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Brewed to Perfection: What Does Corona Beer Taste Like?

You’re on the beach with the heat of the sun pressing on you and your thirst for something a little more special.

During hot summer days, we want our thirst to be quenched by a drink that’s calorie-packed and fizzier than just a soda lemonade.

But what beverage is refreshing and delicious at the same time?

The answer is—Corona Beer.

With one sip of this Belgian-owned but Mexican-made drink, a lot of zest and vitality will arrive and help you understand what summer living is all about.

So what does Corona beer taste like? Please continue reading to understand its flavor profile and how to serve it best.

What is Corona Beer?

what is corona beer

The owner of the Corona beer brand is a Belgian company called AB InBev.

It is a Mexican-brewed beer that’s made from corn lager.

What exactly is Corona Beer?

Well, the recipe for the beer includes maize, rice syrup, hops, and pilsner malt.

This well-known beer is highly popular in the United States owing to many reasons, like its deliciously tart flavor when served with lime.

The drink started with it being perceived by Latino men as a beverage only for the working class.

Still, after 1997, it has since broken into the international market and become one of the best beer brands in the country of Mexico and Latin America in general.

The brand has several flavors that are available.

Its best-known flavor is the Corona Extra, and it isn’t necessarily a reference to “extra” added alcohol content but comparatively more with 355 ml rather than 330 ml like the others.

Other flavors include Corona Hard Seltzer, Corona Light, Corona Familiar & Corona Refresca.

What Does Corona Beer Taste Like?

what does corona beer taste like

Corona Beer, for most people, is a staple beverage as it helps them with the hot weather they experience.

However, there are people who have not tried it and want to know what it tastes like before they purchase it.

Don’t worry; we will tell you how Corona beer tastes.

The maize included in its recipe, the sugars are gelatinous and give the drink a light color as well as taste.

The corn allows the lager to have a crisp and pale flavor profile.

People like the drink because it does not taste as complex as other beer brands.

With the hints of sweetness and hoppy hues added to its palate, the skunked beer thrives as a light drink.

It does not leave your mouth feeling dry after drinking it, with an aftertaste that is far from bitter.

The citrus and honey balance out the malt beverage within the recipe.

It has 135 calories and 13.

2 carbohydrates, which is a little more compared to other beers, but it is mainly mass-produced because people love the delicate texture and feel of the beer.

With 4% to 6% of alcoholic content (which is still the standard amount), the clear beer strives to be different from other brands through the thickness and heaviness of its corn lager and malt.

You can drink it from a glass bottle or even a can, but make sure it is chilled.

Letting light seep through the beverage will dwindle its flavor, and so this must be avoided by drinking it quickly and storing it in a dark place.

Though mild flavors are entrusted within Corona Beer, it is still a drink that’s wild in popularity.

It’s also quite good for the heart (as most beers are), given it’s not consumed excessively.

How to Serve Corona Beer?

how to serve corona beer

Now that we’ve established the beer’s flavor profile, what can a bottle of Corona Beer be enjoyed with? There are various options to choose from, ranging from some garnish like lime or pairing it with a savory dish like nachos or salad.

Wedging a piece of lime into the bottle can create a balance between the citrusy flavor and the sourness.

You can drink it from a can or use a tap and pour it into a glass, and you can even drink it from the glass bottle itself but remember to keep its temperature in check at all times.

It should always be served cold for the best taste.

The utensil you use to pour it in also makes the flavors vary, so ensure that you use a pint glass or a can, as this will help your drink avoid skunky flavors.

The best foods to serve Corona Beer with are Buffalo Wings, Crispy Chicken, Pork Sandwich, and even Tacos.

Simply dip some lemon inside the beer and have a blast.


After a long day at work, the day calls for a soft beer like Corona Beer.

It’s a favorite among many because of its high quality and refreshing capabilities.

Whether you’re on the sunny beach, having a family barbecue party, or having a rooftop gathering under the stars, a chilled Corona beer along with a slice of lemon and a side of salt can make anybody’s day.

So go ahead, grab a drink and have fun.

What Does Corona Beer Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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