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Tartar Sauce Timeline: How Long Does It Really Last?

Have you purchased the pack of tartar sauce? If yes, keeping them in the refrigerator is a good option as it will not only extend their shelf life but also improve their quality.

The thing that users cannot ignore while keeping them in the fridge is that the container is completely sealed so that moisture does not enter.

You should gather detail on does tartar sauce go bad before buying it in bulk.

After opening the bottle, it will remain in good condition for a specific time.

Generally, the life of sauce varies based on facts where you keep the packet.

How Long Does Tartar Sauce Last? Does it Go Bad?

If the bottle of the sauce is completely sealed, then using it within 1 to 2 years of the date of packing will be a great choice.

The sauce’s life will mainly vary based on the recipe and how you store them.

The shelf life of the sauce will be higher if they will be stored in the refrigerator rather than in pantry areas.

If you plan to keep the unopened sauce packet in the pantry area, it will be in good condition for about 12 months.

In other cases, if you have already opened the bottle, then its place of storage is crucial in your life.

They will be in good condition for six months, and that is so only if they are kept in a refrigerator.

Generally, keeping them at room temperature is not an advisable option as they will go bad in a short time.

If still, you are planning to keep them in the room and then use them within eight months, as after this, they will start losing their flavor.

Various signs indicate that using the sauce can be a dangerous option for health after a specific time.

How to tell if Tartar Sauce Has Gone Bad?

Strange Smell

The first and most crucial indication regarding the sauce turning bad will be a foul or offensive smell.

As and when it loses its texture, there will surely be a strange change in the smell.

It will denote the sauce as a bad and not a good option anymore.

Growth Of Molds

If the sauce is not a good option for future use, mold growth might occur at its surface.

If you notice even a small patch of green or black color, then disposing of the sauce will be the right decision as it turns out to be bad.

Color Of Molds

One way to ensure that the sauce is good is by looking at its color.

If there is a color change, the option is bad, and it will be best o throw them away.

In reality, the color is creamy white or yellowish.

If it turns to be pink or orange, then discard the sauce.


If you notice a thick layer on opening the jar, it is no longer a good option, and you must throw it away.

Using a specific texture is a must for a good time.

How to Store Tartar Sauce?

Unopened Tartar Sauce

The main thing that matters in storing the unopened bottle of sauce is to choose a clean and dry place that is away from the reach of sunlight to have a long shelf life.

Here going for the kitchen cabinet will be a great deal as it is a place that has a genuine temperature that can use for maintaining the quality of the sauce.

If a specific temperature is maintained, then the chance of spoilage will reduce.

Opened Tartar Sauce

Once you have opened the sauce lid, you need to keep them on the refrigerator shelf rather than a door as in a room; there will be fluctuations in temperature that do not prove to be a good option.

Use a clean and dry spoon for taking out the sauce, as the chance of damage will get reduced.

Ensure tightly sealing the container after every use, allowing for more safety in the sauce.

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