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Refreshing Insights: What Does Water Kefir Taste Like?

You might mistake water kefir for the delicious drink, which also has that fermented element.

But no, water kefir is its own drink and might be better when compared.

While it certainly depends on everyone’s preferences, unlike kefir, you can be assured that it’s vegan-friendly, so there’s no form of dairy in it.

It comes with so many health benefits, including the prevention of specific types of cancers.

But if you’re not familiar with this carbonated drink and you’re wondering, “what does water kefir taste like?” we got you covered.

Read on as we delve deeper into its taste profile, what exactly is this amazing drink and how to cook and serve it.

What is Water Kefir?

Water kefir is a traditional fermented drink that rolls with many origin stories.

Most people believe that it originated in Mexico, while others believe that it came from the mountains of Tibet.

However, the story goes, this fermented/probiotic drink has been around for centuries, and till today, it gives us the same health benefits as it did all those years.

So what exactly is water kefir? It is a carbonated, fermented drink that is made using sugar water and the grains of kefir.

People drink it for many reasons, including its wholesome and rich taste and the benefits it has for our bodies.

This includes offering us the best beneficial bacteria our body needs to fight off bad bacteria, and it prevents certain types of cancer from growing.

The traditional water kefir ingredients are usually water, sugar, kefir grains, and some delicious fruits to add more minerals and health benefits to your drink.

What Does Water Kefir Taste Like?

It is interesting how the water kefir grains or Tibicos are not exactly grains but tiny symbiotic colonies of yeast and bacteria, and they thrive in sugar water.

While water kefir may taste according to what type of extra ingredients you add, traditional water kefir alone tastes mildly sweet with a little bit of earthy or fermented undertone.

However, there is also a mild tanginess to them due to the fermentation process.

And they are similar to Kombucha but not in taste, only the feeling.

Kombucha also takes a while to get fermented, but with water kefir, it will only take you 24 to 48 hours to fully complete the fermentation drink.

The taste of this probiotic drink varies greatly on the extra ingredients you add during the process.

People over the years have added a variety of their preferred frozen or fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, etc., to enhance its mild sugariness into something more and give it the best refreshing taste possible.

But if you’ve come across extremely sour water kefir rather than mildly sweet with earthy undertones, you’ve probably drank a water kefir drink that has been fermented for too long.

Unlike Kombucha, water kefir gets fermented perfectly in a day or two, and if you decide to ferment longer than 48 hours, be prepared to have a sour drink that you may not prefer.

As mentioned, the usual sugar water with water kefir grains tastes mildly sweet and tangy.

Still, you can alter its taste profile with the addition of various ingredients of your preference.

How to Cook and Serve Water Kefir?

While the process of fermentation may take a while, usually a day or two, mixing up the ingredients is fairly easy, and you don’t need a lot of ingredients to achieve the perfect water kefir.

All you need is a glass with a lid to properly let the water kefir grains ferment, filling the glass with sugar water, and at the end, adding any high-quality ingredients of your preference.

It can be your favorite spice or blend of herbs.

Or it can be your favorite type of fruit to enhance the overall sweetness of your water kefir.

After all the ingredients are perfectly blended inside the glass, easily close the lid and wait for at least 24 hours or longer.

As we’ve mentioned before, the longer you keep the water kefir to ferment, the sour it will be, so make sure to drink it according to your taste preference.

Some people like the sour drink, which reminds them of Kombucha, while others prefer the easy soft sweetness of the drink.


Not only does water kefir taste exceptional, but it is also one of the best natural probiotic drinks you can ingest.

You do not need a lot of ingredients to make this healthy drink, and it comes with many health benefits.

However, if you’re not used to drinking or eating fermented drinks, you may experience some minor digestive issues such as bloating.

Limiting your water kefir drinking to a daily bottle may help resolve this issue.

Take your time adjusting to the new probiotic drink and add it to your healthy diet and lifestyle routine.

We hope this article successfully answers all your queries.

What Does Water Kefir Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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