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Unveiling the Taste of Lucuma: What Does Lucuma Taste Like?

Imagine a fruit world dominated by apples or mangoes, and then you suddenly hear the name ‘Lucuma’.

That will certainly create some interest around the fruit, won’t it? Well, this is what happens to many on hearing Lucuma.

So, if you haven’t seen or eaten one, picture a mix of avocado and mango with green skin.

Yup, that’s what a Lucuma looks like.

But what does Lucuma taste like? Does it taste anything similar to mangoes or avocados? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

This post will discuss this emerging fruit, so sit back and scroll down.

What is Lucuma?

what is lucuma

This exotic fruit, pronounced ‘loo-koo-ma,’ is a Peruvian fruit that resembles a mixture of mango and nashi pear or avocado, as mentioned earlier.

Despite its rising popularity only in recent years, Lucuma has been popularly used and eaten by the natives of Peru for centuries.

It has been cherished as a religious food offering for fertility and a primary food source.

Even today, the fruit plays a huge role in Peruvian celebrations, and it’s the most popular ice cream flavor in the country.

So, yes, the fruit is quite popular in Peru and South America.

But did you know that in other regions, the fruit is commonly available in dried and powdered form? The fruit’s unique and sweet taste has been compared to other sweet food items like caramel, pumpkin, maple, etc.

So, the fruit’s recent popularity can be attributed to its sweet taste and ability to be used as a sweetener.

What Does Lucuma Taste Like?

what does lucuma taste like

More than its look, what creates more curiosity around lucuma is the taste.

So, what exactly does it taste like? Let’s find out.

Lucuma contains a citrusy and creamy taste followed by a hint of maple or caramel.

However, the exact flavoring of lucuma is hard to pin down.

Hence, it’s best to compare its taste to other fruits/food items like sweet potato.

Apart from its taste, this fruit carries a sweet smell, which also helps garner its reputation as a substitute for sugar and a popular ice cream flavor, as mentioned before.

This fresh fruit contains a very soft and starchy texture with grain notes.

But, when blended, the result is creamy and rich, much like puréed pumpkin.

So, what’s it taste like when you grind it into powder? Lucuma in its powder form helps amplify its caramel notes and turns slightly nuttier.

This powdered taste can be compared to a butterscotch-like flavor but with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Regarding health benefits, this fruit contains several nutritional values in its powdered and fruit form.

Due to the powder being less sweet than regular sugar, it is considered a healthier alternative.

Additionally, lucuma contains vitamins, fiber, carbs, and zero fat.

The fruit is also praised for its antioxidant properties, which can help protect human cells from radical damage.

How to Cook and Use Lucuma?

how to cook and use lucuma

In the native country of Peru, Lucuma is used for various food preparations.

From ice cream to cheesecakes to milkshakes.

The fruit can also be blended and used for popular recipes such as manjar de lúcuma, which is a mix of puréed lucuma and dulce de leche.

But, if you’re looking to get to the core of its taste, the fruit can be eaten fresh as it is.

When fresh, only the flesh can be eaten while the seed and skin are discarded.

As mentioned earlier, one popular application of this fruit is the powdered product.

This is achieved when the fruit is dried and grounded into a powder.

You can use this as a sugar substitute or sweetener.

You can use the Lucuma powder similar to how brown sugar is used in bread, cakes, muffins, etc.

If you’re big on pastries, then it can also be blended and used to fill pies or any other pastries.

The blended paste of Lucuma can be incorporated into jams and syrups as well.

And for every sauce lover, this fruit can be made into a dipping sauce for several snacks.

If you’re a salad person, try paring Lucuma with other fruits such as pineapple, lemon, banana, and more.

In addition, you can also use nuts like peanuts and cashews to enhance the taste further.


Across the globe, the use and consumption of Lucuma are mainly new and unheard of at times.

That being the reason, you should further take that as one good reason to explore the fruit.

You may be familiar with its powdered form.

However, the fresh fruit is equally worth the time and attention.

Today, lucuma can be found in many online outlets or health food stores.

So, if you’re looking for something new, you can find several ways to incorporate this fruit into your diet, such as the different uses and recipes we’ve mentioned above.

What Does Lucuma Taste Like? Does Lucuma Taste Good?

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