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Starfish Flavor Unveiled: What Does Starfish Taste Like?

The oceans and seas have an uncountable number of edible and poisonous creatures.

Many are edible but not so popular.

But people are curious and they like to try various items.

Starfish is one of the sea creatures that are edible but not too famous as other seafood.

You may not see them in most areas worldwide but don’t be surprised if you land in China, Japan, and some other places and see them.

Though you don’t and may not eat it, you must be curious as we are regarding its taste.

So what does starfish taste like? Is it like fish, shrimp or squid? Let’s find out without further ado.

What is Starfish?

Starfish are marine invertebrates usually with five arms though some have more.

They get the name because their shape looks like a five-point star.

Though they inhabit seas and oceans across the world, they aren’t popular as food compared to other seafood.

It’s because most species contain substances that can be harmful to humans.

The edible species aren’t entirely consumable because only the arms or legs are edible.

It also takes much effort to prepare starfish, which could be one reason they are not widespread as food.

Though called starfish, they are not fishes but belong to the class Asteroidea.

They’re also called sea stars and live in various parts of the oceans.

You can find them on the ocean floor, rocky shores, coral reefs, or sand.

What Does Starfish Taste Like?

Even though it isn’t popular, starfish is a delicacy in China and Japan, and you can see a whole bunch in street food stalls in various cities.

Cooked starfish are also available in some places in Indonesia and Thailand.

Many starfish species are toxic, so you mustn’t try them randomly unless you’re sure they’re edible.

But the common starfish is safe to consume when cooked properly.

Many kinds of seafood are edible raw, but not starfish.

Starfish is unlike shrimp, fish, or other seafood, so don’t expect it to taste fishy or even like scallops or mussels.

It has an exclusive taste with the smell of the ocean.

Some opine that sea stars taste similar to Chinese river crabs or sea urchins.

The outer part of the starfish is firm and not appealing.

But the insides are a different story.

It has a creamy and soft texture and a semi-solid consistency.

Taste-wise, starfish are mild with slightly salty and bitter notes.

However, the flavor can also depend on individual perception and the ingredients used in cooking the starfish.

When cooked the right way, the meat of starfish can melt in your mouth.

Its saltiness can take time for you to enjoy the taste at first.

But you can savor it gradually and even find it most appealing as you absorb the flavor.

Can You Eat Starfish and Is It Legal?

Unlike other seafood that has gained so much popularity as food worldwide, the same cannot be said for starfish.

Some natives in various places may have been consuming it cooked in a simple way, but it’s uncommon.

In modern times, starfish find their way into street food stalls in parts of Asia, as mentioned above.

China, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia are a few places where you’ll find starfish.

So while it may not be the most famous seafood, it’s edible.

However, you must remember that we mention only the common starfish or sea stars, not other species.

Unlike some seafood which you eat whole, only the meat inside a starfish’s leg is consumable.

All other parts are inedible and can be toxic even when cooked.

There isn’t much information on starfish.

Hence, you mustn’t buy this ingredient from unknown sellers.

Always make sure that the person selling starfish has in-depth knowledge.

Starfish isn’t consumed in most places, so harvesting and selling the creature may be illegal.

But it’s likely legal to catch, sell and eat in places where it’s a delicacy.

Therefore, you should find out vital information regarding the matter before hunting for starfish.

Sea stars and other similar creatures are extremely important to the biodiversity of our oceans.

Hence, it shouldn’t be excessively harvested, even if you like its taste.

But if you can grab some and want to enjoy it, follow the instructions thoroughly.


Starfish may not be the most popular seafood in the world, but it’s a delicacy for many.

Now that you know what it tastes like, you may even want to eat more once you try it.

If you wish to cook it at home, follow the instructions carefully because only its legs are edible.

You won’t want to consume some inedible parts, or it can be slightly risky.

If it’s not available as food in your area, wait till you visit a place where starfish is a delicacy.

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