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What Does Malta Goya Taste Like? Does Malta Goya Taste Good?

If you want to drink beer but don’t like alcohol, Malta Goya is something you should try.

It’s brewed from the finest barley and hops and is a suitable beverage for any occasion.

Currently, it’s available in many places, including online stores.

There are also many variations available in most countries of the world.

Hence, if you can’t get Malta Goya in your place, check out the variations.

Looking at the popularity, it’s clear that the beverage is good.

But what does Malta Goya taste like? Is it sweet, sour, bitter, strong, or bland? If you’re curious as we are, continue reading.

What is Malta Goya?

All malt beverages brewed from barley hops and Water are called ‘Malta’.

These are non-alcoholic but smell like beer.

Many countries and brands produce Malta.

While they use the same first name, the second name differs from place to place.

So, Malta Goya is a malt beverage produced by Goya Foods Inc.

in Puerto Rico, the US, and the Dominican Republic.

Malta Fresh (India), Malta Gallo (Guatemala), Malta Carib (Trinidad & Tobago), and Malta Andina (Ecuador) are some variations.

While all brands use the same base, the flavors might vary slightly from one to the other.

Malta Goya and all other malt drinks are widespread worldwide since they don’t contain alcohol.

You can drink it anywhere and anytime and enjoy its flavors.

But regarding its taste, we will find out next.

What Does Malta Goya Taste Like?

Many people want to enjoy beer but refrain because it contains alcohol.

So, you learned that Malta Goya smells a lot like beer, but what about its flavor?

Since it’s a malt beverage, it’s not wrong to think that it does taste like beer.

The main ingredients of Malta Goya include Water, corn syrup, pale malt, caramel malt, caramel color, salt, hops, calcium sulfate, phosphoric acid, salt, and high fructose corn syrup.

The good news is the beverage indeed tastes like beer which has not undergone the fermenting process.

So, even though you get the beer flavor, you don’t get drunk.

Hence, unlike beer which you can drink only a small amount, you can drink Malta Goya as much as you like.

Malta Goya is sometimes called ‘Malta’ or malt soda but only rarely.

Most of the time, it’s referred to by its original name.

The beverage combines the yummy tastes of stout beer, cola, and sugary molasses.

Hence, it’s refreshing and light.

It also has similar features to homemade beer and has a thick, dark, and rich texture with a strong aroma.

So, you can consider it like beer but which is sweeter and richer in taste.

  • Nutritional Value of Malta Goya.

A 355g serving of Malta Goya has 241 calories, with 3g protein and 53g carbs.

It also contains some vitamins.

While everyone can consume the drink, it’s best for physically active people.

Since it has malt, it can heighten energy levels and also keep you refreshed.

It can also support gut health and even boost heart health.

But it’s vital to take the drink only in moderate quantities for the best outcome.

How to Drink and Serve Malta Goya?

Even though it’s a malt beverage, Malta Goya is entirely non-alcoholic, and that is its biggest appeal.

You get the taste of beer but don’t take in any alcohol.

So, how can it get better than this? It will when you serve and drink Malta Goya in the right way.

You can serve and drink Malta Goya straight from the bottle chilled.

However, you can also pour it into a glass and add ice cubes.

Whatever way you drink it, it will taste lovely and fresh.

But do you know, you can also use the drink in various dishes.

You can also make sauces with it and add them to dishes to enhance the flavors.

Mixing and drinking with evaporated or condensed milk is pretty refreshing too.

It’s a popular drink among Africans and Americans.

Everyone can drink Malta Goya whenever they like.

It’s an excellent drink to enjoy during family gatherings too.

However, it’s a complex beverage, so kids may find it difficult to drink it.

If you provide it to younger guests, make sure to supervise and give only small amounts.

It’s also a great drink to enjoy after your exercise routines.

You can refresh and get rid of the fatigue.


So, you now know many things about Malta Goya.

If you have not tasted it yet, visit the nearest store or order online.

Sip a lovely drink with family and friends whenever you want.

Enjoy the sweet, nutty, and beer-like flavors and stay refreshed.

It’s a healthy drink but doesn’t drink more than one or two servings per day.

Anything can turn harmful if you consume it a lot.

If you take it moderately, it will benefit your body and please your senses simultaneously.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Does Malta Goya Taste Like? Does Malta Goya Taste Good?

What Does Malta Goya Taste Like? Does Malta Goya Taste Good?


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