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What Does Butter Lettuce Taste Like? Does Butter Lettuce Taste Good?

Summer is around the corner, and you know what that means.

Salads, leafy greens, and healthy snacks are back on the menu.

So if you’re looking to try out new types of leafy green to make that perfect salad or a sandwich, then we’ve just the ideal choice for you.

Butter lettuce is simply one of the best go-to items for eating healthy.

It is packed with an assorted variety of nutrients and fibers but more on that later.

First, you may be wondering, what does butter lettuce taste like? And we can understand that, given its alluring name of it.

Well, let’s find out about it then.

What Is Butter Lettuce?

what is butter lettuce

Butter lettuce, or Bibb or the Kentucky-version of Boston lettuce, is tender in its texture, with small rounded leaves.

It gets its name from the soft and delicate nature of its leaves.

According to the gardening channel, this type of lettuce was first cultivated in the Mediterranean area.

Butter lettuce also comes from an old variety of lettuce called Silesia, dating back to about 1744.

Butter lettuce is a highly perishable item.

So you might want to use it as soon as possible after purchasing it from the grocery store.

It also grows best in cool and moderate temperatures.

The harvesting period of butter lettuce is during April to coincide with the spring season.

And just in time for the start of summer as well.

What Does Butter Lettuce Taste Like?

what does butter lettuce taste like

Though it is called butter lettuce, it doesn’t taste anything like butter.

A variety of butter lettuce includes Boston lettuce, a rose-like head, and Bib has a small cup-shaped head.

Victoria, Divinia, Tom Thumb, Santoro, and the list goes on.

Also, there are red leaf varieties of butter lettuce such as Flashy Butter Oak Leaf, Carmona, Yugoslavian Red, and Blushed Butterhead.

Many consider it similar to Iceberg lettuce, but they have their variations.

Iceberg has extra crunch while butter lettuce is more soft, tender, and unique sweetness.

And that’s where it gets its name.

And as for Romaine lettuce, it consists of long leaves.

Yet it tastes light and mild but more bitter than sweet.

Thus, Romaine and Butter lettuce are entirely different.

According to Healthline, Butter lettuce is rich in nutrients, with 3.

5 ounces (100 grams) offering-.

  • Calories: 13.
  • Protein: 1.5 grams.
  • Fiber: 1gram 18% of the DV.
  • Iron: 8% of the DV.
  • Manganese: 8% of the DV.
  • Potassium: 5% of the DV.
  • Vitamin A: 18% of the DV.
  • Vitamin C: 4% of the DV.
  • Vitamin K: 85% of the DV.

Butter lettuce also contains a considerable amount of iron as compared to other lettuces, which helps in generating red blood cells.

All in all, it has low calories but higher nutritional values, so this is one such essential salad ingredient for those on a diet and looking for a healthy snack option.

How To Cook Butter Lettuce?

how to cook butter lettuce

Like any other green leaves, butter lettuce is best used to make salads and sandwiches.

If you’re looking for some low carbohydrates meals with high nutrients, Butter lettuce will be the rightchoice for you.

Here are 2 simple Butter Lettuce Recipe ideas:

Incorporate butter lettuce into your meal plan and come up with exotic dishes and delicious snacks as per your desiredtaste and likes.

And if you want to follow simple yet flavorful recipes, you cannot miss this chicken chickpeas salad wraps and simple butter salad.

Chicken chickpeas salad wrap: Grind the cooked chicken with smashed chickpeas, almond cream, tahini, chopped bell pepper, red onion and basil.

Assemble all the mixed ingredients in a lettuce leaf and wrap them up tightly.

Garnish it with toasted sesame seeds and it’s ready to serve.

Simple butter lettuce salad: For this clean simple salad, all you need to do is assemble big junk of butter lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, bell pepper, and chives.

Drizzle salad dressing made up of olive oil, pepper, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, half squeezed lemon and half teaspoon of grated lemon zest.

Mix everything up well and serve it with a buttery toasted baguette.


Because of its already soft and tender leaves, it is best not to boil it in water like the other green leaves but best to serve it raw.

Since Butter lettuce is among the group of plants containing high fiber, one should also drink plenty of fluids after consuming, or it may sometimes lead to bloating or constipation.

Final Thoughts

Butter lettuce will be a great addition to your healthy diet.

It’s highly nutritious, low in carbs, and tastes incredible.

Although it is a bit more on the expensive side compared to the other lettuce families, it tastes better and would be a huge hit among your guests at your next salad party.

Just make sure to put extra dressing on it for a well-rounded delicious meal.

And don’t forget that you can substitute iceberg lettuce for it when making tasty sandwiches or mouthwatering burgers.

We hope that this article was useful to get a well-rounded picture of what butter lettuce is all about and be sure to check out for more articles.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Does Butter Lettuce Taste Like? Does Butter Lettuce Taste Good?

What Does Butter Lettuce Taste Like? Does Butter Lettuce Taste Good?


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