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Crispy and Delicious: What Do Yuca Fries Taste Like?

Ever since the lockdown hit, home cooks have been getting pretty creative in the kitchen.

With restaurants closed and limited access to grocery store staples, people are looking for ways to get their favorite foods at home.

The classic potato fries that were once a staple in every home have now been replaced by their healthier cousin– yuca fries.

So, what do yuca fries taste like, and how do they compare to regular potato fries? Are they worth trying?

Well, looking at how people around the world are raving about them, we think they just might be.

Scroll down to learn everything about yuca fries, from what they taste like to how to cook them.

What are Yuca Fries?

what are yuca fries

Yuca or cassava is a starchy root vegetable native to South America.

It’s a staple food in several parts of the world, including Caribbean and Latin American cuisines.

Yuca has white flesh with a brown, bark-like exterior.

When cooked, its texture turns soft and fluffy with a slightly sweet flavor.

Yuca fries, also known as cassava fries, are a type of snack made from raw cassava root.

The root is peeled, cut into long strips, and then fried or baked with desired herbs and spices.

Although yuca fries look much like your regular potato fries, they’re considered a healthier alternative.

That’s because cassava is a low-glycemic food, which doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels.

In contrast, cassava does contain more carbs and calories than potatoes.

However, they’re also higher in protein and contain no fat.

Thus, yuca fries are generally the go-to option for people who lead an active life.

What Do Yuca Fries Taste Like?

what do yuca fries taste like

Yuca fries have a nutty flavor with a sweet undertone.

They are sometimes referred to as cassava fries and taste like French fries.

Both have a similar appearance and texture, but the difference lies in their health benefits.

The taste of yuca fries is almost like an upgraded version of French fries; they have more flavor, a firmer texture, and feel amazing in your mouth.

If you add yuca fries to your diet, you will receive a good amount of carbs and fiber and have no digestive issues because they are gluten-free.

When compared to the much similar potatoes, yuca has better benefits.

As mentioned before, they have a comparatively higher amount of calories, fiber, and carbs but lower sugar, so they are an athlete’s best friend.

One significant benefit of eating yuca fires is that its low GI content makes it a healthy snack for those with diabetes.

The fries also have zero cholesterol, making the fries so much more beneficial than similar alternatives.

If you like French fries but are doubtful about what it does to your health, you can opt for yuca fries instead.

It is a small change but one that will give back immensely.

Also, choosing healthier cooking methods is the best way to achieve the most out of your meals while rewarding your palate with delicious food.

Because eating healthy means doing all you can to choose the better option, reducing oil intake is a big step in achieving your health goals.

How to Prepare and Eat Yuca Fries?

how to prepare and eat yuca fries

Preparing yuca fries is easy and eating them is even easier.

First, parboil the yuca and cut them into wedges.

Then, coat them with olive oil, paprika, and any other seasonings of your choice, and deep-fry or bake them until cooked and golden.

Cooking yuca fries can be easy and tricky, so below are some of the best ways to make the fries even better:

  • Get rid of the yuca skin: One thing you should never skip out on while preparing yuca fries is to never cook them with skin on. The skin contains compounds that produce cyanide and is better off discarded.
  • Use seasonings to your advantage: One way to make your yuca fries taste their best is to not rely on simple seasonings alone. You must go all out and add complimenting spices and herbs to enhance the taste.
  • Consider alternatives to deep-frying: Deep-frying can hinder the nutrients of any food and make it unhealthy. So, you can choose to use an air fryer or bake the fries to keep your meal healthy.

One thing you need to remember while preparing yuca fries is to see if you’re allergic to latex.

People with such sensitivity may experience allergic reactions when consuming yuca.

Final Thought

Yuca fries are like the starchier, chewier, and healthier version of French fries.

Since they’re so similar, you now have something to serve when you’re out of potatoes.

The next time you try making these fries, be sure to follow all the cooking tips.

And no matter how challenging or effortless, side dishes make meals fun and complete.

So, whether you eat them at a store or make them at home, pair them with something savory, and you’ll have the best yuca fries you’ve ever had.

What Do Yuca Fries Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

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