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Exploring Kingfish: What Does Kingfish Taste Like?

Kingfish probably sounds like a nickname the popular marvel character Aquaman would.

But, unfortunately, it’s not. It’s just a regular fish, and no, it’s not the king of fish either.

But, it is a majestic fish frequently chased by anglers and offers a delicious and unique range of flavors.

This ocean-dwelling fish delivers a very distinct bold taste.

But many are still not as accustomed to this fish.

So, if you’re one of those, you’ve probably wondered at least once, what does kingfish taste like? To get an idea, you can continue reading our post to know more about its taste and how to cook it.

Let’s begin.

What is Kingfish?

Coming from the same family as tuna and mackerels, the king mackerel, aka kingfish, is a highly sought-after breed of game fish due to its incredible strength, size, and agility, making it a challenging catch for avid anglers.

Scientifically known as Scomberomorus cavalla, kingfish exhibit migratory behavior and can be found in the Mexican Gulf and western Atlantic regions.

Another kingfish species, Scomberomorus guttatus, is found in the Indo-Pacific region.

Both species are considered seafood delicacies worldwide and hold significant commercial value.

Contrary to popular belief, kingfish is, in fact, edible, although certain precautions should be regarded before eating them.

This is because some Kingfish species are prone to parasitic infestation, which isn’t harmful or toxic to humans but can make the fish pretty unappetizing.

So, if you’ve got yourself a kingfish, checking its body cavities for such parasites before preparing and eating is highly recommended.

What Does Kingfish Taste Like?

The name “kingfish” not only does justice to its size but also to its flavorful meat.

The flesh of this particular fish is oily and delivers a strong taste that can be enhanced further by using different marinades and correct cooking methods.

Similar to other species of the mackerel family, like tuna, kingfish also delivers a sweet and rich umami flavor.

This distinct kingfish taste can be enjoyed on its own or in dishes infused with other ingredients.

Kingfish is known for its pinkish flesh with a flaky texture that typically becomes soft and juicy once cooked.

Each bite releases a burst of savory taste that may have a stronger fishy flavor than expected.

Due to this strong fishy flavor, opinions on its taste are sometimes divided.

Some enjoy the flavor, while others may claim it doesn’t taste as good as its other counterparts (relatives).

But it still contains lots of flavors.

Hence, using fresh kingfish and thoroughly rinsing the fish can help you enjoy the original taste of this delicious fish.

Regardless of its “strong” fishy taste, there’s a reason why many continue to vouch for kingfish and make delicious dishes out of it.

And let’s remember that it packs a lot of protein, making it a great lean meat alternative.

This is another reason why many continue to seek and eat kingfish.

How to Cook Kingfish?

Kingfish is highly valued for its meaty and oily fillets, making it an ideal candidate for long smoky seafood sessions on the grill.

But it’s crucial to handle king mackerel carefully when cleaning and filleting it.

Make sure to rinse each fillet thoroughly and place it in ice water to preserve the freshness.

Even when refrigerated, Kingfish can quickly lose flavor and texture, so proper storage is essential.

Moving on to the cooking bit, kingfish fillets are incredibly versatile, and you can cure, grill, boil, roast, and even fry their fillets.

However, many consider frying the least desirable cooking method for kingfish fillets.

While it’s true that kingfish carry the potential to be quite large, opting to catch or buy a medium-sized one will offer the most manageable fillets to prepare and cook.

It’s best recommended to cook the fillets over a medium heat grill for a short period and take time to monitor them closely to avoid any kitchen mishaps.

To be more precise, cooking 1-2 fillets would require grilling each side for approximately 5-7 minutes.

Meanwhile, for three fillets, it’s best to grill each side for approximate 7-8 minutes, and four fillets will require approximately 10 minutes per side.

It’s crucial to monitor the fillets carefully while grilling to prevent overcooking, which could cause them to break apart.


Kingfish is undoubtedly an excellent and versatile fish to cook with.

Plus, it has an incredible taste profile that can help reinvent some of your favorite seafood recipes.

So, for those with a knack for savory and oily fish, Kingfish is an excellent choice, whether smoked, baked, or grilled.

Moreover, their biology and fishing regulations make them a sustainable option, thus, offering a responsible and satisfying meal choice.

That said, we hope our post has provided valuable insights on kingfish and helped you to explore more fish options for your next meal.

What Does Kingfish Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Interested in the flavor of kingfish? Dive into the details! Kingfish, also known as king mackerel, offers a bold, distinctive taste with a rich, meaty texture. Its flavor profile is robust and slightly oily, reminiscent of other oily fish like salmon. When cooked properly, kingfish's flavorful flesh makes for a satisfying seafood experience.
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