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Turkish Tradition: What Does Turkish Tea Taste Like?

Turkish tea, also known as çay, is a popular beverage loved by people all over Turkey.

The country is reportedly the largest tea consumer in the world and is also a major tea exporter.

In social gatherings or business meetings, tea plays a vital role.

And in Turkey, it’s often considered the national beverage.

One of the distinct features of Turkish tea is that it’s devoid of milk.

Instead of adding milk, they add sugar.

If you’re new, you’d probably be searching “what does Turkish tea taste like?” Read below to learn more about the aspect of this tea and its taste profile.

What is Turkish Tea?

what is turkish tea

Turkish tea has a strong influence on Turkey’s culture.

It’s a black tea with the addition of sugar to make it sweeter.

It uses a plant called Camellia Sinensis to make tea, and this plant is mainly grown in the Rize province, Turkey.

This tea has a strong flavor and a beautiful crimson color.

You can have this tea without sugar if you don’t prefer sweet.

Additionally, various variants of Turkish tea are available, some of which include:

  • Apple: This variant is sweet and black, which is quite popular among tourists. .
  • Oralet: It has bright and colorful tea known for its sweet taste. Plus, it’s available in different flavors, including cherry, lemon, and orange.
  • Rize: Rize is a province in Turkey famously known as the tea capital. This tea has an herbal note and is mainly used for medication.

What Does Turkish Tea Taste Like?

what does turkish tea taste like

Since Turkish tea has several variants, you will get a different answer to this.

The locals would describe it as bold and smooth with a hint of sweetness.

However, you would find it bitter and undesirable if you’re new.

Regardless, it depends on one’s taste and preferences.

But overall, it has a bitter taste; hence flavored granules are added to the tea to offset the astringent flavor.

The flavored tea includes orange, lemon, and apple.

Most tourists or travelers opt for flavored tea as it’s less bitter and comes with a hint of sweetness.

Perhaps, you can opt for this tea type if it’s your first time.

Unlike the British, Turkish people have no set time to have tea.

Tea is consumed anytime in the morning, noon, or evening.

You should also note that Turkish tea contains caffeine.

Hence, it’s recommended to have it in moderation.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), consuming five cups of Turkish tea daily is safe.

Furthermore, pregnant elders and children should avoid drinking this tea excessively.

Drinking without would amount to various health issues, including iron deficiency, insomnia, blood clotting, and high blood pressure.

  • Nutritional value of Turkish tea.

Turkish tea contains zero calories without the inclusion of sugar.

Not only is it a rich source of vitamin A and D, but it’s also a good source of minerals, including fluoride, sodium, and manganese.

This tea provides multiple health benefits, including weight loss, improved heart health, lower blood sugar levels, and more.

How to Serve Turkish Tea?

how to serve turkish tea

If you want to savor Turkish tea, drink at most ten minutes after it’s brewed.

That way, you can have it fresh and relish the tea.

If you plan to make it yourself, you should know how to make this tea the right way.

Here is a simple guide to help you make Turkish tea:

  • First, choose the tea leaves of your choice. .
  • Now get a kettle and fill it with water.
  • Let the water boil for some time and pour it into a teapot. .
  • Get an infuser to put the loose tea leaf to drop in the teapot. .
  • Let it seep for ten minutes and not more than that. .
  • Remove the infuser and fill one-fourth of the tea onto the cups. .
  • Retake hot water and pour it onto the teacups. You can add sugar cubes if you prefer sweet.

To make it more enjoyable, some of the side items to have with Turkish tea are.

  • Shortbread.
  • Baklava.
  • Pastry.

Any sweet items blend well with Turkish tea, especially if you have it without sugar.

Final Thought

Turkish tea is known for its distinct taste and is available in different flavors.

It’s a black tea known to have a bitter taste.

Most people add sugar to offset the bitterness.

Since it has a strong taste, various variants of this tea, mostly flavored, have been produced to meet the taste of tourists.

If you have never tried Turkish tea, start with flavored tea to adjust to the taste and flavor.

Once you get used to the drink, try the typical Turkish tea.

Nonetheless, it’s a great beverage providing multiple health benefits.

Give this tea shot if it’s available in your local cafes.

Or, you can make it yourself by following our guide mentioned in the post.

What Does Turkish Tea Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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