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Sip and Savor: What Does Ginger Tea Taste Like?

After a heavy meal, you need something refreshing to tone down and digest your meal.

A ginger tea sounds perfect for that, doesn’t it?

If you feel uncomfortable after overeating, make yourself a cup of ginger tea.

This refreshing beverage will soothe and calm your stomach, making you feel lighter.

Plus, it aids in digestion. Ginger tea is not a new thing.

People have been drinking it for thousands of years now.

You have tried green tea, black tea, etc. But have you tried ginger tea?

If you have not, you probably have the question, “what does ginger tea taste like?” The answer is very simple.

Keep reading below to find out.

What is Ginger Tea?

In simple words, ginger tea is a tea that tastes like ginger.

You can prepare ginger in two ways: with natural ginger and ginger tea powder.

However, using natural ginger is the way to go.

This gives it a “real” and authentic flavor.

Besides, ginger is a common household ingredient available everywhere.

Ginger tea or Saenggang-cha is a beverage you can find in all cultures worldwide.

But it has its roots in Asia, where it was used as a herbal medicine.

It made its way into Europe a while later. Ginger tea has many health benefits.

It is perfect for digestion after a meal. It also relieves colds, coughs, and nausea.

And it takes little to no time to prepare. You put dried or fresh ginger in water and boil it.

It is as simple as that. The oils from the ginger infuse with the water, giving it a yellow tint.

People also add cloves and lemon zest to enhance the flavors.

What Does Ginger Tea Taste Like?

Ginger tea has many nicknames. Some of them are Saenggang-cha, shōga-yu, salabat, etc.

And it certainly tastes oriental in flavor.

Although the flavor profile is not complex, it does have a unique flavor.

Simply put, it tastes like ginger, i.e., slightly spicy.

By spicy, we are not referring to the heat we get from chilies.

The perfect word to describe its taste is “herbal”. Some variations also taste citrusy.

This is because it has lemon infused in it.

We also have to consider organic ginger and packaged ginger tea.

The tea powder tastes less strong than organic ginger.

It is also less spicy and has more floral notes as it is prepared artificially.

You can also use dry ginger to prepare ginger tea.

Dried ginger also tastes spicier than fresh ginger.

It also has a more pleasing smell.

You can cut the ginger into slices and toss it in your teapot to reduce the spiciness.

Grating your ginger is not the best option.

You can also add some sugar or sweetener to reduce the spice level.

Drinking ginger tea is very beneficial for your health.

We have already talked about how they aid in digestion and cold symptoms.

But they have many other nutritional benefits.

Ginger tea also aids in nausea during pregnancy or chemotherapy.

They have excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger contains gingerol and is rich in antioxidants which help in weight loss.

A cup of ginger tea has about 2.4 calories and 0.5g carbs per 200 grams.

It has zero fat and sugar content. And it is safe for children and adults alike.

How to Prepare and Serve Ginger Tea?

The best thing about ginger tea is its ease of preparation and presentation.

Preparing ginger tea is easy and takes no time and effort.

All you need is ginger and water, and you are all set.

Start by washing and peeling your ginger.

You can also leave the skin on if you wash it thoroughly.

You can either slice your ginger into slices or grate them.

Some people like to toss the ginger in without cutting them.

This is okay, but you want to cut them to let the flavor spread evenly.

Now you want to toss them in a pot with water and bring them to a boil.

Your ginger tea is ready in less than five minutes. Plain ginger tea is refreshing by itself.

But you can also add mint or cloves during the boiling process.

This will enhance the flavors even more.

You can also slice some lemons and add them to your ginger tea while serving.

Like ginger, lemons have a tangy and strong flavor.

So, you do not want to put your lemons in while the water is boiling.


Ginger tea’s flavor is comforting and relieving.

If you ever feel stressed out, you can always make yourself a cup of ginger tea.

Ginger tea is perfect by itself. You can enjoy it after a meal, while reading a book, etc.

But it goes perfectly with soups and meats as well.

You can sip on some ginger tea while having spaghetti or chow mein.

It goes well with other oriental dishes like dumplings or fried rice.

What Does Ginger Tea Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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