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Tropical Delight: What Do Plantains Taste Like?

Plantains are cooking bananas; they are also called green bananas in some parts but are called plantains in most parts of the world.

These are banana cultivars that belong in the same genus as regular bananas but are generally bigger and tougher than them.

They have a distinctly different taste than regular bananas and are also starchier than them.

They are most palatable when they are cooked and are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Plantains generally grow in Southeast Asia, the Malaysian peninsula, and New Guinea.

These plantains were cultivated for ages there and naturally became an irreplaceable part of the people’s diet.

What are Plantains?

what are plantains

Plantains are very similar to bananas; in fact, they both share the same genus name.

However, they differ from bananas a lot.

Bananas have less starch content as compared to plantains.

They also are larger than bananas and are sweet when ripe.

Bananas tend to become slippery and soft when perfectly ripe.

However, plantains remain dry and firm even when fully ripe.

They also contain less sugar content than bananas.

Apart from that, plantains are also rich in Vit A and C and contain potassium.

While bananas are lower in carbohydrates, plantains contain high amounts of carbohydrates and calories.

Despite all that, plantains don’t necessarily support weight gain.

Instead, they can successfully make you feel fuller for extended periods and also slow down your digestion.

However, some people can also experience constipation due to plantains.

Since plantains contain resistant starch, raw plantains contain even higher amounts of resistant starch.

People who are not used to high starch or fiber intake might have to suffer constipation and bloating.

What Do Plantains Taste Like?

what do plantains taste like

The taste of plantains can vary depending on the stage of the plantain.

Plantains that are still raw will have a very starchy taste, while ripened plantains will have a sweeter taste.

Of course, they taste like bananas for the most part; however, there is always the distinct starchiness and toughness of plantains that can’t be neglected.

Because of this nature of plantains, people started frying and cooking them to make them more delectable.

You can cook plantains either ripe or raw- though cooking ensures more flavors with your plantains.

Plantains are typically very hard to peel, and therefore this fruit became better subjected to cooking before eating.

Ripe plantains can also be incorporated into baked foods since they are sweeter and more aromatic.

Ripened plantains or bananas can never wrong you on the baking stage.

Plantains are eaten in many ways worldwide- they are used in curries, made into fries, baked foods, etc.

Plantains are a very rich source of vitamins B6, A, and C along with fiber; plantains also possess minerals like magnesium and potassium.

This nutrient-rich fruit is one of the most healthy additions you can make to your diet.

How To Prepare and Eat Plantains?

how to prepare and eat plantains

Plantains can be eaten in various ways; however, fried plantains win by a huge margin over other preparations of plantains.

Whether the plantains are ripe or raw, frying them guarantees maximum taste.

Pair it with a dip to get a great combination.

You can also eat plantains by incorporating them into curries.

Soften the plantains first so that they can absorb the maximum flavors of the curry.

The plantains will soak up all the flavors and ultimately provide you with a result that hardly any other dish can match up to.

The spices used in curries are the backbone of any curry- plantain curry is no different.

Be experimental with your spices.

Also, plantain curry is not limited to one particular type or taste profile.

There are many different styles of plantain curry, like vegan Caribbean plantain curry or yam and plantain curry, etc.

all the different curries have their specific place of origin, too.

The sweet taste of ripe plantains can be best felt by baking with them.

You can incorporate those ripe plantains in baking cupcakes, cookies or bake plantain bread.

Move over other generic flavors; let the plantains do the talking.

Final Thought

Plantains are one of the most healthy forms of fruit out there.

They are often mistaken for bananas, but plantains are distinctly larger and tougher than bananas.

Their peels are harder to get off than normal bananas, and they are super rich in carbohydrates and fiber content.

Their toughness is the biggest reason that people started cooking plantains rather than attempting to eat them ripe.

Plantains have a beautiful but very different taste than regular bananas.

The raw ones taste quite starchy, while the ripened ones taste very sweet.

It is because of the sweetness of the ripe ones that they are often used in baking.

The raw plantains, too, are often fried or incorporated into curries to pull out the best side of the fruit.

What Do Plantains Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

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