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Américas River Oaks – South American Restaurant

Address: 2040 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019, United States

One of Houston’s top restaurants, Américas River Oaks, is closed now.

The restaurant announced to its guests that it was closed.

This popular South American restaurant will be missed. It’s sad to see them go, but we understand why they had to make this decision.


Churrascos Restaurant Groups’ Américas is a dynamic Latin-American dining experience. The restaurant serves cuisines from several countries throughout Latin America, but it specializes in cuisines from Argentina and Mexico.

The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, such as corn tamales with roasted poblano crema and cotija cheese, crispy Yucatán white shrimp tacos served on flour tortillas with black bean purée and pickled red onions, and grilled empanadas filled with smoked chicken, corn, black beans, sweet peppers, and onions.

The menu also features a variety of grilled meats cooked over an open flame. Depending on the meat type, each dish can be accompanied by a sauce like chimichurri or salsa Criolla.

In addition to the food, Américas also offers a variety of drinks. These include the national margarita from Mexico and pisco sours from Peru, and wines from Argentina and Chile.


Americas’ overall accessibility is excellent, with great facilities for chair users. There are no major issues that would significantly alter the dining experience. Only a problem with crowds during peak eating hours or weekend evenings would be there, and very few with this restaurant.

Américas River Oaks has a total of 70 parking spots for guests, which is enough to accommodate all potential patrons.

Americas is one of Houston’s best South American restaurants, with exceptional accessibility and delicious food. This is undoubtedly your place to go for social gatherings or a special occasion.

Closure Details

We regret to say that Américas River Oaks is closed permanently.

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