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The Unexpected Flavor: What Does Moldy Weed Taste Like?

Spotting mold on cheese or bread is relatively easy and common as well. We’re all used to the sight.

But have you ever heard of moldy? Ever seen one? Ever tasted one? If the answer is no, don’t worry.

We’re here to get you all the deeds.

With a grayish-white coating, moldy weed is not exactly uncommon, but you may not be aware of it.

Particularly if you’re not a regular smoker.

So, what does moldy weed taste like? Is it bad, and can you smoke it?

Let’s look into all the details surrounding moldy weed.

First, we’ll look into what precisely moldy weed is. Let’s begin.

What is Moldy Weed?

You’ve guessed it. Moldy weed is nothing but cannabis that has mold grown over it.

Moldy weed occurs typically due to moisture lock, meaning if the cannabis isn’t dried correctly and cured before storage or perhaps plastic-wrapped, the package/container can become an incubator for fungi growth, thus, leading to mold.

If you’ve never seen moldy cannabis, it typically contains a gray to white-ish coating.

But, this coating can sometimes appear similar to trichomes – the crystalline and sticky glands found on cannabis buds and leaves.

Although there are varieties of mold across the world, there are typically three common molds found in cannabis, i.e., powdery mildew (known for being a widespread plant disease), white fuzzy mold (sclerotinia), and botrytis (aka bud rot or gray mold).

If your overall health is doing well, the chances of moldy weed affecting your body aren’t as high.

However, you may still experience disturbing symptoms such as wheezing, nausea, lung irritation, etc.

, and you’ll still be exposed to a certain level of risk.

What Does Moldy Weed Taste Like?

Appearance-wise, moldy weed usually contains a type of grayish-white coating.

But, if you’re not well-versed with cannabis, you may mistake trichomes for mold.

Trichomes are shiny, sticky crystals found on the buds and leaves, which help enable the weed’s aroma.

Speaking of aroma, moldy weed usually carries a distinct odor.

Hence, your nose will undoubtedly detect the smell of moldy weed instantly.

Since it’s moldy, the smell will be pretty mildewy or musty and may resemble the smell of hay.

Moldy cannabis is highly intense, and its smell is nothing similar to the flavor and aroma of regular weed.

Instead, moldy weed will share more similarities with urine, moldy basement, or sweat.

Let’s say it’ll definitely overpower your nose.

Even in terms of smoking (although it’s highly advised against), the taste and flavor will be nowhere close to regular weed.

You’ll end up experiencing negative symptoms such as vomiting, coughing, etc.

You’ll also likely face more health concerns if you have mold allergies.

On top of inflaming your lungs/sinus, you may face other symptoms, including:

  • Drainage.
  • Congestion.
  • Sinus pain.
  • Wheezing .

How to Smoke Moldy Weed?

Nothing is as buzz-killing as a moldy weed.

But how do you smoke moldy weed? Well, the short answer is: you don’t.

While weed doesn’t cause extreme health risks, smoking moldy weed does.

There’s always a common misconception that mold is reservable for infinity.

But, the truth is, much like other perishables, cannabis is also not free from any fungi attack.

Yes, although the chances of moldy weed killing you are low, smoking them is still unsafe.

Whether you’re a regular stoner or not, smoking moldy weed can and will harm your health.

Since mold spores can surprisingly thrive in various environments, they’ll undoubtedly survive inside your body.

So, to avoid mold, make sure you’re buying from legit suppliers or reputable vendors, especially when buying the first time.

Additionally, the presence of endotoxins and mycotoxins in moldy can make you sicker if you end up smoking them.

These compounds can severely damage your health, especially if you’re consistently exposed to the toxins.

You can experience various symptoms besides lung irritation, such as vomiting, coughing, and nausea.

Although these may seem minor, they can create a very unpleasant experience.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, if you have a mold allergy, you’ll be exposed to even more symptoms, such as congestion, wheezing, sinus pain, etc.

So, if you’re trying to test your body by trying moldy weed, it’s highly recommended not to do so.

Not only is it extremely harmful, but it also doesn’t exactly taste the best.

Hence, if you’re seeking a 420 thrill, go for a good batch of cannabis, and you’ll see the stars.

But jokes apart, make sure to lay off the moldy weed.


Moldy cannabis doesn’t just smell or look off; it also doesn’t offer a pleasant smoking experience.

So, a quick inspection before smoking up is a great idea to ensure you stay off bad greens.

This is particularly important if you have any asthma, chronic condition, or weak immune system.

Even if that’s not the case, you’ll still be better off without moldy greens.

That said, we hope our post has provided valuable insights on moldy weed, its taste, what it looks like and why you should avoid them.

What Does Moldy Weed Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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Curious about the taste of moldy weed? Find out more about its flavor profile and whether it's safe to consume.
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