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Gourmet Hacks: 5 BEST Substitutes for Potato Ricer

Got a recipe calling for a potato ricer, and you’ve just realized you don’t own one? No stress!

We’ve all been in that spot where we’re about to whip up something delicious, and bam, we’re missing a tool.

Luckily, your kitchen is already stocked with some pretty nifty gadgets that can step in as the perfect understudy.

In this guide, we’re dishing out the five best substitutes that you probably already have lying around.

From forks to grinders, we’ve tested them all.

Ready to get those potatoes perfectly mashed without a ricer in sight? Let’s dig in!

What is Potato Ricer?

Potato ricers are kitchen tools used to make mashed potatoes or other dishes with a fine texture.

They are small in size but have powerful leverage to press potatoes or other staples into a consistently-textured mash.

Potato ricers have been around since the late 19th century and were initially designed for industrial use to reduce the time spent manually mashing the potatoes.

Nowadays, potato ricers feature an easy-to-use handle with multiple pressing discs providing you with different textures from coarsely mashed all the way up to potato paste.

Most models also come with interchangeable discs for different uses, such as making noodles, garlic paste, and more.

Use of a potato ricer is simple; all you need to do is peel, wash, and boil your potatoes before you pass them through the ricer and onto your plate, ensuring you get perfectly light and fluffy mashed potato every time.

The 5 Best Alternatives for Potato Ricer

If you are looking for an alternative to a potato ricer, you have come to the right place.

There are many ways to make potatoes into a creamy and smooth texture without using a potato ricer.

Here are five of the best alternatives, so let’s get started.

1 – Potato Masher

With the convenience of a potato masher, you can now easily mash potatoes quickly and efficiently.

This tool is perfect for homeowners who are short on time and simply want an easier way to have mashed potatoes with their meals.

Potato mashers have a round-shaped head that is conveniently designed to easily and quickly mash cooked potatoes or other suitable veggies such as yams or squash.

The top part also features some holes which help to break down the softer pieces and make your mash more smooth.

If you don’t own a potato ricer but still want a smooth mash, then just use your potato masher twice O put sufficient pressure on it – this will give you the same results.

Whether you’re making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner or cauliflower mash as part of your weekly menu, using the right gadget can save you time and effort.

2 – Food Mill

A food mill is an incredibly useful kitchen appliance, providing many benefits for those busy in the kitchen.

The practicality of it lies in its simple design, featuring a wide shallow bowl and legs that fit over a pot or bowl, allowing food to filter through a perforated base.

It makes quick work of grinding and pureeing fruits, vegetables, and cooked meats and is generally easier to use than a blender or food processor.

Apart from mashing potatoes and making various sauces and soups, a food mill can also be used as an alternative to the potato ricer.

Simply peel and boil your potatoes until they’re soft enough to mash easily with a fork.

Then put them into the mill, turn the handle, and the potatoes emerge a creamier texture than if riced.

Furthermore, this innovative appliance speeds up preparation time without compromising on flavor.

3 – Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle are probably not the most used kitchen items, but they have a special place in every foodie’s heart.

These two simple items – mortar, a bowl-shaped vessel that is used as a container, and pestle, a long rod-shaped tool to pound ingredients together – are used to grind spices to flavor our dishes.

Not only can one blend herbs and spices with a mortar and pestle set, but these trusty tools can also grind nuts into fine pastes or pulverize tough grains like sorghum into powder.

What’s more, these tools have been the secret weapon for creating the perfect mashed potatoes for centuries before the potato ricer came around.

To substitute it for the common potato ricer, just peel and quarter your potatoes before dropping them into the mortar, with some butter and cream added in.

Pound away with the pestle till you get your desired consistency – it’ll be smooth enough not to require worrying about pesky lumps.

4 – Fork and Spoon

A fork and spoon may seem like a simple kitchen implement, but they can be surprisingly useful for more than just eating.

It can also be used to mash potatoes for dishes that require finer consistency.

By simply pressing the potato against the tines of the fork, pressure is exerted from all directions – creating a softer dish that won’t have chunks like a traditional potato ricer.

A spoon works even better due to its shape – the slightly curved bowl lets the potato slide down in multiple directions.

As an added bonus, this method utilizes utensils already in most kitchens, so there’s no need to buy an additional tool for one recipe.

The versatility of simple objects like forks and spoons should not be underestimated; the next time you’re in your kitchen, consider how they can be used creatively.

5 – Cheese Grater

Working with a cheese grater isn’t for the faint of heart.

You need to show grit and plenty of perseverance to get the cheesiest results.

Grating is an art form, one that consists in sliding a sharp instrument against hard cheese blocks, slicing through them, and turning them into fine shreds or thick pieces.

The cheese grater is used for much more than just cheese, as it can easily be used for fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots.

Additionally, you can use it as an efficient substitute for a potato ricer when making mashed potatoes – just grate some boiled potatoes instead of transferring them over to the ricer.

Whether you’re looking for thick and chunky mashed potatoes or something smoother, the cheese grater has you covered.


In conclusion, potato ricer is for making mashed potatoes, but it isn’t the only option available.

Whether you’re looking to speed up your cooking time with a food mill or grind ingredients together with a mortar and pestle set, there’s something out there that can substitute the potato ricer.

Utilizing utensils you have in your kitchen, such as forks and spoons or even sharp graters, can also do the trick.

Cooking is all about experimentation, so don’t be afraid to try out new methods.

With a little bit of creativity and some kitchen know-how, you’re sure to find the right alternative for your potato ricer.

The 5 Best Alternatives for Potato Ricer

When you need to mash potatoes but lack a potato ricer, these 5 ingenious alternatives will help you achieve the same fluffy texture and uniform consistency for your mashed potatoes.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Substitutes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Potato Masher
  • Food Mill
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Fork and Spoon
  • Cheese Grater


  • Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  • Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.
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