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What Does Ezekiel Bread Taste Like? Reveal the Flavor

Ezekiel bread is what you call a combination of goodness and taste.

It not only satisfies your hunger but also pleases your senses.

What’s more, it’s such a versatile bread that you can eat it with a large number of items.

It’s a different type of bread since it’s made from legumes and whole grains that have started sprouting.

Since the bread contains several grains, its taste is also unique.

But what does Ezekiel Bread taste like? If you have not tasted the bread and are curious to know its flavor, you are at the right place.

What is Ezekiel Bread?

what is ezekiel bread

If you search the market for bread, you will come across many varieties made from different ingredients.

While most use flour, some types use sprouted legumes and whole grains.

Ezekiel Bread is a variety that comes from sprouted legumes and grains such as wheat, spelt, barley, millet, lentils, and soybeans.

Sprouting grains increases their nutritional value, so you have both goodness and taste.

The name comes from the Old Testament passage from Ezekiel 4:9, which goes, “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; ….”.

However, you must not assume that it’s only for religious people or religious purposes.

It’s for everyone who wants to eat healthier bread.

Most bread comes from refined flour, and this isn’t healthy.

The majority of the nutrients wash away when the flour is being processed.

What Does Ezekiel Bread Taste Like?

what does ezekiel bread taste like

Some foods are healthy with full of nutrients but not delicious.

But it’s completely different from Ezekiel Bread because it’s not only nutritious but also delicious.

So, you not only receive the nutrients but also enjoy the food as you consume it.

Ordinary bread is slightly bitter in its natural state.

It only tastes sweet because of the added sweeteners.

Some varieties do not contain any sweet ingredients, and when you consume this bread, you will experience a bitter flavor.

Ezekiel bread is, however, naturally slightly sweet without any artificial sweeteners.

It’s because the starch turns to sugar when sprouting.

It has a grainy and chewy texture with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

If you are wondering what it tastes like, you can think of Flax bread (gluten-free), Multigrain bread, Manna bread (sprouted grain), Whole wheat bread, and Essene bread.

All of the bread varieties mentioned above taste similar to Ezekiel bread in some ways.

If you can’t find it at stores nearby, you can also eat the types of bread mentioned above.

  • Nutrition Value of Ezekiel Bread.

One slice of bread is equivalent to one serving, and it contains 80 calories with 4g protein, 15g carbs, 3g fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s also higher in fiber than most other varieties.

However, Ezekiel bread isn’t gluten-free.

So, those who are gluten sensitive or intolerant should think about it before eating it.

What is the Difference Between Ezekiel Bread and Regular Bread?

what is the difference between ezekiel bread and regular bread

Though both are bread, there are several differences between regular and Ezekiel bread.

The following are some of them.

  • Ezekiel Bread is Brown.

There are, of course, other brown breads, and appearance isn’t that important.

But it’s the first aspect that we notice.

When you compare Ezekiel bread and regular bread, the former is brown while the latter is white.

  • Ezekiel Bread Contains Sprouted Grains.

Unlike regular bread, which has flour, Ezekiel bread has sprouted grains.

The sprouting breaks down the grain, releasing enzymes that allow the better absorption of vitamins, minerals, carbs, and protein in the body.

Sprouted grains also have more fiber, protein, and glycemic index.

  • Ezekiel Bread Contains Six Grains and Legumes.

Regular bread typically contains only one grain, but Ezekiel bread has at least six sprouted whole grains and legumes, all of them sprouted.

The usual grains in the bread are wheat, barley, millet, spelt, soybeans and lentils.

So, you get more nutrients from Ezekiel bread than from regular bread.

The only negative aspect about the former is that it has gluten.

  • Ezekiel Bread Doesn’t Contain Preservatives.

The majority of regular breads contain many ingredients which don’t help your body in any way.

They have preservatives like cultured wheat starch, sweeteners, and other items.

But Ezekiel bread doesn’t have any preservatives, and it’s natural, pure, and fresh.

However, it’s a high-carb bread.

So, if you don’t have any intention of gaining weight, eat it only in moderate amounts per day.


Ezekiel bread is undoubtedly among the healthiest of its kind.

It’s also a delicious bread that tastes great with many different spreads.

Besides, you can eat it in several ways.

So, besides getting plenty of nutrients, you get to enjoy its flavor as well.

You can toast it and eat it with jam, jelly, butter, cheese, honey, or other items.

You can also make sandwiches and anything else which you use regular bread.

But since it contains gluten, those who have problems with it should think before consuming it.

What Does Ezekiel Bread Taste Like? Does Ezekiel Bread Taste Good?

Curious about Ezekiel bread's taste? Wonder no more! Discover the unique flavor of Ezekiel bread and find out if it's a delicious choice for your palate.
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