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What to Serve with Blintzes? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Blintzes steal the show at any brunch or festive gathering, hands down.

Now, we all know that even the most delicious blintzes beg for the perfect sidekick to turn a great dish into an unforgettable meal.

Picking the right side dish can elevate your blintzes from merely good to absolutely fantastic, making your meal a hit.

This article is your go-to guide for the seven best side dishes to serve with blintzes, ensuring your next meal is as satisfying as it is delightful.

Whether you’re aiming for sweet, savory, or a bit of both, we’ve got you covered.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Blintzes?

why consider serving side dishes for blintzes

As delicious as it is, Blintzes pair well with plenty of side dishes.

Yes, it can be a complete meal on its own.

But having it with a side dish definitely, elevates them making it more gourmet, if you may.

Blintzes are easy to prepare with items that you may already have lying in your kitchen.

So it doesn’t require too much effort.

It is not the healthiest food, but that depends on how you prepare it.

Since it is more on the sweeter side, you can pair it with many side dishes that can complement its sweetness.

What to Serve with Blintzes? 7 BEST Side Dishes

From classic side dishes to experimental ones, below are the most delicious side dishes that go amazingly well with Blintzes.

Continue reading to know more about it.

1. Fruit Salad

fruit salad

A bowl of fruit salad goes well with blintzes.

Since traditional blintzes come with sweet cheese filling, fruits compliment them – either as a side dish or when served on top.

Fruits are packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

They are a great source of dietary fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

It enables immunity boosting. Fruit salads are very easy to make.

You can choose fruits of your choice and chop them up.

Toss them in a bowl and season them with salt. It is as simple as that.

2. Mixed Berry Sauce

mixed berry sauce

Sweet sauce ultimately elevates blintzes. Mixed berry sauce paired with blintzes provides a classy rich taste.

It can never go wrong. This combination is not new.

Blintzes are usually served with fruit sauces, either topping, filling, or on the side.

A berry sauce doesn’t consume a lot of time to prepare.

Start with selecting three to four kinds of berries, putting them in a pan, adding sugar, and boiling it.

Once it becomes watery and starts bubbling, set it aside.

Cool them before adding them to the blintzes.

Serve it with your sweet blintzes for additional sweetness.

3. Green Salad

green salad

Are you looking for a healthy, quick, and non-fussy side dish? A green salad is your go-to side dish.

The green salad complements the blintzes and gives it a refreshing taste.

Choose any fresh greens of your choice.

Dice it up roughly, add the dressing, and you’re good to go.

You can add lime juice and sprinkle pink salt to give it a tangy taste.

4. Grilled Salmon with Dill Yogurt Sauce

grilled salmon with dill yogurt sauce

Blintzes are very light and pair exceptionally with grilled salmon.

The two opposites complement well and elevate the dish. It just feels right. It makes it a complete meal.

Salmon is rich in nutritional value. It has protein and omega 3, making it extremely healthy.

You can grill the salmon in under 10 minutes and lightly season it with salt & pepper.

You can also add a dill yogurt sauce to complete a hearty meal.

It is effortless to make, quick, and can never go wrong.

This pairing will enhance the regular Blitzes’ taste, look, and presentation.

5. Papaya Salad with Beansprout

papaya salad with beansprout

If you need an out-of-the-box side dish for Blintzes, a papaya salad is a way to go.

This salad instantly screams summer. The bright and vivid colors of the salad will make the food even more appealing.

When a papaya salad has additional ingredients like beansprouts, each giving its unique taste, it cannot go wrong with a sweet dish.

This crunchy salad has a sweet and tangy taste, ensuring it only elevates your blintzes.

It makes the dish shine a little and adds more health benefits and reasons to chomp down a blintz.

6. Buttery Roasted Mushrooms

buttery roasted mushrooms

If you go for a filling that’s not sweet, the buttery roasted mushroom can be a perfect choice.

Buttery roasted mushrooms are delicious, addictive, and a great side dish for any main dish.

The flavor of the mushrooms helps balance the fillings in the blintz.

It is crunchy and packed with flavor. It complements the blintzes perfectly.

You can munch on the roasted mushrooms without feeling bloated as it is healthy and packed with good nutrients.

Don’t worry about it. Just dice up those mushrooms and toss them in a bowl mixed with white vinegar and spices.

Leave it for a few minutes, roast them lightly with butter, and it is ready for consumption.

7. Flavored Whipped Cream

flavored whipped cream

Whipped cream can never go wrong with blintzes. It is a no-brainer.

Whipped cream and blintzes go hand in hand for a breakfast menu.

They pair amazingly well together. It is non-fussy and quick to plate.

There are plenty of flavored whipped creams, so you can choose whichever you prefer.

Whipped creams also taste delicious when adding fruits like strawberries, bananas, and raspberries.

So while serving the blintzes, you can also add fruits of your choice with the whipped cream.


Blintzes are perfect for both quick bites and a hearty meal.

It pairs perfectly with various side dishes, and we hope that the side dishes mentioned above can help elevate your simple blintzes.

You can opt for side dishes like whipped cream, fruits, and sauces for a quick bite.

These side dishes are not overwhelming and will only help improve the taste of the blintzes.

For a whole meal, go for grilled salmon, roasted mushroom, and salads to fill up your stomach while complementing the blintzes.

What to Serve with Blintzes? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Looking to enhance your blintzes dining experience? Search no more! We've compiled a list of the 7 best side dishes that will impeccably complement the delicate flavors of blintzes.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Fruit Salad
  • Mixed Berry Sauce
  • Green Salad
  • Grilled Salmon with Dill Yogurt Sauce
  • Papaya Salad with Beansprout
  • Buttery Roasted Mushrooms
  • Flavored Whipped Cream


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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