients, and fermentation.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect red miso paste for your culinary needs.

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