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Cake Flour vs 00 Flour: What’s the Difference?

Summary of key points

The main difference between cake flour and 00 flour is their protein content. Cake flour has a lower protein content, resulting in a finer texture and tender crumb in baked goods. 00 flour has a higher protein content, making it ideal for making fresh pasta or crispy pizza crust.

In addition to varying levels of protein, the two flours may also differ in their grind size and texture. Experiment with both to see which works best for your favorite recipes.

Both cake flour and 00 flour have their own unique qualities that make them suited for different types of dishes, so it’s worth having both in your pantry. Get creative and try using them in unexpected ways!

Ever stood in the baking aisle, scratching your head between cake flour and 00 flour? We’ve all been there.

Both pack a punch for baking, yet they’re as different as cookies and croissants. Cake flour’s the secret for fluffy cakes. Its low protein means less gluten, resulting in tender bites. 00 flour? That’s your go-to for dreamy pizzas and pasta. High in protein, it stretches like a yoga master.

Our kitchen disasters taught us this. Remember the pancake-pizza? Not our finest hour. Each flour shapes the texture and taste of your creations.

Understanding their power transforms baking. It’s like choosing the right superhero for your culinary quest.

What is Cake Flour?

Cake flour is ideal for baking tender cakes. It has a low protein content, around 7-9%.

This prevents gluten from forming and helps produce a soft texture. Cake flour absorbs liquid quickly.

This allows cake batters to be mixed without overmixing, which would lead to tough cakes.

Additionally, it has a slightly acidic pH level.

This helps activate the leavening agents and creates a better rise.

What is 00 Flour?

00 flour is specially ground with a powdery texture.

It’s used in Italian cuisine and made from soft wheat.

This flour is known as “double zero” for its grind.

The gluten development of this flour is unique.

It produces less gluten than other flours when mixed with water.

So, it’s perfect for pizza and pasta doughs for a light consistency.

It also has a high starch content.

Starch makes baked goods tender and helps create desirable crumbs.

That’s why 00 flour is ideal for cakes, cookies, and other desserts.

Remember that not all 00 flours are the same.

Different brands have different amounts of protein and fineness.

So, pick a good brand for recipes requiring 00 flour.

Differences Between Cake Flour and 00 Flour

Cake flour and 00 flour are different. It’s important for bakers to pick the right flour for their recipes.

1 – Wheat Variety and Milling

Wheat variety and milling are key factors for distinguishing cake flour from 00 flour.

The wheat type determines protein content and gluten structure. The milling process affects fineness.

Knowing these aspects is vital for selecting the correct flour for baking.

Cake flour is from soft wheat varieties with low protein and low gluten formation.

It’s bleached which further reduces proteins, perfect for cakes and pastries needing a tender crumb.

Conversely, 00 flour is from hard wheat types with high protein content.

This leads to more gluten formation and a chewier texture, ideal for making pasta and bread.

It’s ground to a fine powder for a silky texture.

Both cake flour and 00 flour have benefits for different recipes.

But, it’s the wheat type and milling which make them distinct.

Understanding these nuances allows the baker to pick the most appropriate flour for desired results.

2 – Protein Content

Protein is very important for flour. Cake flour has a low protein level, around 7-8%.

This makes cakes tender and light. 00 flour has a high level of protein, 12-13%.

That makes it perfect for pizza and pasta dough.

Knowing the protein content in different flours is key.

That will help you pick the right one for your baking.

3 – Texture and Structure in Baking

In baking, both texture and structure are essential.

Cake flour and 00 flour are two flours used in various recipes, yet they have distinct properties.

Cake flour is milled finely and has a low protein content (7-9%), resulting in less gluten formation when mixed with liquid ingredients.

This makes cakes soft and tender. 00 flour, however, has a higher protein content (11-12%), so more gluten is formed when mixed with liquid ingredients.

This creates elasticity and chewiness, perfect for Italian pasta and pizzas.

Furthermore, cake flour is mostly made from soft wheat varieties, while 00 flour can be made from either soft or hard wheat, depending on its purpose.

Additionally, since 00 flour is intensely milled, it is suitable for delicate pastries.

4 – Culinary Uses

Cake flour and 00 flour look similar, but they’re different.

Cake flour is perfect for making cakes and pastries, due to its low protein content which creates a soft texture.

In contrast, 00 flour is great for making homemade pasta and pizza dough.

It has a high protein content, which gives the dough a chewy, elastic texture – perfect for shaping and stretching.

Knowing the unique qualities of both these flours can make your cooking even better.

Similarities Between Cake Flour and 00 Flour

Cake flour and 00 flour have lots in common.

They’re both fine-textured for a light and tender product.

Plus, their lower protein content leads to a delicate crumb structure.

Both flours also offer a good amount of starch, which makes for a smooth batter or dough.

When using either flour for a soft and fluffy result, you can expect excellent results.

But, it’s important to know the unique qualities of each flour before choosing one for your recipe.

Substituting Cake Flour and 00 Flour

Considerations when substituting cake flour and 00 flour:

Cake flour is usually for delicate baking, like cakes and pastries.

Whereas, 00 flour is for making pasta and pizza dough.

The main difference? Protein content. Cake flour has a lower protein content.

This creates a lighter texture and crumb in baked treats. 00 flour has a higher protein content.

This gives it elasticity and chewiness when used for doughs.

If you need to substitute one for the other? You can add cornstarch to 00 flour to mimic cake flour’s low protein content.

For every cup of 00 flour, remove 2 tablespoons and replace with cornstarch.

Conversely, if you only have cake flour? You can add gluten or bread flour to increase the protein content.

This may affect the texture and outcome.

It’s important to note: substitutions may not give ideal results.

Best option? Use the recommended type of flour to get optimal results.

Comparing Cake Flour and 00 Flour in Baking

Cake flour and 00 flour are both commonly used in baking. But, they differ.

Cake flour is finely milled and has a lower protein content, making it ideal for delicate cakes and pastries.

00 flour is Italian, highly refined, and finely ground.

It has a silky texture and high protein content, making it perfect for pizza dough and pasta.

Depending on your baking needs, pick the right one.


After having read this blog post, one conclusion can be drawn: when baking, use the flour type that is specific to each recipe.

Cake flour has a high starch content and produces light-textured cakes.

It is best suited for angel food cake, pound cake, some types of muffins, and other cakes that require no structure.

On the other hand, 00 flour contains more protein and gluten than cake flour.

This type of flour works well with pasta dishes, breads and most cookies or cakes that require some structure or rise.

While selecting the right type of flour was once an intimidating task, after having read this blog post, you are armed with all the necessary information; making it easier for you to select the ideal type of flour according to each situation and recipe.

For novices in baking, experimenting with different flours is a great way to broaden their pastry chef horizons.

Cake Flour vs 00 Flour: What’s the Difference?

Explore the distinction between cake flour and 00 flour with our precise guide. Uncover the nuances that set these two flours apart, helping you make the right choice for your culinary creations.
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  • Cake Flour
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  • Choose between cake flour and 00 flour based on your baking needs.
  • Follow your recipe’s recommendation for the type of flour to use.
  • Measure and use the selected flour as directed in your recipe.
  • Enjoy your baked goods, appreciating the specific characteristics that your chosen flour brings to the final product.
  • Experiment with both flours in various recipes to discover their unique qualities in baking.
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