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What Does Chai Tea Latte Taste Like? Does Chai Tea Latte Taste Good?

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Does it feel like every new café you walk into has a new beverage on the menu that you have no idea about? You probably want to know what it tastes like before buying a cup.

There are so many new flavors and different types of tea to try.

Move over from matcha tea and try a chai tea latte.

This Indian-style tea is making waves among tea enthusiasts and caffeine lovers alike.

Do you want to know what a chai tea latte tastes like before committing to it? Read ahead to find out.

We give you the whole scoop on chai tea lattes and the best way to serve it too.

What Is a Chai Tea Latte?

what is a chai tea latte

Dirty chai or Chai tea latte, also known as masala chai, is a beverage with its origin in India.

It is also a popular drink in England and is gaining momentum in America too.

A chai tea latte is a combination of milk and spices.

Most commonly prepared by brewing traditional spices like star anise, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamon, with tea and adding in your preferred choice of milk.

A chai tea latte is usually made sweeter than its other chai counterparts.

You can add sweeteners like honey or cream to your liking, and this extra sweetness balances the spicy flavor of the tea.

Did you know that chai tea latte can also be made entirely vegan? You can prepare chai tea latte with dairy, and they both taste just as lovely.

Using cow milk for a chai latte creates a more-frothier texture than using plant-based vegan milk like almond or soy.

What Does Chai Latte Taste Like?

what does chai latte taste like

A traditional chai tea latte has a vibrant taste and texture.

This masala chai is rightly called so as it uses different kinds of spices, and the cardamom, ginger, and star anise flavors create a warm heat and unconventional spicey taste in tea.

You can detect a hint of sweetness and spice from the first sip.

Without the correct proportion of sweeteners and spices, it can get a little bitter.

However, made correctly, it tastes delicious.

The aroma is also heavenly with the addition of cinnamon and the blend of all the masalas.

You can begin to smell it as you prepare the tea, and the cloves, cinnamon, and ginger give it a refreshing feel.

Chai lattes have a creamy and rich texture, and it tastes similar to a regular cup of tea.

The first thing you would taste drinking a chai tea latte would be a sweet taste of whipped/ frothy cream.

Like other caffeine-based lattes, there is a foamy layer on top.

You can also expect to taste all the spices balanced evenly with the sweetness of the milk and creamers.

The more varieties of herbs you add, the more diverse the flavor profile will be.

You can expect to feel a little zing on your mouth from the cloves.

Masala chai has many benefits and is known to help during cough and cold, and they are also a great non-caffeine alternative.

It is believed that a cup can help improve digestion and is also very refreshing for your mind and mental health.

How to Make and Serve Chai Tea Latte?

how to make and serve chai tea latte

You can make chai tea latte from scratch effortlessly.

It is very simple and hardly takes time to make.

All you need are the basic spices- cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, and cloves.

You can start by boiling the water with the spices.

Adding them first will bring out the flavors more strongly.

Bring it to a boil and add the tea bag or tea leaves.

Allow it to boil for a few more minutes, and strain the tea.

You can boil your milk if you want to serve your tea hot or just add the milk directly to the tea.

You can also add more cream or honey to your chai tea latte.

It is wise to remember that the texture of the chai also greatly depends on the type of milk you choose.

Denser milks like cow and cashew nut milk creates more heavier texture, while soy or almond milk has a lighter texture.

If you are new to chai tea latte, start with smaller portions of spices to get accustomed to the flavors.

You can check out the different recipes to make chai tea to customize according to your taste.


A chai tea latte is truly sweet and spicy, and everything is excellent.

A unique taste that will make you come back for more.

This delicious and addictive beverage is described by many as a hug in a cup.

The aroma and the intense flavors of the tea are sure to be a delight in every sip.

You can curl up in your sheets with a cup on a rainy day or even have it on the go.

Whether you’re drinking your chai tea latte piping hot or iced, it is an excellent treat for your senses.

You will never go back after having a cup of chai tea latte.

What Does Chai Tea Latte Taste Like? Does Chai Tea Latte Taste Good?

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