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What Does White Mocha Taste Like? Does White Mocha Taste Good?

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What can be better than the combined flavors of coffee and white chocolate syrup? Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about white mocha, the yummy drink that none can resist.

If you haven’t tasted it yet, you are missing an incredible item ever invented.

But not to worry because white mocha is available in many places now, and you can also make it at home.

Since it contains chocolate of the white variety, you can guess its flavor.

But it’s mixed with a shot of espresso, and so the question of what does white mocha taste like remains.

We will know soon as we continue reading, so don’t go anywhere.

What is White Mocha?

what is white mocha

It’s a drink that has steamed milk combined with white chocolate sauce/syrup and shots of espresso.

White mocha is a popular drink, and currently, many brands make the beverage.

While the base ingredients remain the same, the technique to make the drink varies.

The exact quantity of ingredients also differs from one brand to another.

Hence, you will find that the flavors of each company differ from one to the other.

Some varieties may also contain additional ingredients for aroma and extra flavors.

Besides the main ingredients, vanilla-flavored whipped cream is a popular topping.

You can drink white mocha hot or cold according to your preference.

Either is delicious, and you can’t get it enough.

White mocha rates relatively high with fans as it got 4.

5 out of five stars in a recent poll online.

The beverage is famous only because it’s extraordinary, so let’s see how it tastes.

What Does White Mocha Taste Like?

what does white mocha taste like

White mocha is the answer if you want to enjoy a delicious coffee drink.

It is fresh, yummy, rich, and addictive.

You will definitely want to taste it again if you try it once.

We now know that the beverage is quite tasty, but in what way.

We believe you’re curious to know too.

White mocha tastes similar to regular mocha but without the chocolatey flavor as it uses only white chocolate sauce.

It may also taste a little like a latte but sweeter.

The beverage is creamy, sweet with a vanilla-coffee taste.

The combination of the three ingredients brings out the flavor of each item without any of them overpowering the other.

The coffee balances the flavor and takes down the sweetness a notch.

You can also get a toasted white mocha, a peppermint white mocha, and other varieties.

Whether cold or hot, the beverages are yummy and satisfying.

  • Nutritional Value of White Mocha.

A 16 fl.oz (486g) serving size of white mocha from Starbucks has 430 calories with 150mg caffeine, 15g protein, 18g total fats, 54g carbs, 50mg cholesterol, and 250mg sodium.

On the other hand, a 406g serving of mocha has 359 calories with 2.5mg caffeine, 13g protein, 13g total fats, 47g carbs, 48mg cholesterol, and 207mg sodium.

An 8 fl.oz (236.588g) white chocolate mocha (short) from Starbucks has 230 calories, 7g protein, 27g carbs, and 11g fat.

The calorie breakdown: 42% fat, 46% carbs, 12% protein.

While it is delicious, white mocha isn’t that healthy because it has white chocolate.

It has mostly sugar and fat.

So, you should only consume it occasionally and eat white chocolate in small amounts.

How to Serve White Mocha?

how to serve white mocha

Typically, you serve white mocha or mocha hot because they can warm you nicely and are delightful on cold winter days.

So, it’s best to serve the beverage hot.

However, chefs and companies are creative, and they come up with new ideas to serve different drinks, including white mocha.

So now you can serve white mocha cold also.

Several companies make drinks that you can consume cold, like the iced white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.

The brands make them pretty tasty, so they are quite popular.

You can also make hot and iced white mocha at home using just a handful of ingredients.

Here is an easy way to make white mocha at home.

Step 1: Take 115g or 4 oz white chocolate, break it into small pieces, and put it into a stove and microwave-safe utensil (bowl or pan).

Step 2: Pour 350ml or 12 ounces of milk over the chocolate and heat it in the microwave for ninety seconds.

You can also heat it over the stove on low but stir the mixture continuously.

Step 3: When it starts steaming, pour 250ml or 8 oz espresso coffee into the mixture and keep stirring.

Step 4: When the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, pour into two mugs equally and add whipped cream on top.

You can also shave the chocolate with a veg peeler and sprinkle it on top.

If you love it cold, let the white mocha chill and add ice cubes when you are ready to drink.


It’s a yummy beverage, no doubt, and perfect for those who love sweet foods.

You also get to choose from among several varieties.

However, it’s not a healthy drink, so limit your intake even if you love it.

Enjoy it occasionally just to satisfy your cravings.

You can instead turn to healthier beverages that are similar to white mocha and maintain a balance.

What Does White Mocha Taste Like? Does White Mocha Taste Good?

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