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What Does Kiwano Melon Taste Like? Does Kiwano Taste Good?

Often called jelly melon or horned melon, Kiwano melon has become quite popular in recent years.

And we know many of you have googled this phrase: what does kiwano melon taste like? You will see search results of this taste with different interpretations.

Some say it tastes similar to cucumber or passion fruit.

Eventually, you have to try the fruit to see it for yourself.

However, we will try our best to explain the taste of this fruit to those who don’t have access to this horned melon.

Continue reading to learn more about the aspect of this fruit and its varying taste.

What is Kiwano Melon?

what is kiwano melon

Kiwano melon falls under the exotic fruit category grown in the central and southern part of Africa and is also called African horned cucumber.

This spiked fruit is also widely available in some parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Horned melon is formally called Cucumis metuliferus and belongs to the melon family.

This traditional food plant of Africa has gained quite a traction globally because of its distinct feature.

Kiwano melon’s outer layer has spikes while it has a green interior similar to a cucumber.

But it has more seeds and a jelly texture like passion fruit.

You can have this fruit at any stage; hence there is varying taste.

This horned melon is known for its high-water intake, like zucchini.

It has excellent nutritional value offering various health benefits.

Additionally, the peel of this fruit is edible and is rich in dietary fibers and vitamin C.

What Does Kiwano Melon Taste Like?

what does kiwano melon taste like

Kiwano melon is edible at any stage, so that the taste may vary.

This fruit has a refreshing and versatile flavor suitable for making salads, cocktails, salsa, and more.

When you have kiwano at the ripening stage, the closest taste it comes from is a mixture of lime, banana, and passion fruit.

Some say it tastes like green grapes or a kiwi.

Regardless of the taste, the refreshing flavor of this fruit makes it suitable to blend with any dishes, desserts, or cocktails.

Whether sweet or a savory dish, kiwano blends make an excellent accompaniment.

You can have kiwano as it is, but it can be pretty bland.

And because of its neutral taste, this fruit makes a brilliant accompaniment.

If you’re on a balanced diet, adding this fruit to your meal would be great as it has low calories.

Because of its high-water intake, this fruit has low fats, carbs, and calories.

Kiwano is a rich source of Vitamin C, iron, and magnesium.

This nutrient-rich fruit may not be available in most food stores as this fruit is still not available in most places.

But if it’s available near your area, including this fruit in your diet routine would be great.

From fruit salad to ice cream, there are ample items that you can make from this fruit.

So, this summer, give your taste buds a refreshing taste by having kiwano.

You’d be surprised how stress-relieving it is to have this fruit.

Best Way to Eat and Serve Kiwano Melon?

best way to eat and serve kiwano melon

Kiwano melon is a versatile fruit and complements well with most dishes, including sweet and savory.

Are you wondering about the best way to have this intriguing fruit? Well, you can have this fruit alone, but to enjoy it to the next level, here are some options worth giving a shot:

  • You can have it with Greek yogurt or ice cream.
  • Make a mocktails or cocktails.
  • Have it with flavored ice tea.
  • Infused it in water and drink.
  • Create a fruit salad.
  • Kiwano smoothies.
  • Use the pulp as toppings for grilled tortillas, nachos, and tacos.

These are some of the best ways to eat horned melon.

There is no limit to creativity, and you can infuse your style.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to eat this fruit in moderation as excessive eating may lead to various health issues, including hypotension and risk of Hypoglycemia.

We are not saying that this fruit is harmful but to avoid having it excessively.

It’s advisable to have a small amount of the pulp first if you are new to this fruit.

It will help you see if there is an allergic reaction in your body or any discomfort.

If you feel uncomfortable after having this fruit, you should seek medical help right away.


Kiwano melon is an intriguing and refreshing fruit perfect for summer.

Despite its strong exterior look, the interior closely resembles a cucumber.

It has a neutral taste, and when it’s ripe, the fruit taste like a combination of lime, passion fruit, and banana.

Additionally, some say it tastes like kiwi fruit or cucumber.

You will see variations in opinions regarding the taste of this fruit.

Nonetheless, this fruit is worth giving a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

Give horned melon a shot and tell us your opinion and taste of this fruit.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Does Kiwano Melon Taste Like? Does Kiwano Taste Good?

What Does Kiwano Melon Taste Like? Does Kiwano Taste Good?


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