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Discover Australian Outback: What Does Kangaroo Taste Like?

Ever wondered what the national dish of Australia is? Kangaroo meat.

This answer might surprise some people since it’s an exotic meat than conventional meat.

This exotic meat is a popular delicacy in Australia but is relatively unknown in other parts of the world.

If you’re a food enthusiast, you would probably want to give it a shot.

Since it’s edible, why not give it a try? If you’re curious to know what does kangaroo taste like, this post will have it covered.

We’ll unravel its taste profile, textures and how to prepare it.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is Kangaroo?

Kangaroos are herbivore animals, which means their diet consists of flowers, grasses, barks, and fruits.

They are known as marsupials, meaning it carries newborns in their lower abdomen or belly.

Their hind legs are massive, which helps in jumping high.

Kangaroos are native to Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea.

In Australia, Kangaroo meat is widespread and found easily in the market.

This wild meat is also exported to over sixty countries.

Kangaroo has different species, of which four are harvested to export to other countries.

These include:

  • Common Wallaroo.
  • Red Grey.
  • Eastern Grey.
  • Western Grey.

Breeding is similar to rabbits, who are left alone to freely graze the plants or grass around them.

In 1980, it was made legal in South Australia.

Ever since its legalization, Kangaroo meat has become a staple in the country.

What Does Kangaroo Taste Like?

Most people compare Kangaroo meat to venison, lamb and beef.

It is gamey and has a strong flavour with an earthy undertone.

The taste may also vary depending on how you cook it and its ingredients.

The gamey taste is predominant in wild meat that feeds mainly on plants.

So, expect the gaminess in Kangaroo meat too.

Compared to beef, Kangaroo meat has low-fat content and is leaner.

It’s considered red meat and has a pungent smell.

The aftertaste of this meat gives a note of sweetness and is slightly bitter.

Additionally, it has a sharp flavour and is meaty.

Beef would be the closest one when it comes to taste.

With appropriate ingredients and preparation, this wild meat is quite a delight to have.

Some may like its bold flavour while offsetting for some people.

The taste is subjective but is worth giving a shot at regardless.

Note that this wild meat may not be legal in some countries like the United States.

It would be better to do proper research if you plan to have it.

Kangaroo meat is also very nutritious. It’s packed with zinc, iron and protein.

Unlike other meat, it’s a good source of omega-3, which is mainly present in fish.

Additionally, it’s rich in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), a fatty acid which prevents cancer and helps in weight loss.

We may say it’s healthier than beef and would be a better alternative.

It may contain parasites but is safe to eat when cooked properly.

How to Cook and Serve Kangaroo?

You may prepare kangaroo meat in different ways like any regular meat.

If you plan to make it yourself, ensure that the meat is fresh and cleaned correctly before starting the cooking process.

Most people make steak out of it, and best when it’s medium-rare.

Compared to venison, the meat is tender if cooked correctly.

Since this wild meat is lean, we suggest cooking it at a high temperature.

Avoid overcooking as it tends to dry fast due to lower fat content.

Undercooked kangaroo meat gets chewy, while overcooked ones get dry and tough.

Be wary of this while preparing it at home.

These are some of the popular ways to have Kangaroo meat:

  • Kanga Bangas: Also known as Kangaroo sausages, it is a banger at BBQ parties. It’s leaner and better than pork.
  • Kangaroo mince: You may use it as a beef substitute. It has low-fat content making it ideal for making burgers or lasagna. .
  • Kangaroo steak: Prepare steak to medium rare or cut it into chunks to make a stew or slow-cooked curry. .

Here are some methods to cook this wild meat:

  • Soup: Prepare nutritious and delicious soup out of its leg bone broth. Topped it off with croutons to give a nice crunch. You may improvise it too by adding other ingredients.
  • Open flame grilling: This method is also quite popular but before grilling, let the meat sit in milk for four hours. Since it’s low-fat, doing this will prevent drying.


Kangaroo meat is edible and pretty nutritious.

If it’s legal to have in your country, it’s worth giving a shot.

This wild meat and beef shares similar taste but are leaner and richer in flavour.

It’s entirely on you whether to have it or not.

If you plan to give it a shot, ensure it’s appropriately cooked to get its authentic taste.

What Does Kangaroo Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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