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Exploring Everclear: What Does Everclear Taste Like?

For newbies, Everclear probably sounds like an acne removal product.

However, that’s not the case.

Although liquor enthusiasts are well aware of Everclear as an intense spirit, many are still left in the dark about this drink.

So, if you’re curious about this potent drink, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, our post will provide an overview of what it exactly is, how to serve the drink, and answer the long-awaited question of what does Everclear taste like?

Continue reading and get to the end of our post to learn more about Everclear.

Let’s begin.

What is Everclear?

Everclear is an alcohol produced by the American company, Luxco.

The drink is well-known for its intense and strong alcohol content.

Typically, Everclear is available in two forms, one with around 95% alcohol and the other with 75.

5% alcohol.

Given the high content, Everclear is classified as a “rectified spirit” due to its high alcohol concentration.

Since Everclear is really strong, people rarely drink it raw and often use it as a mixer for cocktails or liqueurs.

Moreover, this spirit is also used in cooking, baking, and more to create unique flavor extracts from fruits, spices, or herbs.

One essential thing to consider when drinking Everclear is to drink in moderation.

This is because it’s super strong and can be dangerous if you have too much of it.

Some places even have laws against it because it’s so strong.

So, you should only drink it if you’re old enough and know how to drink responsibly.

What Does Everclear Taste Like?

Everclear is a type of alcohol that has been distilled many times to make it very strong.

It has a lot of alcohol in it – usually around 95% or more.

This makes it one of the strongest types of alcohol that you can drink.

Everclear is a type of alcohol that doesn’t really taste or smell like anything special.

Instead, it can feel like it’s burning your mouth or throat when drunk due to its intensity.

Hence, people typically don’t drink it by itself but instead mix it with other things to make cocktails or to make different drinks stronger.

If you’ve been exposed to rubbing alcohol before, you might recognize the burning feeling that Everclear delivers when you drink it.

Although Everclear doesn’t have a unique taste like most other alcohols, it can provide a more robust yet similar drinking experience when compared to other intense spirits.

Some people often compare the flavor of Everclear to mild corn or grain flavor.

However, as mentioned earlier, the drink doesn’t have much of a distinct flavor.

Hence, often mix it with other beverages.

Due to its extremely high alcohol content, Everclear doesn’t offer any significant health benefits.

In fact, it’s considered pretty dangerous and even deadly when drunk excessively.

Given the alcohol content, it can potentially damage the liver and cause serious health issues.

Therefore, it’s best to drink it responsibly and moderately when consuming it.

To cut down the intensity of the drink, it’s also best recommended to mix it with other beverages.

How to Serve Everclear?

Usually, when it comes to drinks, one of our best recommendations is to drink them straight.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Everclear.

Plus, it doesn’t have much flavor and is extremely strong, so serving and drinking it raw is best avoided.

So, what are some of the best ways you can serve it? Everclear is highly versatile due to its compatibility with any drink– juice, soda, or other liquor.

Here’s how you can make the best out of Everclear and serve it nice and cold.

  • Use it as a cocktail mixer: Everclear is a popular spirit often used as a base in cocktails. This is due to its intensity and lack of flavor. For this, you can use popular cocktails like Jungle juice, Apple Pie and Lemonade Moonshine.
  • Use it as an infuser: You can infuse Everclear with almost any ingredient. This includes herbs, fruit, or spices, which create a unique flavor profile. So, to make your bottle of infused Everclear, you can mix simple ingredients and serve a fantastic drink. .
  • Use it to make a punch: Any punch recipe can highly benefit from Everclear and bring that extra kick to the drink. Just ensure you’re using sufficient mixers or fruit juice to create a smooth balance.


Despite its intense flavor, Everclear is a great companion for cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

However, using the spirit in moderation is essential to avoid serious health concerns.

That said, if you’re looking for a spirit to spice things up this summer, Everclear undoubtedly serves as a great pick.

It can be mixed with just about anything, allowing you to get creative with your drinks.

If you’re new to Everclear, be sure to use some of the drink ideas we’ve mentioned, and above all, have fun and drink responsibly.

What Does Everclear Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Intrigued by the taste of Everclear? Experience its intense, neutral flavor profile, characterized by its high alcohol content. Everclear offers a potent base for cocktails but is not typically consumed neat due to its strength.
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