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What to Serve with BBQ Meatballs? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Meatballs are a staple in most households as their rich and savory taste makes them suitable for a last-minute dish.

BBQ meatballs are baked in a barbecue sauce, making them so much better than regular meatballs.

Despite being a favorite among many, the side dishes you choose can make or break your meal prep.

So, as you scroll on, you’ll get a lot of options regarding what to serve with BBQ meatballs so that your meal remains balanced and presentable.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for BBQ Meatballs?

As with most meaty dishes, BBQ meatballs are better when served with side dishes with contrasting taste profiles.

You should serve sides because of the nutritional balance your body requires.

Many people use ground beef as the base for BBQ meatballs, so they contain carbs and protein as the key nutrients.

They also use Worcestershire sauce or brown sugar, meaning the meat could be spicy or sweet.

Having something light with the meatballs will help you take in everything easier.

Regardless of what meat you use, they all pair well with refreshing sides contrasting the savory taste.

What to Serve with BBQ Meatballs? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Vegetables are the go-to side dishes for BBQ meatballs, but your meal options aren’t limited.

Here are the best pairings that will impress you and your guests each time.

1 – Bean Sprout Salad

Bean sprouts taste plain when eaten alone, but they can have varied tastes.

They are deliciously crunchy when made into a salad.

Pepper flakes, scallions, seaweed, soy sauce, and sesame oil are some of the best ingredients you can add to a bean sprout salad.

If your meatballs are glazed in brown sugar, consider making the salad spicy; the flavors will dance on your palate.

A fun serving option would be to place the meatballs over the salad like a bowl of noodles.

This salad doesn’t have a long shelf life, so you might want to consider making the salad in small quantities so that you don’t have any leftovers.

2 – Wonton Soup

Wonton is a Chinese dumpling that contains meat fillings.

And a wonton soup contains wontons simmered in a rich broth.

The result is a hearty and aromatic soup that perfectly complements the taste of BBQ meatballs.

Minced pork/shrimp, ginger, garlic, and Bok choy are some of the best filling options for a wonton.

And if you like to have a little more variety in your dish, consider adding some mushrooms; it’ll instantly turn the soup healthier.

This side dish is rich in carbs, vitamins, and minerals; it’ll help with your metabolism and boost your energy levels.

So try it out the next time you prepare some dumplings.

3 – Udon Noodles

This Japanese noodle dish is versatile and perfect for BBQ meatballs because you can serve them hot or cold, in a broth or without one.

Now, not many noodles can be as versatile as this.

Udon noodles use wheat flour as the base and are a rich source of carbs.

They also provide some protein and fat, meaning it is a well-balanced meal in itself.

You can serve the noodles as a separate side dish or place the meat over the noodles for a complete bowl.

Despite being an ethnic dish, you can try pairing different sauces with the noodles to see which one works for your palate.

4 – Citrusy Cauliflower Rice Salad

Plain rice is a classic pair of BBQ meatballs but can be somewhat bland.

So if you like having something similar to rice, consider cauliflower rice, and make a salad.

Veggies add more nutrition to the cauliflower rice, so be sure to toss in a few of the season’s fresh produce.

Carrots, corn, zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli, and scallions never disappoint.

A drizzle of fresh lemon juice will bring together everything you’ve put in the salad bowl.

If you season your salad well, you’ll have many happy dinner guests looking to complement the meal you’ve put together.

5 – Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Large bell peppers stuffed with cheesy fillings are the best way to use them quickly.

But this time, switch the regular minced meat filling for quinoa, a healthy and protein-rich alternative.

Quinoa helps put a balance on the somewhat overwhelmingly savory BBQ meatballs.

Once you’ve cooked the quinoa fluffy, fill the peppers with it and top with a generous amount of cheese before baking them.

And if you like it, you can add some chopped veggies for extra texture.

This side dish helps keep you satiated, a must-try side to keep your weight in check.

6 – Pasta Carbonara

The list wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite snack, pasta.

But make it a little fancier, so your meal feels a little better than regular pasta dishes.

Pasta carbonara is quite demanding on the ingredients but delivers an impressive final product.

Some of the most common items you need are eggs, cured pork, Romano cheese, and pasta seasonings.

This sharp and creamy pasta very well complements BBQ meatballs because of the contrasting flavor and texture.

Romano cheese isn’t one of those easily accessible cheeses, so you can use parmesan as a substitute, although the taste may vary slightly.

7 – Ratatouille

When you don’t know where to use your veggies or have a lot of leftovers, consider making a ratatouille; it’s a great side to pair with meatballs.

Zucchini, eggplant, Roma tomatoes, and squash are some of the most common ingredients in a ratatouille.

In addition, the spices and seasonings you add can determine the overall taste of your dish.

Most veggies in a regular ratatouille contain many vitamins and minerals, making it a complementing dish for the similarly nutrient-rich meatballs.

8 – Vegetable Gratin

This side dish is nutritious and delicious because it contains a lot of veggies baked in a lot of cheese.

And just like any gratin, you have the upper hand at confusing picky eaters.

Because who knows what the browned crust conceals?

If you’re confused about where to start, look for seasonal veggies with a similar cook time so the gratin cooks evenly.

Just remember to be generous with the breadcrumbs and cheese.

Pairing vegetable gratin with some BBQ meatballs is a complete meal; it fills you up, has all the nutrition you need, and is delectable to the palate.

9 – Spicy Zucchini

If you’re serving the BBQ meatballs during summer, you’ll likely need something refreshing to accompany it.

Luckily, the season is rich with zucchini– crunchy, cooling and full of nutrients.

This dish is simple yet not lacking in flavor.

Consider coating the zucchini in a hot sauce to level up the spiciness.

Something like peri-peri or sriracha sauce always works.

Despite the dish’s spiciness, the hydrating zucchini will complete your meal without letting the meat overwhelm your palate.

Since they’re spicy, you might want to inform your guests about them before anyone gets a burning mouth.

10 – Baked Eggs with Ham

This is one quick and easy dish that only requires ingredients you probably have in your kitchen.

And the cooking time? Less than 30 minutes.

Besides the egg and ham, you can incorporate other ingredients like baked beans, cherry tomatoes, and pepper.

The rich tomato sauce makes a good coating medium for the BBQ meatballs.

Baked eggs are a protein-rich dish with a mouth-watering visual and an addicting, savory taste.

It is perfect for breakfast, but you can make it work for just about any time of the day.


Meatballs are on everyone’s list of meal staples.

They’re perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and pair well with many veg-based sides.

If you’re planning a huge dinner with BBQ meatballs, you might have to consider side dishes that everyone will love and enjoy.

These can be anything fancy, like a hearty soup, a comforting baked dish, stuffed veggies, or a not-so-common pasta.

Because there are many options, it’s always best to settle with something that your family and guests prefer.

What to Serve with BBQ Meatballs? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Looking to complement your savory BBQ meatballs? Explore our curated list of the 10 best side dishes that perfectly harmonize with the smoky, tangy flavors of BBQ meatballs.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
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  • Bean Sprout Salad
  • Wonton Soup
  • Udon Noodles
  • Citrusy Cauliflower Rice Salad
  • Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
  • Pasta Carbonara
  • Ratatouille
  • Vegetable Gratin
  • Spicy Zucchini
  • Baked Eggs with Ham


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