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What to Serve with Whole Lobster? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Are you considering serving whole lobster at dinner or on a special occasion? If so, it’s going to be an exciting meal.

But what about side dishes? You can’t eat only a single item, like lobster, even if it’s excellent.

Whole lobster is delicious and versatile, so you can enjoy many sweet and healthy seafood items.

Don’t search elsewhere if you’re looking for ideas on what to serve with a whole lobster.

Below, we’ll list the ten best dishes you can serve with the lobster, including Caesar salad, boiled corn on the cob, Parmesan risotto, and zucchini fries.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Whole Lobster?

You can eat whole lobster on its own, but it’s impractical to consume any food in large portions.

If you wish to satisfy your hunger and stay full, you must include some side dishes.

Lobster is expensive, so if you serve it at an event, you’ll have to spend a lot of money if you invite many people.

Side dishes will be necessary to ensure you have plenty of food for the occasion.

Lobster is delicious, but eating a single dish can’t be fun.

It’s more enjoyable to have at least a handful of items alongside.

What to Serve with Whole Lobster? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Here are the dishes you can serve and enjoy with a whole lobster.

1 – Gazpacho with Red Pepper

Let’s begin the list with a delicious and refreshing dish, usually served cold.

Gazpacho is a cold soup and drink made of raw, blended vegetables that originated in Spain and Portugal but is now widespread in many places.

It goes well with various items, including whole lobster.

Gazpacho is a summertime favorite since it’s refreshing.

But you can serve it anytime and with any food that it complements.

Besides the usual ingredients, adding a few items to the dish for a change will be fun.

Red pepper will be an excellent addition to the gazpacho.

But the seeds are bitter so remove them before making the dish.

2 – Parmesan Risotto

A filling dish like risotto also makes a good pairing with lobster.

Combined, you’ll have a meal that can satisfy your hunger and delight your senses.

Risotto is a creamy dish that can contain different ingredients besides rice.

While all variants are equally delicious, the taste can vary depending on the items included.

Arborio rice is the variety traditionally used in making risotto.

It’s named after the area in Italy where it was originally cultivated.

Risotto with Parmesan cheese is a variant that’s delicious and compatible with a whole lobster.

3 – Mixed Fresh Salad

Salad is another suitable dish you can serve with lobster.

It provides a fresh element and balances the meal, and keeps you from feeling overloaded.

When you have salad as a side dish on the list, you have plenty of room to work with because there are many veggies and herbs to choose from.

Most combos work, so you don’t have to search too hard for ingredients.

Cucumber, tomato, and carrot are great for a fresh salad.

Onion, parsley, cabbage, and bell pepper are also suitable.

You can add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for a slightly tangy flavor.

4 – Boiled Corn on the Cob

Juicy and sweet corn is also a versatile ingredient you can use to make a side dish with whole lobster.

Grilled corn is popular for most occasions, but boiled corn is equally delicious.

Thus, you can add this dish to your menu.

Making boiled corn on the cob is also simple, as you can add various ingredients according to your preference.

The dish can be simple with you adding only some butter.

Or, you can also add other items such as black pepper, milk, sugar, etc.

Corn tastes best when fresh.

So, you must try to purchase the freshest ones.

A fresh corn must have silky and golden tassels, be firm, and feel heavier than their appearance.

5 – Clam Chowder

Different types of seafood work together well, so add at least one or two side dishes alongside whole lobster.

Clam chowder is a popular dish typically eaten with saltine crackers.

But it also complements lobster and other seafood.

Hence, it will make a great pairing with lobster, and you’ll have a hit combination on your menu.

Clam chowder is a hearty dish that will fill your belly and delight you.

While clams are the base ingredient for the dish, you can add several other ingredients like onion, salt pork and potatoes.

Chicken, herbs, bacon, and carrots are other items which you can ad.

The choice is endless as clams are versatile and taste good with most items.

6 – Caesar Salad

The salad’s name is Italian, but it didn’t originate there.

Caesar salad instead originated in Mexico, and it’s named after the person who invented it.

It’s a dish that complements the whole lobster and refreshes your palate.

Caesar salad contains plenty of ingredients but making the dish is simple.

Croutons and romaine lettuce are the two base ingredients for the dish.

Other items include cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg, and Worcestershire sauce.

The salad tastes best with fresh veggies.

Hence when you buy leafy greens, choose bright-green lettuce with minimal brown coloring.

If you aren’t planning on using the greens immediately, wrap them in paper napkins.

7 – Zucchini Fries

Veggie fries also match well with lobster.

The seafood tastes good with any vegetable, so you can choose whichever you prefer or is available.

Zucchini is one of the veggies that you can make yummy fries with.

Making zucchini fries isn’t difficult as you must follow the same steps as other vegetables.

You must follow the coat, dip, coat, and fry method using three mixtures.

Zucchini can get bitter if left to grow older.

Besides, bigger zucchini isn’t that good, so choose smaller veggies that are plump and firm without blemishes.

8 – Air Fryer Green Beans

Are you worried about too much oil in your food? Cooking your meals in an air fryer can be helpful.

It’s convenient, and you don’t have to use much oil to make food delicious.

How about some green beans in an air fryer? The veggies cook perfectly, and they match the whole lobster quite well.

The beans also cook fast, so you can cook several batches if you invite many guests.

You won’t need too many ingredients to make green beans in an air fryer.

A little bit of sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, garlic, and red pepper flakes will give you a dish with Asian flavors.

You can also make the dish with olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper if you want a taste other than Asian.

9 – Hasselback Butternut Squash

The list of side dishes has so much variety, so we’re adding one more to make it even more fun.

Hasselback butternut squash is another dish you can add to the list.

It’s uncommon but is flavorful and makes a nice pairing with a whole lobster.

The dish looks appealing, and you may even think it’s complex.

But it’s the opposite because it’s simple to make hasselback butternut squash.

You’ll also need only a few ingredients, but the squash will taste incredible.

Butternut squash is a winter vegetable that can stay fresh for an extended period if stored properly.

However, it’s best to cook and consume the veggie at the earliest for the best results.

10 – Ranch Potato Salad

We have finally arrived at the end of the list, and we’ll go out with a bang by adding one of the most popular spuds dishes; the ranch potato salad.

It’s filling and delicious, and it matches lobster.

Ranch potato salad is similar to classic potato salad but with a ranch dressing.

It also contains buttermilk, sour cream, cheese, and bacon.

But there isn’t any strict rule to add or avoid all these ingredients, so you can use them according to availability.

Red, new, or fingerling potatoes are most suited for making the salad as they can hold their shape very well.

However, if these aren’t available, Yukon Gold will also work nicely.


Enjoy your whole lobster with the ten dishes mentioned above.

All are different, but they make a good pairing with the lobster, so you’ll have a lovely combo with each one.

Serve more or fewer items depending on the occasion.

If you’re hosting a big party, make and serve at least 4-5 items and go with less if it’s a small gathering.

You must also serve different dishes each occasion, so it doesn’t get boring.

Else, the meal won’t taste too exciting if you happen to serve only the same items.

What to Serve with Whole Lobster? 10 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Gazpacho with Red Pepper
  • Parmesan Risotto
  • Mixed Fresh Salad
  • Boiled Corn on the Cob
  • Clam Chowder
  • Caesar Salad
  • Zucchini Fries
  • Air Fryer Green Beans
  • Hasselback Butternut Squash
  • Ranch Potato Salad


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