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What Does Acai Bowl Taste Like? Does Acai Bowl Taste Good?

Based on acai, the acai bowl is one of the most popular recipes in Brazil – it provides a quick and refreshing snack without overwhelming you with calories.

It takes minutes to prepare an acai bowl, but then, is it for everyone? Of course not.

Different people have different tastes and preferences – if you have never had an acai bowl before, it pays off knowing what to expect upfront.

So, what does acai bowl taste like? Whether you buy it from commerce or you make it yourself, here is everything you need to know to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

What is Acai Bowl?

what is acai bowl

The acai bowl tastes like acai.

Basically, the bowl consists of acai berries.

They are mostly grown in South American rainforests.

Acai berries are similar to blueberries and grapes, but with a catch – about three thirds of the fruit is the actual seed, so there is not much left in the pulp.

However, the pulp is where the taste is.

Acai berries are rich in antioxidants – better than strawberries, blueberries and other types of berries.

Moreover, they help with weight loss and can prevent cancer.

Now, you can have acai berries alone.

If you live in a South American country or you can find them in a local grocery store, then can be eaten alone – get rid of the seed and enjoy the nutritious pulp.

The acai bowl, on the other hand, takes more time to prepare and changes the texture a little.

To prepare it, you need more acai berries without their seeds.

Blend them together and turn them into a smoothie or a paste.

That being said, most people enhance the acai bowl with other fruits or seeds too.

What Does Acai Bowl Taste Like?

what does acai bowl taste like

The acai bowl has an earthy aroma – way more intense when compared to other berries.

It might feel a bit tart, but you can also taste pomegranate and raspberry in its aroma.

It is relatively acidic, so it works well when combined with sweeter fruits – or perhaps honey.

From other points of view, the acai bowl could be described as a middle choice between raspberries and blackberries, with a slight hint of chocolate.

It is the earthy aftertaste that leaves the chocolate aroma behind.

Polyphenols could be the cause – also available in cocoa.

They work as antioxidants too, so they boost the immune system.

Ask more people about the taste of acai bowl and you will get different answers.

Some people will describe the taste and aroma to be rich.

Others will claim it tastes a bit grainy – maybe like dirt.

If you are not from a South American country, you could describe it as tropical and exotic.

Since it is based on fruits, the acai bowl could also be quite refreshing – those with a sweet tooth may find it slightly bitter though.

Since you are less likely to eat it plain, chances are other fruits or ingredients in the acai bowl will also change its aroma and taste.

How to Prepare and Serve Acai Bowl?

how to prepare and serve acai bowl

The acai bowl can be prepared in a plethora of different ways.

The original recipe is simple and straightforward though, but most people bring in extra ingredients.

Generally speaking, you need to remove the seeds.

This is the most important precaution because it can ruin the blender or even break your teeth.

Once all the seeds are removed, throw all the remaining pulp into a blender and go for it.

You will come up with a thick paste – that is your acai bowl.

You can have it as it is for a tasty dish, but you can make it more fulfilling with other ingredients.

According to Huffington Post, extra fruits on top will add to the sweetness.

You can also mix in some oats for a fulfilling result, not to mention rice or nuts and seeds.

The general idea is to keep the dish refreshing.

The acai bowl is meant to be natural and delicious, so stick to other fruits or ingredients that can be mixed in without requiring cooking.

In terms of other precautions, you should avoid eating too many acai berries – or a huge acai bowl – if you are not used to these fruits because they can cause upset stomach.


As a short final conclusion, describing the taste of an acai bowl is difficult because it depends on how used you are to acai berries.

Those who have never had an acai bowl before can describe it in different ways – sweet, grainy, rich, refreshing, bitter and so on.

It depends on how you feel it.

Since most people mix in other ingredients too, each recipe has a completely different taste.

If you are not sure about it, taste a few acai berries first and see how they feel like.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Does Acai Bowl Taste Like? Does Acai Bowl Taste Good?

What Does Acai Bowl Taste Like? Does Acai Bowl Taste Good?


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