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Tastes of the Gulf: What Does Red Drum Taste Like?

Red Drum, also called Redfish, is classed as a game fish that’s quite common around the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and Mexican Gulf.

Perhaps, you’re an avid fisher, and you’re looking to catch some Redfish.

Or maybe you’ve only stumbled upon this item in the seafood aisle at grocery stores.

Nevertheless, there is an anticipating question that you might want the answer to.

“What does Red Drum taste like?”.

In this article, you can learn about the Redfish and how its flavor profile has amassed so many fans.

Before you cook some for dinner, let’s know more about this fish.

What is Red Drum?

Red Drum, despite how it sounds, is not an actual red-colored drum.

It’s actually a type of fish that’s quite large and, unsurprisingly, red-shaded.

These game fishes have a noticeable black spot at the bottom of their tails that acts as their defining feature.

The Red Drum is the only species that come under the genus Sciaenops.

It is dressed in silver-tinted scales with a tinge of copper and red hues.

The center of each scale holds a darker color, creating irregular lines on the body.

It can grow up to 5 feet in length, but the average length is 20-30 inches, with a weight of 90 lbs.

This fish often travels to the base of Chesapeake Bay throughout the spring season and autumn.

Adult Red Drums generally can be found close to shorelines, while youngsters tend to visit the Bay’s shallow waters.

What Does Red Drum Taste Like?

Red drum is a popular member of saltwater fishes.

Therefore, it shared it shares certain similarities with other saltwater fishes.

Normally a red drum fish will often offer mild flavor paired with subtle undertones of sweetness.

This firm seafood can be made into large chunks like ccbia or even small dry flakes.

Red drum’s taste also varies depending on their maturity.

Younger red fishes will normally deliver a milder palette while older ones will pack stronger and richer flavor.

Some people have resembled the taste of this fish to that of Black Drum, which is smooth and not oily.

Many people also compare red drum’s taste to other similar fishes like black drum, which is known for its smoothness and lack of oil.

Another example is the Red Snapper.

It’s quite similar to red drum in terms of taste, including its distinct, nutty notes paired with a whiff of offshore flavor.

When handled and cooked appropriately, red drum can offer impeccable taste that’s rich and consistent.

Despite the similarities shared with other fishes flavor-wise, what makes red drum is it availability.

Hence, it can b consumed more with ease.

The flesh of all the fish is white or tinted a little with red, but when cooked, it has a white coating that’s pure.

The Red Drum contains a better texture because of how tender it is.

Any individual can safely consume this fish.

It’s a at seafood dish that’s highly sustainable, and so it is hunted for quite a lot by fishermen.

It’s heavily seasoned with health benefits, so you need not worry about losing control over your diet when having Red Drum for dinner.

How to Cook Red Drum?

There are several ways to cook Red Drum Fish, but here are the best methods to do so:

Pan Grilling

Start by heating the pan on a medium-high flame then put the Red Drum on it.

It won’t require much time.

Cooking it for 4-5 mins will be sufficient.

Add whatever seasoning you’d like, or go simple with salt and pepper.

Turn the meat and leave it for another set of minutes (5-8) and enjoy the cooked meal.


Fix the broiler rack to make it 2 inches away from the flame if you use thinly sliced fillets of Red Drum; otherwise, if they’re thick, you can keep them 4 inches away.

You must preheat and then add some oil to place your fish on it.

Season as usual, and perhaps add some lemon juice for taste.


At 325, you must preheat the oven and lightly put some oil on the baking tray with a bit of olive oil.

After placing the fish, you can brush them over with some more olive oil.

Here you can go crazy with seasoning by adding minced garlic, fresh herbs, chopped scallops, etc.

It’s always good to stick something inside the meat to check if it’s cooked or not.


You need not worry about eating this type of fish.

Red Drum is actually a great dish to have if you prepare and cook it properly.

It acts as a delicious substitute if your usual fish option is not available.

If you’re in the right spot around the shore, you might even catch several of them because they’re pretty easy to find.

You must be sure of how to prepare this fish because it tastes exceptional if you know the right recipe.

Hopefully, this article has helped you with your comprehension of how the Redfish tastes and a good choice of recipe.

So, go ahead and share this fish and its benefits with you and your friends and family.

What Does Red Drum Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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