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What Does Zebra Taste Like? Can You Eat Zebra?

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No meat is terrible meat for those who like to taste exotic food, whether it’s a domestic or wild animal.

So, like us, you must also be curious to know about zebra meat.

For those wondering, yes, this lovely creature’s flesh is edible, though not widely eaten as deer or other game.

Zebra looks a lot like a horse in shape and size, but in appearance, it’s different.

It’s one of the unique creatures on earth with its distinct shades.

The similarity with horses is only superficial when you look closely.

So, we now know that zebra meat is edible, and this leads us to think, what does zebra taste like? Does it taste similar to other meat? We will know it quite soon, so carry on reading.

What is Zebra?

what is zebra

A zebra is an African animal with prominent black-and-white stripped coats.

At present, there are three species called the mountain zebra, plains zebra, and Grévy’s zebra.

The beautiful creature is slightly related to horses and asses.

Zebras are herbivorous and preyed by carnivores like lions, crocodiles, and cheetahs.

They can live without water for several days but frequently drink when there is plenty of water.

Humans have also been hunting zebras for meat and hide for a long time.

Hence, most live in protected forests and sanctuaries.

It’s illegal to hunt zebras in most places.

However, few sites in Africa allow enthusiasts to hunt two types; the plains and mountain zebra.

You can hunt only in those areas where hunting is legalized.

Else, you will be arrested, fined, or jailed according to the law of a particular country.

The hunting season opens a few times a year, so if you are an enthusiast, you can book a spot in advance.

What Does Zebra Taste Like?

what does zebra taste like

We learned that zebra meat is edible, and it’s legal to hunt it in some places.

Next, we will find out what it tastes like.

Those who have tasted zebra say that it’s one of the tastiest game meats they have ever eaten.

So, from this, we can understand that it’s delicious.

While you can’t eat live zebra, its meat is edible, and it has a sweet and gamey taste.

Most people who have tasted it says the same.

Some people even say that it’s “sweeter than beef” especially when the cut of meat is from Burchell zebra’s hind legs.

It’s the only breed that you can rear for meat.

You can obviously cook zebra meat in ways that you cook other flesh.

However, like other wild meat, it’s quite lean.

So, the best way to cook it is in thin stripes over a hot stone.

For some, a medium-rare steak tastes best if it has a perfect marbling and you even cut it like butter.

However, everyone prefers it differently, so you may like it another way.

  • Nutritional Value of Zebra.

Zebra, like other wildlife, is lean and low on fat.

A 100g slide of zebra steak has about 175 calories, 28g protein, 0.

5g saturated fat, and 68mg cholesterol.

A 100g serving of beef steak has about 252 calories, 27.

29g protein, 5.

87 saturated fat, and 82mg cholesterol.

It’s not advisable to eat zebra meat frequently as it can upset your stomach.

Consume in moderate quantities and occasionally.

Why Do People Eat Zebra Meat? Is Zebra Meat illegal?

why do people eat zebra meat is zebra meat illegal

Zebras are protected animals in most areas of the world.

You will be arrested for selling or buying its meat, fined, or jailed.

However, it’s legal to buy, sell and eat it in other places.

But it can be illegal to hunt and kill zebras where it’s legal to buy, sell and eat.

Different countries have different laws and rules.

Hence, if you’re interested in any activity related to zebras, it’s best to read the laws of a specific country before indulging, or you will get in trouble.

Some markets also sell exotic foods, including zebra meat, legally.

These places may not be in your country, but they may deliver to your address.

Even though it’s generally illegal to hunt, kill, buy, sell and eat zebra meat, it doesn’t stop enthusiasts from trying it out.

People primarily consume it because they are curious, and they want to know what zebra meat tastes like.

Some others also eat it because they want to try the meat of every edible creature in the world and to keep a record.

While many others eat it for health purposes as it is lean meat compared to domesticated animals.

It’s low in fat but rich in minerals and even omega-3 fatty acids.


Now that you know its taste and the right way to cook it, you can look for zebra meat.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t find it.

Have patience, and you will soon find it somewhere.

If you are keen on hunting, you can also check out places where they allow hunting.

However, be prepared to spend a lot of money whether you go hunting or buy it from an exotic market.

Since it’s not readily available, it’s pretty expensive and can make a dent in your bank account.

But of course, if it doesn’t bother you, then keep looking and enjoy it whenever you get the chance.

What Does Zebra Taste Like? Can You Eat Zebra?

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