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What Does an Ostrich Egg Taste Like? Does Ostrich Egg Taste Good?

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Ostrich eggs are definitely intriguing.

They’re gaining more and more popularity, and you can now find them in many supermarkets.

They can definitely draw some attention – look at their size.

One egg is the equivalent of about 25 chicken eggs.

But then, do you know how to cook it? What does an ostrich egg taste like? Can you cook it like you cook a chicken egg?

Here is everything you need to know if you’re curious about ostrich eggs or you hope to impress someone with such a meal.

What is An Ostrich Egg?

what is an ostrich egg

Ostrich eggs are the largest in the animal world.

One egg can weigh up to five pounds – usually about four, but there are many exceptions.

On the same note, ostrich eggs are also the smallest when compared to the bird’s actual size.

In the wild, ostrich eggs hatch if the ostrich sits on them.

On the other hand, in captivity, they only require incubation – pretty much just like chicken eggs.

When buying ostrich eggs, chances are you can do with one or two.

After all, a single egg will give you a few dozen chicken eggs in terms of volume.

It’s important to know what to expect from the taste will help you determine how to cook it accordingly.

Now that you have a few clues about ostrich eggs, what do they actually taste like?

What Does an Ostrich Egg Taste Like?

what does an ostrich egg taste like

Ask a few different people what ostrich eggs taste like, and they may give you different answers.

Like many other things in life, ostrich eggs can also be hit differently.

From many points of view, an ostrich egg is similar to a hen’s egg.

There are no actual differences between them.

But then, the ostrich egg will leave a different taste behind.

It will have a richer aroma, and it will also feel a bit buttery.

Some describe the taste to be more intense.

Some others find it a bit gamy.

Now, other people will also find the ostrich egg taste a bit sweeter than the chicken egg, but also gross.

You do not need too much food to get full.

Sure, you could easily eat six or seven chicken eggs without feeling disgusted, but ostrich egg is different – the intense flavor means you will be full after a small serving.

Now, depending on how you cook ostrich eggs, they will have a different taste.

Scramble them, and you will find a gelatinous taste because they have many translucent parts on the inside.

Boil them, and you will end up with a chewy texture.

It feels like rubber, but it also looks like it.

However, despite the unusual texture, boiled ostrich eggs taste like boiled chicken eggs.

Now, here comes the interesting part.

If you like boiled eggs, you will need about 90 minutes to hard boil ostrich eggs.

If you like boiled eggs a bit soft, you will still need about an hour to do it.

This is why most people would choose other cooking methods.

How to Prepare and Cook an Ostrich Egg?

how to prepare and cook an ostrich egg

Like any other poultry egg, ostrich eggs can be prepared in a few different ways.

Some people like scrambled eggs, while others prefer fried or boiled eggs.

Unlike chicken eggs, you should not try to prepare poached eggs because there is too much hassle, and the final result will not look too enticing.

Given the extra volume, get ready to cook an ostrich egg for more time.

Plus, ostrich eggs have very thick shells.

If you are into omelets, hit the top of the egg with a hammer – exactly, you can forget about spoons or knives.

Then, you must cut through the membrane.

You will not be able to do it with a knife, so use a clean screwdriver instead.

You can then leave everything inside the egg pour it out.

Beat what comes out and cook the omelet regularly.

You may need to cook a few different omelets if your pan is not big enough.

Boiling ostrich eggs implies using a massive pot and lots of water.

It may take up to two hours, but most people can do it in an hour and a half.

Crack the top of the egg with a spoon.

To cut the membrane, you will need a saw.

Frying ostrich eggs is definitely the most challenging part.

You need to ensure the yolk is kept intact.


As a short final conclusion, the ostrich egg is just a bigger alternative to the classic chicken egg, with a bunch of small differences.

If you are picky about your food, you will notice these differences straight away.

You cannot necessarily taste them too well, but you can see them.

Other than that, the cooking part is the most challenging aspect related to ostrich eggs because you will actually need to use tools in the process.

What Does an Ostrich Egg Taste Like? Does Ostrich Egg Taste Good?

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