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What to Serve with Camembert? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Soft cheeses make exciting meals; you can eat them raw or bake them to get a moist, gooey texture.

And one cheese that has made quite the sensation among cheese lovers is the camembert, a French culinary masterpiece.

While you can use this cheese together with other ingredients, it tastes exceptional when eaten as is.

And as always, you need side dishes to make your meal feel complete.

This guide discusses what to serve with camembert and why you should consider serving them.

We’ve carefully selected the best dishes, so you never have a boring meal.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Camembert?

Whether you serve your camembert raw or baked, you can never go wrong with refreshing sides that provide contrasting flavors and textures.

This helps refresh your palate and eliminate any chances of feeling squeamish.

But before anything else, it’s essential that you understand your cheese well, so you know what to look for in a side dish.

Camembert has a moist texture with sweet, milky, nutty, and sometimes grassy flavors.

So, you want to ensure that your side dish has enough juicy elements.

Additionally, look for dishes that provide contrasting textures.

Anything meaty or crunchy is always a great choice.

What to Serve with Camembert? 10 BEST Side Dishes

There’s no limit to what you can serve regarding side dishes for cheeses.

Here’s everything from nuts to veggies and meat you’ll love on your sides.

1 – Candied Walnuts

Serving walnuts with camembert will add a crunchy texture to your meal.

They’re a great side dish whether you’re serving the cheese raw or baked.

The best thing about this side dish is they’re so easy to make; you need just sugar and walnuts and 20 minutes of your time.

Toasting your walnuts before adding them to the caramelized sugar brings out more flavor and aroma, so spare a minute or two to do this.

When the sugar has caramelized, you’ll have to get your hands quick to stir the walnuts without burning or letting the nuts stick to each other.

If the caramelized walnuts are too sweet, you can always sprinkle salt to balance the flavors.

2 – Cranberry Olive Skewer with Feta

Nothing beats a quick lunch side dish than a refreshing skewer.

And you can go all out by bringing a new dimension of tangy flavors to pair with the tanginess of camembert.

Olives and cranberries are perfect for this dish as it brings sweet and tart flavors without overwhelming the cheese.

Meanwhile, adding cubes of feta cheese to the skewer adds an extra dose of sharpness to bring all the ingredients together.

This side dish takes no more than 10 minutes to come together and looks appetizing on the dinner table.

Your guests will love it, and it’ll also be a good palate cleanser.

3 – Bacon Chips

You cannot say no to meaty sides for cheese as flavorful as camembert.

So, a quick way to reward your taste buds will be to cut your bacon slices into chip-like squares and bake them until crispy.

Bacon chips are crispy and flavorful, like the meat version of potato chips.

You needn’t go heavy on the seasonings either; a simple brown sugar, lime juice, and sriracha sauce go a long way in delivering impressive results.

Pairing bacon chips with camembert gives a concoction of sweet, nutty, and savory flavors and provides a healthy amount of protein and fat.

They’re best served with baked camembert.

4 – Sun-dried Tomato Salad

Sun-dried tomatoes have a more potent flavor than fresh ones, so it’s a good option to serve them with a fermented product like cheese.

They add tangy accents to the meal and provide high carbs, protein, and fiber.

Since these tomatoes are dried, they don’t have the juicy texture of moist tomatoes but have a meaty texture.

So, you’ll want to add some supporting ingredients like olives, spinach, and crumbled feta to make it feel complete.

Before preparing your salad, remember to rehydrate your sun-dried tomatoes to bring back most of their flavor.

5 – Garlicky Breadsticks

Freshly baked breadsticks are a classic for cheesy dishes like baked camembert.

Their mild flavor and fluffy texture are perfect for dipping in the tangy and creamy cheese.

Consider seasoning the breadsticks with a garlic and fresh herb sauce to give your breadsticks a depth of flavor.

This is especially great if you are hesitant about serving breadsticks; they won’t taste too plain with the sauce.

If you’re using store-bought breadsticks, you’ll want to reheat them before serving.

Doing so releases its aroma and flavor, making them appear and taste more appealing.

6 – Grilled Avocado Salad

If you wish to pair healthy fats with the camembert, consider adding an avocado side dish.

The buttery texture of avocadoes is best paired with refreshing and crunchy ingredients like zucchini and peppers.

While most ingredients in the salad are best used raw, grilling the avocadoes releases a smoky aroma and enhances their earthy and sweet flavors.

Besides, it also introduces a new flavor to your palate, and your guests will love it.

The grilling process also results in a charred texture and intensifies the green color of avocadoes.

7 – Curried Beef Bowl

Meat and cheese are a universal combo; each complements the other’s flavor and texture.

Beef is a great addition to fatty cheese as it is flavorful and doesn’t contain as much fat as pork.

And if you’re uncertain how to cook your meat, consider mincing them.

Minced beef cooks quickly and retains much flavor when cooked with other ingredients.

Curry powder and cilantro are must-haves when considering a curried beef bowl.

This side dish is best served warm, as this is when the aroma is at its best.

Moreover, you’ll also get to enjoy the tangy camembert fuse with the savory beef.

8 – Breaded Shishito Peppers

Shishito is also called Asian pepper. They have a mild heat and are perfect for making quick, flavorful side dishes.

When paired with camembert, their refreshing, sweet, and peppery flavors highlight the cheese’s tanginess.

Coating the peppers in batter and breadcrumbs and frying them is an exciting way to bring out complex flavors.

It is a fun way to eat peppers and bring sharp elements to your meal without being too harsh on your palate.

When serving a large dinner, consider buying shishitos with different heat units to suit everyone.

You don’t want to disappoint guests by serving something they cannot take in.

9 – Bean Sprout Salad

Bean sprouts are a significant low-calorie ingredient in Asian dishes.

They provide plant protein and carbs to keep you energized and satiated without affecting your weight.

A bean sprout salad is juicy and crunchy, making great side dishes for something as cheesy as baked camembert.

Best of all, the salad comes together in under 10 minutes as the spouts require only a simple 2-3 minute parboil.

Soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil provide a pleasant aroma and enhance the salad’s flavor.

10 – Spiced Olives

Marinating olives in spiced chili oil brings out a rich concoction of sweet, spicy, and tart flavors that helps highlight the cheese’s tanginess.

The olives provide a meaty texture and are great when served with raw or baked camembert.

Spiced olives introduce warm and spicy flavors to your meal.

But the best thing about them is how they refresh and cleanse your palate between each bite of the camembert.

This dish gets better with time, so preparing them ahead will provide a richer flavor.

Marinating the olives for ten days gives the best flavors.


Cheese goes well with almost anything, but it’s often challenging to come up with ‘good’ side dishes, especially when you have guests to impress.

Regardless of its taste, camembert is sourced from animals, so it’s only natural to include more plant-based side dishes.

A refreshing and juicy salad is always a great choice.

You can get creative and add elements like feta cheese or plant-based fats; they may give similar nutrients but taste different and are obtained from different sources.

What to Serve with Camembert? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Pair your creamy Camembert cheese with our list of the 10 best side dishes. These flavorful accompaniments will enhance the richness of the cheese and create a memorable dining experience.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
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  • Candied Walnuts
  • Cranberry Olive Skewer with Feta
  • Bacon Chips
  • Sun-dried Tomato Salad
  • Garlicky Breadsticks
  • Grilled Avocado Salad
  • Curried Beef Bowl
  • Breaded Shishito Peppers
  • Bean Sprout Salad
  • Spiced Olives


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