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The 5 Best Substitutes for Caraway Seeds

One of the most popular spices in cooking is caraway.

It has a flavor that can be described as spicy and sweet, making it perfect for bread, fish dishes, sauerkraut, or cabbage.

These seeds are very small, but they pack a powerful punch.

Many people might want to substitute caraway seeds because they cannot find the ingredient at their local grocery store or are allergic to caraway seeds.

Caraway seed substitutes vary depending on what you are cooking.

In this article, we will be focusing on the different substitutes for cooking with caraway seeds.

What are Caraway Seeds?

what are caraway seeds

Caraway seeds are harvested from the flowering plant, Carum carvi.

These plants are typically found growing across Europe and Southeast Asia.

The seeds of caraway plants are commonly used as a spice and may be added to baked goods such as bread and other dishes.

Caraway seeds also contain health benefits that include digestive relief, anti-inflammatory properties, and the ability to reduce asthma symptoms.

Although not typically grown commercially for their seeds, there has been some interest in using these plants as an alternative cash crop for farmers.

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When cooking with caraway seeds, it is important to note that the flavor of these seeds may overpower or alter the taste of some meals.

Caraway seeds are used in several different traditional dishes worldwide, including soups and meat dishes.

Common dishes where caraway seeds are utilized include rye bread, sauerkraut, pork, and even cheese.

Caraway seeds also can be used to flavor several types of liquors and spirits, such as vermouth and absinthe.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Caraway Seeds

If you cannot find caraway seeds in your local grocery store or want to experiment with other spice combinations, there are plenty of great substitutes that can be easily found.

1 – Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

Fennel is a plant that has been found to have antibacterial properties.

In addition, fennel can help improve digestion and even treat respiratory disorders.

This may be because there are plenty of antioxidants in fennel.

In terms of flavor, fennel seeds can easily replace caraway seeds.

The two spices are very similar in terms of appearance and flavor.

Fennel seeds can be found in almost any grocery store, especially in Mediterranean regions.

The two spices are also used in similar dishes.

2 – Anise Seeds

anise seeds

Another suitable replacement for caraway seeds is anise seeds.

These small green seeds are typically harvested from the flowering plant Pimpinella anisum.

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Anise seeds are often used in baking, candies, and certain types of liquors.

Anise seed is similar to caraway seeds that may be used as a replacement in many dishes where caraway is called for.

In addition, anise seeds have a distinct licorice flavor.

This may be a helpful way to add flavor while avoiding the excess sugars that come from other ingredients such as brown sugar or molasses.

As with caraway seeds, it is important to note that anise seeds can easily overpower your dish and alter the taste of meals.

3 – Dill Seeds

dill seeds

Dill is a flowering herb that has been used in several civilizations for thousands of years.

This plant grows best in moist, cool climates and can even thrive in a wide range of soil conditions, from clay to sand.

In terms of flavor, dill seeds can easily be used to replace caraway seeds.

In addition, the two spices are often combined in dishes to add flavor.

Dill seeds are easily found in almost any grocery store.

However, some people may find it easier to grow dill at home because it is considered invasive.

It can also be difficult to keep this herb alive during the winter months, especially in more northern climates where snow is on the ground.

When using dill seeds, it is important to note that they are also typically used to flavor pickles.

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This can make your dishes overly soggy if you add too much dill salt.

4 – Nigella Seeds

nigella seeds

Nigella seeds are also known as black cumin.

These small, black seeds have a nutty flavor and should be used accordingly to avoid overpowering your dish with its unique taste.

In addition, it is important to note that nigella seeds should not be confused with common black pepper.

While they may look similar in color, they have a distinct flavor and texture.

These seeds can be found in most grocery stores, even in international regions.

In addition, nigella seeds may be found at spice shops, usually sold by the ounce or pound.

To replace caraway seeds with nigella seeds, approximately one tablespoon of these small black spices will suffice.

5 – Star Anise

star anise

Star anise is a common ingredient that can be used as a replacement for caraway seeds.

This small star-shaped spice has a very distinct taste and should only replace caraway if you are looking for the same flavor profile.

While it may not be packed with the health benefits like some other spices, star anise can be found in almost any grocery store and is worth having as a replacement for caraway seeds.

In addition, many people enjoy the licorice flavor of star anise.

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This can be helpful if you are planning on adding this spice to a dessert or another dish that may provide too much sugar.

Star anise should not be used as a replacement for caraway seeds in every recipe.

The two spices are used in different ways and may alter your dish’s taste if you use them together.

When replacing caraway with star anise, only use one teaspoon of the spice.


Caraway seeds have been used in many cultures for thousands of years.

They have been popularized as an ingredient in rye bread and other baked goods in recent times.

In addition to this, caraway seeds may also be used to add flavor in several types of cuisines, including German and Scandinavian dishes.

However, you must know how to replace caraway seeds in recipes properly.

In conclusion, you should now understand the five best substitutes for caraway seeds and properly use them as replacements.

This includes dill seeds, nigella seeds, star anise, anise seeds, and even licorice root.

Yield: 4 Servings

The 5 Best Substitutes for Caraway Seeds

The 5 Best Substitutes for Caraway Seeds
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Fennel Seeds
  • Anise Seeds
  • Dill Seeds
  • Nigella Seeds
  • Star Anise


  1. Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  2. Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.
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